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Why am I considering an email? The introduction!

For many people very nasty and old way how to communicate. Emails. Something what looks like a cave i
Why am I considering an email? The introduction!
By Filip Skricek • Issue #1 • View online
For many people very nasty and old way how to communicate. Emails. Something what looks like a cave in a modern “Whatsapp” and “Messenger” environment. I don’t think it’s totally unusable. Email newsletter can be something more personal then blog and to be honest, it’s much more easier to set up. It’s important to share your wonderful ideas and then tweaking your technical issues later. Let’s don’t do it the other way.

If I can give you one tip how you can manage emails, I can confidently recommend an email client called Spark. I have used it for at least a year and it works perfectly on iPhone and iPad, synchronise all settings and even keep all of your email addresses in one well-arranged inbox. I know it’s not the most innovative idea but it works well for me. Sharp, fast and easy.

Let’s start with a little introduction. I am an international undergraduate student in Scotland. The past was not easy but I have made it there. I am pretty sure I will have enough space to tell you everything in the future issues of the newsletter. Shortly, I am ex-Londoner born in Czech Republic, with a first step within UK in 2015, who has been later brought to Scotland by his best friend. When I was 20 I only dreamed about the big universities abroad and when I said something about that, I heard just a little sneer. Well, I packed my bag and made my way!

As the newsletter title says, I want to focus mainly on my experiences abroad not only as a international student. I want to share my thoughts and opinions about everyday life, why is university considered as a part of the best years in the whole career, how to get most of it, be productive, manage every day tasks as well as get the best possible jobs and opportunities to shine.

I will not get a good grade for this short essay. There is a little introduction but the rest is little messy without any core structure. I don’t really mind today. Do you? This is a space where I want to share a lot about my experiences and it might be bit shaky. If I would say everything was straightforward, I would be lying. I am exploring the world since 2015 and I would love to share the obstacles as well as the achievements.

“That night I called on her and she didn’t answer. She left me. She stayed in the mirror. The decisions I made after that moment where not the ones she would have made. They were the choices of a changed person, a new self. You could call this selfhood many things. Transformation. Metamorphosis. Falsity. Betrayal. I call it an education.”

I am undertaking little metamorphosis too. And in the meantime of my newsletters (every Tuesday and Friday morning), you can read this great book.


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Filip Skricek

Hey. I am Filip. Undergraduate university student in Scotland. I was born in Czech Republic, lived in London and then have made home in Scotland since 2015. My biggest fear is unfulfilled potential, therefore I want to establish regular email newsletter with my experiences and thoughts about studying and working abroad in a different language and cultural environment, how to get the best possible education, how to make the most from the university years, be productive or just get the dream job! You can check my other social media below.

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