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AI Health Frontier - Issue 10

AI Health Frontier
AI Health Frontier - Issue 10
By Florent Geerts • Issue #10 • View online
“AI is something Africa could do along with everyone else.” - Tejumade Afonja
Last week, I had the pleasure of being back in Ghana, visiting our office there. While I was there, this year’s World Happiness Report came out and I was glad to see that the Netherlands had reached the 5th place of happiest countriest in the world - the highest we’ve ever been on the list.
That same day, on our way to the office, we were listening to Ghanaian radio and one of the guys being interviewed mentioned the report. He was surprised by the results of the report, wondering why Ghana was only 98th on the list; “When I look around Ghana, I see many, many happy faces.”
The list scores countries based on parameters like GDP and life expectancy. For a large part, it evaluates the current level of development of a country. But more importantly, it provides merely a snapshot of a country as it is today.
What the report doesn’t cover, is a country’s outlook for the future. And Ghana’s future is very bright. That’s also why companies like Google are opening up AI centres in the country. The same goes for countries like Nigeria (#85 on the list), where 24-year olds like Tejumade Afonja organize AI workshops across the country and help African AI start-ups thrive (read more below).
I hope you enjoy this issue, where we take a look at how people globally, and especially in Africa, are pushing the AI Frontier.

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The AI Health Frontier covers the latest news on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, with a special emphasis on its use in developing markets.

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