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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #28

Fiction Podcast Weekly brings you the latest from the world of audio fiction, audio drama, and sound
Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #28
By Fiction Podcast Weekly • Issue #28 • View online
Fiction Podcast Weekly brings you the latest from the world of audio fiction, audio drama, and sound storytelling. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the US, the anniversary of the Treaty of Andelot in Burgundy, or anniversary of the end of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the ways in which audio drama helps us connect across miles and ideologies.

This issue of the Fiction Podcast Weekly is brought to you by Sidequesting! Sidequesting is a fantasy podcast about avoiding the main plot and doing sidequests instead. It follows Rion, an adventurer who’s willing to help out just about anyone - as long as they’re not being asked to deal with the scary wizard everyone keeps talking about.
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Hot News, Roundups and Audio Fiction Articles
Carrie Coon Has Become One Helluva Voice Actor, and It Wasn’t as Easy as She Makes It Sound PR for Gimlet’s new Motherhacker includes some great insight and inspiration about voice acting.
Do you monetize your podcast with host-read ads? Nick Quah writes about Gumball, the marketplace connecting marketing teams and podcast creators. It’s too early to speculate about how this will work out for the fiction podcast community. However, Gumball was created by Headgum, a comedy podcast network, so perhaps their vision of how ads and audio content can work together is fiction- friendly.
Also from Hot Pod, Aude White shares a thought about what not to do.
The new rules of writing for women: Insight from Zing Tsjeng, executive editor of VICE UK, author of Forgotten Women, hosts the BBC podcast Obsessed With… Killing Eve, the award-winning sex and dating podcast My First Time, and the official Women’s Prize for Fiction podcast.

Events and Creator Meetups
Edinburgh! sponsors free audio drama scriptwriting workshops for writers aged 18-30. London dates TBA. Edinburgh: 18-19 of January, 2020.
London! The London Podcast festival presents Audio Drama. Includes live performances by Tin Can Audio, Oblivity, Wooden Overcoats, The Amelia Project, We Fix Space Junk, The Magnus Archives, Victoriocity, and The Unseen Hour. Starts November 30.
London again! Cyborphic is excited to be hosting a networking event and two sci-fi workshops (the first on AI & Creativity, the second on Sci-Fi Theatre) as part of the launch of their third Talos: Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London. 2nd December 2019.
Nairobi! Africa Podfest presents The Unconference On Podcasting 2: The Diaspora Connection. Tuesday, December 10, and this conference is free. If you can’t attend that one, visit Africa Podfest to get info about Africa Podfest in March 2020.
Washington, D.C.! Apparently, The Video Show, a new event designed for everyone working in video content creation, will include an informational day of sessions (Thursday December 5th) just for those involved in every aspect of podcasting.

Opportunities and Auditions
Script Writing Competition: Little Wonder is an anglophone audio drama production company based in Paris. They seek 10-15 minute scripts for a maximum of four actors. Deadline: 31 December.
Writing opportunity: Six To Start, the creators of Zombies, Run, seeks story pitches and writers to create immersive audio adventures. Deadline: 31 December.
Casting Call: Seen And Not Heard is an audio drama about a young woman dealing with the gradual, inevitable loss of her hearing. Paid. Deadline: December 1.
WRITERS, YOU ARE VERY MUCH WANTED. Dashingly Quirky Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition 2020. Any genre, 10-minute scripts, LGBT-themed, with live foley audience participation. Apply by 5 December.
Casting Call: Medusa Gordon’s Academy for Young Witches. Paid. Deadline is 31st November.
Glitch is looking to license & feature already produced stories for their audio fiction anthology, Open World. If you have a piece that is the opposite of a Black Mirror episode), submit today. Deadline: December 20th. 
Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics seeks a diverse range of voice actors for this urban fantasy about magic and mystery. Deadline: December 1st. 
BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition: The competition runs from 1 October 2019 to midnight GMT 31 January 2020 and is open to new and established writers, provided they live outside the UK and are aged over 18 on 31 January 2020.

Creator Resources
Wolf Point Audio has lots of great sound effects for your audio fiction needs, via Bandcamp.
Soniss has a Black Friday sale on sound effects as well.
Podcast Insight has a roundup of Amazon affiliate links to all kinds of Black Friday Deals on equipment for podcasters, gamers and YouTubers.
(Sidebar, for our global readership: if you don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s okay. Take a deep breath, and clear it from your mind. If you do know what Black Friday is, it’s okay. Take a deep breath, and clear it from your mind.)
Karin Heimdahl’s Podtales Report From The AudioDrama Hub. PodTales 2019 was Karin Heimdahl’s first time running a table at a convention and this is her post convention report with 15 takeaways to remember for next time (or for your first time).
Rode Wireless GO review if you need a convenient, wireless, lavalier mic, this could be your bit of kit. Also, if you use this mic, in public, with the fur windshield, stick googly eyes on the mic, take a photo, and post it on Instagram and tag it with #FictionPodcastWeekly, @Lindsay1970, and @the_podcast_host, Lindsay will give you a shout-out on Instagram and Twitter. This mic is so cute!
AKG Lyra review Another good looking, great sounding mic. Check it out.

Do you like true crime? Are you an influencer? Spotify wants you for their New York office.

Creatives To Support
Podcast sitcom The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help finance its season 2. Show creator Ann Sloan plans an 8 episode season which includes a musical episode.
Brimstone Valley Mall is is a fast-paced fiction comedy podcast about four demons from Hell who work in a shopping mall in the 90s. Help raise another project of The Whisperforge. 
Electoral Elementary This narrative kids podcast explores simple civics lessons with storytelling and song. 

Show News: Milestones, Debuts and Finales
Lorin Clarke tells us that Series 2 of the popular, award-winning audio fiction podcast, The Fitzroy Diaries, has been released by ABC Radio National.Walk the streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne, shaped by gangsters, migrants, Aboriginal activists, the working poor. Now, it’s fancy shops and hipster bars. Until you really look.
The Program audio series has launched, with stories from the future examining the present. Each episode is a self-contained story set in the same universe in which Money, State and God became fused into a single entity called the Program.
Season Two of The Beacon, a fantasy audio drama about magic, monsters, and the importance of making friends, premiered Nov. 25.
The Land of Gulungulun is the story of a fictional African nation created by Feyisayo Anjorin, about a nation coping with a rape crisis. It is a work of speculative fiction.
Augmented-reality escape room thriller, 5 Week Countdown, has finale this week! Did you solve the puzzles? Will the victim escape?

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