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AI Health Frontier - Issue #5

AI Health Frontier
AI Health Frontier - Issue #5
By Florent Geerts • Issue #1 • View online
“What we want is a machine that can learn from experience. -Alan Turing

I present to you: a new, revised design for the AI Health Frontier!
In this issue, you’ll find: 
  • How AI helps predict patient survival from pathology images in lung cancer
  • How a simple AI test can detect early signs of dementia
  • How AI can estimate a city’s obesity levels by analysing its buildings
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Artificial intelligence in healthcare
Cancer Vaccines and Artificial Intelligence: Winning the War Against Cancer?
Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence to Predict Patient Survival from Pathology Images in Lung Cancer
AI test detects early signs of dementia
How A.I. is pushing U.S. healthcare down a U.S.S.R. path
Interesting stuff in the world of AI
Nestle wants your DNA to create personalised diets
Artificial intelligence can estimate an area’s obesity levels by analyzing its buildings
Ethiopia aims to become Africa's Artificial Intelligence (AI) giant
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Florent Geerts

The AI Health Frontier covers the latest news on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, with a special emphasis on its use in developing markets.

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