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Keeping the Options Open

Good morning, it’s a busy week. Lying in a bed, now, at 23:00pm (Thursday night) and trying to have s
Keeping the Options Open
By Filip Skricek • Issue #3 • View online
Good morning,
it’s a busy week. Lying in a bed, now, at 23:00pm (Thursday night) and trying to have some decent sleep before the alarm will go on, again, at 6:30am. This newsletter won’t be long.
Choose the correct direction is not easy, especially in the world, where you need to make thousands decisions between thousands things everyday. Is it worth it, or not? Is this project something, what you really want to pursue? Is this degree combination the right choice?
We need to make decisions everyday as well as try to see the end of the tunnel.
“If it’s hard it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you will not burn out, there is no reason why your strategy would not work.”
Little bit of an inspirational reading for good night sleep. Keep your eyes open and the options spread out. Don’t cut yourself from working or personal relationships which matters, maintain them with a good care. Don’t cut yourself from decent projects, just because you think they are not reasonable in a short term. They might be in a long term.
If you like TedX, I bumped to a very good one. Former Prime Minister of Finland - Alexander Stubb. It’s an older one, but I would recommend to watch it. Link below.

Happiness | Alexander Stubb | TEDxOtaniemi
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