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Wark Digest #13 - Back to Baron

Wark Digest #13 - Back to Baron
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Welcome back to the Wark Digest, your weekly newsletter for all the new developments in the Final Fantasy universe. I’m Chris, aka Hoogathy, and we have a lot of exciting things to discuss this week!
This week’s newsletter is 996 words, a 5-minute read.

Prepare for a bevy of news at the end of the month!
Prepare for a bevy of news at the end of the month!
Square Enix Presents Line-up for TGS Revealed
The Tokyo Game Show, one of the biggest annual stages for the gaming industry, is taking place at the end of the month, and we now have a lineup for the fall edition of Square Enix Presents!
What to expect: Square Enix’s presentation will take place October 1, at 7PM JST / 11AM GMT / 6AM EST / 3AM GMT. The following games are confirmed to be shown:
  • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
  • Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Project Triangle Strategy
  • Bravely Default II
  • NEO: The World Ends With You
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Outriders
What we thought:
  • FFXIV is a no-brainer, as Endwalker is the next major release for the series, and other press events are taking place that week
  • The First Soldier‘s beta ended some time ago, so it will be interesting to see how the survey feedback has been incorporated. (Squeenix is also holding a “Special Livestream” for it on October 3, so is the launch imminent?)
  • Stranger of Paradise is somewhat unexpected, but hopefully there will be a more interesting trailer shown
  • Will we get a proper name for Project Triangle Strategy, and will it end up having a Final Fantasy connection?
  • There’s also a good chance we’ll see Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, a new property from Yoko Taro—though this “enchanting story completely depicted by cards” likely has no connection to Final Fantasy or NieR
What’s next: Crossing our fingers, but not getting our hopes up, that we might see Final Fantasy XVI. Recently Yoshida commented that they’re working hard to make it, but made no promises. This list isn’t 100% complete, and shouldn’t be taken as absolute confirmation that we won’t see FFXVI—but if it is shown, I’d wager it will be the big closer.
Revisit Cecil's quest with Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster
Revisit Cecil's quest with Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster
Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is Out
The Pixel Remaster series continues, as Final Fantasy IV released this week on Steam and mobile!
Why it matters:
  • FFIV’s 30th anniversary is commemorated with a new 2D remaster, combining elements from previous editions
  • Original staff members Uematsu and Shibuya were heavily involved in remastering the audio/visual experience
What we thought:
  • Presentation-wise, this ever-so-slightly edges out FFIV Advance to become my personal favourite version of the game
  • The updated score is terrific, with updated instrumentation adding a lot of character and depth
  • Still really miss the bonus content added in previous editions
  • RIP Developer’s Room, one of the best easter eggs in the series
What’s next: Farming in the Lunar Subterrane to get the Pink Tail and earn one of the rarest achievements in this release, while we wait for FFV and FFVI to follow later this year.
Yoshida is "desperately working" on both FFXIV and FFXVI
Yoshida is "desperately working" on both FFXIV and FFXVI
Yoshida Debunks Rumours
Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida spoke to Famitsu recently about the development of Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. (The original interview is in Japanese and heavy with FFXIV spoilers, but thanks to Audrey @aitaikimochi for the excellent translations!)
What he’s saying:I sometimes see on social media comments like, ‘Yoshida is working on FFXVI, so he’s too busy and is hands-off with FFXIV. This is absolutely not true. I am desperately working on it, so I hope you’ll stick with me from here on out. bitter laugh
FFXIV and FFXVI will both be completed with the utmost care, so we hope for your support from here on out.
What we thought:
  • Yoshida’s clearly been working hard on FFXIV recently, as you can see in any of the Endwalker press
  • He admits he’s not infallible as a creator, dismissing the logic that any flaws in FFXIV arise from him being too busy to sign off on every individual element—and honestly, it’s not healthy to expect such absolute perfection
  • His candid demeanour continues to endear him to us—he works on several projects simultaneously like Nomura, and communicates often without over-promising things like Tabata
  • Hopefully he doesn’t begin to burn out at this rate!
Community Spotlight
Celes by @serinigalini
Celes by @serinigalini
This week we’re featuring the artwork of Seri (@serinigalini)! Celes looks every bit like a general, not some opera floozy, in this beautiful portrait. Be sure to check our Seri’s other work on Twitter!
Want to have your fanart, screenshots, or other creations highlighted here? Maybe a Final Fantasy-inspired recipe of your own? Send submissions via Discord (hoogathy#9999 or our #creative_show_and_tell channel), Twitter @hoogathy, or on the dedicated post in our FFU Facebook group!
Around the Union
This week, Darryl & Lauren reflected on the Kingsglaive premiere in episode 255 of the Final Fantasy Union podcast. And if you haven’t already, check out “The History of Final Fantasy X (A Retrospective Review)” on YouTube!
We’re holding a “Town Hall Meeting” on our Discord server tomorrow: Saturday, September 11, at 7:30PM BST / 2:30 PM EST to discuss everything that’s been happening with Final Fantasy Union over the past few months, and to talk about plans for the future. This includes YouTube, the podcast, the website, this very newsletter, and book ideas. We hope you can join us!
Speaking of which, if you aren’t already a member, be sure to check out our Discord server! We’ve recently refreshed it and have been enjoying some lively, insightful daily discussion topics. Come join the conversation!
And now you’re up to speed! From the whole team at Final Fantasy Union, thank you for subscribing. Please let us know what you think of this new format, and what you’d like to see covered in our weekly installments. As ever, if you’ve enjoyed our work, please share it with your friends!
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Until next time, kupo!
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