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By Kristina T. Saccone

Flash Roundup! Issue #10

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Flash Roundup
Flash Roundup! Issue #10
By Kristina T. Saccone • Issue #10 • View online
Welcome to your spot for the latest free releases in flash fiction and nonfiction, consolidated in one place. I put the Roundup on Twitter every week, but if you want the latest in your inbox, drop your email into the field above or below.

Spring has sprung!
With too many new releases over the last week for one newsletter, I sent two Flash Roundups in the last week, including one with publications that went live on April 1 (if you missed it, check it out!) and the regularly scheduled Flash Roundup on Monday with full issue publications from last week.
There were so many spectacular single story releases in the last week (through Monday, April 5), too, that I’m dedicating a single issue to these lovelies.
I will admit that three issues of Flash Roundup in 10 days is a lot to produce, so next week we’ll return to just one, shorter email.
Single story releases from...
(mac)ro(mic), TSS Publishing, Matchbook, Atlas and Alice, Fewer Than 500, Crow & Cross Keys, Okay Donkey, Fictive Dream, X-R-A-Y, Atticus Review, Spartan, Trampset, and Matter Press.
Jeanine Skowronski
Thank you @fewerthan500 for publishing this new micro of mine, which originated in a @TommyDeanWriter workshop. 🙏❤️🙏

(mac)ro(mic) | SUBS OPEN
Powerful new work from @JMLandon_:

"But I guess you could say that his new car was supposed to be part of his apology too, a new one that was warm in the winter and cool in the summer and years newer than anything we’d ever had."

Crow & Cross Keys | SUBS OPEN
Our Saturday Story is a strange little piece with a wonderfully long title by @SeanNoahNoah.

"Solid Wall but the Wall Is Made of Hands but the Hands Are Made of Sheetrock" defies description and we love it.

https://t.co/4dhsMucdv1 https://t.co/3jqrHTkRo2
Okay Donkey Mag/Press
Hi, folks! We've got such a terrific, beautiful new flash up on the site for y'all today, "A Closed Door with a Keyhole" by @LMariHarris. Be sure to check it out! You can read it here: https://t.co/0zyDIozlY0 #flashfiction
Fictive Dream
"And now you’re leaving, breath shallow gone, my darling hollowed daughtered one." The Proxy by E. E. Rhodes @electra_rhodes #flashfiction #flashfictionfriday https://t.co/V9rTdYxmme
"In my grandmother’s house I found ferns, dried and preserved from her wedding bouquet."

New work at matchbook: "Bowerbird" by @ggriffiss

"There were boys whose names we couldn’t share. Boys whose names we’d seen taped inside other girls’ lockers. Boys whose hips were like rip tides. Boys with thirsty eyes."

This one's for the boys with @MrsWhitehouse74

Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine

Two small fictions from Bronwen Griffiths (@bronwengwriter): "The Sky Between Us" and "Scrambled"

"You have survived the anger of mothers just as I have."

Atticus Review
by Abigail Thomas

"I can’t fix it. I can’t make its life workable. It has folded its remaining wing close to its body so it now resembles an ant, a long black ant. Is this a sign of resignation? Is it trying to be small? Does it feel..."

https://t.co/ZlAw5XhYtO https://t.co/3h0O2h336l
We're excited to feature a new short story today! Check out Sarah Starr Murphy's, "Growth." @PotableMottos https://t.co/qCn3D13Rq2
The Kraken has become history, myth, a caricature of itself....
The Kraken dreams the touch of tentacles on its skin, the elastic tease of other arms, a hint of warmth in the frigid sea.

A monster love story by ⁦@TaraCampbellComhttps://t.co/WMqzSBfrMQ
Flash fiction up at Matter Press. Thank you, editor, Randall Brown.

"Remember all the times your blood felt like it had stopped, clotted to stone, how your legs didn’t move—couldn’t."

Final Girl @sarahillswrites tells us how it's done

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Kristina T. Saccone

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