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Firmhouse - Issue #65. Serving your customers needs with Jobs to be Done

'Leading innovation isn’t as sexy and glamourous as it sounds, and offering innovators a tribe to connect, learn and collaborate is truly rewarding.'Last week our team was part of the tribe at the innov8rs conference in Paris leading a workshop together with …


Firmhouse - Issue #64 Spring has Sprung!

The best reads this week on entrepreneurship and the customer.


Celebrating 11 years! Firmhouse - Issue #63

Save the date for our next Lean Startup Meetup in Rotterdam! We aim to bring the Lean Startup community together to share knowledge, get inspired and network. Speakers from startups and corporate innovation share their best practices using the Lean Startup me…


Firmhouse -👨🏻‍💻Holiday season is nearing, but we're not done yet!

There are still 5 weeks left in this year. Here's some inspiration for you to make them count...


📢Lean Startup Night with Justin Wilcox this Thursday in Rotterdam

With a great summer behind us, a new season of meetups and events is bound to start. We have a few exciting Lean Startup Nights coming up in the coming months, beginning on October 18 in Rotterdam.This month’s Lean Startup Night features a virtual AMA with Ju…


🛠We're doubling down on helping founders this Fall!

Hey there! It's been a while since we were able to share some exciting news with you. However, that does not mean that we had a quiet summer! We're launching our second edition of Firmhouse Venture Lab in November and this time we'll be able to take in 12 ent…


👨‍💻 Startup Experiment Design Guide - an exclusive first release!

Our journey into Lean Startup started back in 2009. Back then Lean Startup was just a collection of ideas on Eric's blog.After successfully applying the principles in our businesses, we started helping others to do the same. Robbert has written a comprehensiv…


Firmhouse - Experimentation Done Right

We're less than a week away until we'll gather at the Lean Startup Summit in Amsterdam. You'll find us at the summit on both days. On the first day, we're running the unconference track in collaboration with Source Institute. We're expecting a great blend of …


Run experiments on how you operate your team & organization - Firmhouse

Run experiments on how you operate your team & organizationExperimentation usually focusses on learning from the market a company is in. It's quite limiting to only use it for that. We’re a big fan of running experiments to tune our internal processes.We …


Best Wishes and Holiday Promotion for Lean Startup Summit EMEA

We’ve got some exciting news to share with our community of innovators across Europe: Lean Startup Summit Europe is coming to Amsterdam March 20 and 21, 2018. We’re gathering some of the world’s leading Lean Startup experts for two days to learn how the faste…


Firmhouse - Issue #55

We're on track to launch our Venture Lab program this Fall. Our Crash Course week is scheduled to start on September 25. Applications are coming in and we've held the first interviews with possible candidates. We are still accepting more applications. The dea…


The correct link for Firmhouse Venture Lab announcement 😬

Oops! The link in the original email was incorrect! See below the link that works. 👌


Announcing Firmhouse Venture Lab

The first official Firmhouse project for founders will be a Venture Lab. Our Venture Lab will not be an accelerator nor will we expect you to apply for us with the purpose to run a startup. We’ll offer 8 individuals an internship to work on whatever they want…


Are you ready for the Third Wave? - Firmhouse - Issue #52

Are you ready for the Third Wave?In the Third Wave the internet is ubiquitous and as such we move from the Internet of Things to the ‘internet of everything’. Entrepreneurs will now start hitting hard on disrupting the tougher, more traditional or regulated i…


Firmhouse @ Lean Startup Summit London - June 13 and 14

Firmhouse is sponsoring the Lean Startup Summit in London! Bob Jansen will be on stage in a fireside chat with Janne Zengerink from ING to discuss the differences between Lean Startup in startups and corporates.On the summit we'll also be showcasing our produ…


The History of Accelerators, a meetup with Tendayi Viki and free copies of The Corporate Startup

The accelerator model is one of the most carbon copied models in the field of innovation and startups. We question it's value and application often. The model originated from YCombinator. This week one of their partners shared the initial announcement of thei…


The Job to be Done issue - Firmhouse

The concept of Jobs to be Done was developed by the famed HBS professor Clayton Christensen and offers a rich framework for understanding why people choose to use the services they do. With this knowledge you can align your process, from strategy to product d…


Firmhouse newsletter - goodies inside :)

We've published our slide deck about Lean Startup under the Creative Commons license.


Dutch Lean Startup Circle - Last issue

While we love the newsletter, sometimes instead of building another feature, it’s better to cut one out. So instead, we recommend you subscribe to:GrasshopperHerder by Tristan Kromer Our number one source of good reads on Lean StartupLean Startup Digest curat…


Announcing Startup Academy - March 10-12

Great news!We're announcing another Lean Startup weekender in Rotterdam, organized by Startup Foundation.And as usual we handpicked some of the best reads from the past month on lean startup and corporate innovation.Enjoy!