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Flash Roundup! Issue #15

Flash Roundup
Flash Roundup! Issue #15
By Kristina T. Saccone • Issue #15 • View online
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New Releases:
Hecate Magazine, Bear Creek Gazette, Perhappened, Longleaf Review, Coffin Bell Journal, 3 Moon Magazine, (mac)ro(mic), Matchbook, Reflex Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, and Fractured Lit.
New Issues:
Hecate Magazine
chaos and creations. sinners eating cinders. daughters dancing through fae fires. something rots within the woods. welcome to VOLUME III of the HECATE journal.
Bear Creek Gazette

what takes time, what time takes, what the earth gives and takes away. what takes flight despite, despite, despite. what has always been right beside you.

perhappened mag issue 11: HOMECOMING is here featuring guest reader @gaia_writes. 🏡

open the door:
3 Moon Magazine
Issue 7: Growing Malcontent is now available. We are so delighted to welcome you into our dark garden.
Single Stories
Here are two pieces of powerful, arresting CNF by the amazing @workingwords50. Very honored to be able to share these with you.

"I ask what life was like, then. Her reply always: What’s past is past. It can’t be changed. Life goes on. Then it stops."
"I was fifteen and wanted more than anything to give up my virginity to this flaxen-haired lacrosse star from school, but he was going into his senior year and never took me seriously."

New flash: "It Is What It Was" by @stephstephking
Flash Fiction Online
Our first #FlashFictionFriday story of May is now FREE to read!

"The Ecology of the Engineered Oyster" by @thedrellum - "We strapped the breathing jellies to our faces and walked into the thick soup of the sea, each step forward a slog..."
Fractured Lit
New Flash by @YangYunya CW (animal death, mild violence) "They played badminton at the empty lot next to the apartment. There was a bicycle shed by the lot, about two-story high. Every time the bird went on top of the shed, the boy climbed up to get it."
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Kristina T. Saccone

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