Flash Roundup

By Kristina T. Saccone

Flash Roundup! Issue #7

Flash Roundup




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Flash Roundup
Flash Roundup! Issue #7
By Kristina T. Saccone • Issue #7 • View online
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Full issue releases from...
Five South, The Cabinet of Heed, Alien Magazine, Briefly Zine, and Spoonfeed.
Single story releases from...
Flash Frog, Fractured Lit, Cotton Xenomorph, Cease Cows, Atticus Review, and Bristol Noir.
New Full Issues
The Cabinet Of Heed
Online now!

The Cabinet Of Heed
Issue Forty-Five

21 excellent writers
1 multi-drawered Cabinet
Pull open a drawer...
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=> https://t.co/f1QqVQgzNF <=

#litmag #amreading #writers #WritingCommunity #amwriting #SaveTheArts https://t.co/NDDqBXv9qt
Briefly Zine (SUBS OPEN)
And we're live! We're proud to share these wonderful words... a huge thank you to our amazing contributors.

Read the full issue here 👇

SPOONFEED Magazine 🍌

SPOONFEED Issue 2 is now live at https://t.co/rqBmRVUUsl 🍌✌️

‘The writers in this issue ... tell themselves — and us, the readers — a story about the food ... By spending time with food, as these writers have, it is rescued from the depths of necessity.’
~ @Con_Pat_ https://t.co/DrxHYrmJs7
New Single Stories
Flash Frog

"What We Know About Broken Things" by @kriskozlowski is now up!

Art by @lindamayhawkins

Fractured Lit
New Micro by Kathryn Phelan "The sugar beet factory across the street from my house exploded when I was eight. It flamed out in a blue blaze of molasses that lifted cars a mile away."
Cotton Xenomorph
It’s a Terrific Thursday and we’re here with a 🌊🌊 of flash fiction by @pdforan - please brew some coffee/tea/hot drink and read Pat’s story today 🌝 https://t.co/B8UBCVrtxN
Atticus Review
by Narisma

"...but tomorrow is already so close. It will be like pulling a bristle from a wound, or taking a gulp of sinless morning air. There is a poem waiting to be written. A story waiting ..."

https://t.co/h2vz5XEJ68 https://t.co/nVhAUQq28w
Mark Atley
Yes the first chapter is going to end up being the short story that drops, so check out some of Maggie’s back story with my story at @NoirBristol I promise, reading this and then the story and the novel, will deepen the experience. https://t.co/So21RpaP7K
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Kristina T. Saccone

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