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Flash Roundup! Issue #8

Flash Roundup
Flash Roundup! Issue #8
By Kristina T. Saccone • Issue #8 • View online
Welcome to a special midweek Flash Roundup!
What a wealth of new publications on April 1! So many pieces have gone up this week that it’s simply too much for one email. So here are twelve full issues, all out in the last 24 hours.* Don’t worry, there are many more pubs and so, so many fantastic single stories coming in the next Flash Roundup this coming Monday. Sign up to receive it in your inbox.
*This issue perhaps departs a bit from the norm with some longer short fiction and poetry here.

New full issues from:
The Hellebore Review, Autofocus, Pithead Chapel, The B'K, The Nashville Review, Smoke and Mold, Leon Literary Review, Wretched Creations Magazine, Stone of Madness Press, Harpy Hybrid Review, GLITCHWORDS, and The Mark Literary Review.
The Hellebore Review
The second issue of The Hellebore Review is now LIVE! We have been waiting for weeks to share this collection of etiolating poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and photography! Go check it out!
#amwriting #amreading #litmag #literaryjournal
a u t o f o c u s
LOOK! Double digits! Issue 10!
Featuring the work of David Kirby, @misternagel, and DS Maolalai.

This is a fun one. Mostly.

Read it at!
The B'K - Read Vol 12 Issue 2!
The issue is here! Check out The B'K, Vol 12, Issue 2, featuring cover art by Dana Talbot-Heindl & art by: @karinhedet, and @Natascha_Graham; fiction by: @JamieRoseGold1, @MikeHicWriter, @nickolsonbooks, @shauryaticks, @nezi_yvonne, and Zach Murphy
we have a lot for you today. our fourth issue is really a double serving: one incredible fungi-themed issue curated by guest editor @floweroids. one knockout general issue of prose and poetry. AND we welcome 3 new assistant editors! thread to follow ✨
LEON Literary Review
Gorgeous new fiction in LEON 7 by:
C.J. Hribal/Jessica Barksdale/Amy Barnes/Talia Deitsch/Eric Scot Tryon/Taylor Leigh Harper/Byron Spooner/Nikki Williams/Erin Osborne/Daniel Tam-Claiborne/Chris Hannas/Candace Hartsuyker/Olivia Zubrowski/Cathy Rose/Jessica Evans/DC Diamondopolous
Wretched Creations Magazine (Subs Open!)
Happy April a few minutes early!

I am very happy to offer you Issue 1.4: Webs, with 5 spooky, strange, and web and fog-filled stories.

As always, each story will get a highlight during the month!
Harpy Hybrid Review
Exciting news! Our 4th Issue, “Storyteller,” has gone live! Check it out at!
The Mark Literary Review (SUBS OPEN)
No joke! The April edition is now live! Thank you to The Mark’s amazing contributors and volunteer readers for making this edition possible. Check it out by clicking the link. #WritingCommunity
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Kristina T. Saccone

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