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AI Health Frontier - Issue 5

AI Health Frontier
AI Health Frontier - Issue 5
By Florent Geerts • Issue #5 • View online
“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.” - Stephen Hawking
AI is tackling diabetic retinopathy in India, helping to detect cancers in China, and we’ve already seen how AI is leapfrogging Africa’s development. But it’s rapid development comes with a word of warning: lack of (privacy) policies and poor implementation of new technologies can lead to economic and political instability. In African countries with weak rule of law or high debt burdens, those effects will be magnified.
The Fair Observer has written a great article about the potential of AI and the word of warning it comes with. This and more interesting articles in issue #5.
Wishing you a great week, and a festive december month.

The Technology Space Is Rapidly Evolving in Africa, and It’s Not All Good News
To an AI, Every Eye Tells a Story
Deep Learning IDs Neurological Scans 150 Times Faster than Humans
China’s Infervision is helping 280 hospitals worldwide detect cancers from images
Artificial intelligence gaining trust for cancer diagnosis and treatment, study finds
A new study shows what makes humans look older or younger using artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Automatically Spots Polyps During Colonoscopies
Interesting stuff in the world of AI
Artificial Intelligence Can Reveal Hidden Objects In The Dark
A.I. will equalize health care in China, NovaVision CEO says
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Florent Geerts

The AI Health Frontier covers the latest news on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, with a special emphasis on its use in developing markets.

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