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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #164

Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #164
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“Growing up is highly overrated. Just be an author.” -Neil Gaiman

Issue #164 of The Fiction Podcast Weekly is brought to you by the Podcast Host’s Guide to Voice Acting Demo Reel Tips (& Should I Make or Buy?). Sarah Golding, Billie Jo Konze, Owen McCuen and Ella Watts provided loads of helpful and hard-won insights to help voice actors and casting directors make beautiful stories together.
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Hot News, Roundups, and Audio Fiction Articles
Acast acquires Podchaser, “the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative podcast database.”
Voice 123 shares news from the National Association of Voice Actors: Health insurance for voice actors: help make it happen!
The Reality of Fiction in a Podcast World Realm’s Molly Barton explains audio drama to people who haven’t been formally introduced, for the LA Weekly.
Earbuds Collective shares Tal Minear’s curated list of Hopepunk Audio Drama Podcast Recommendations.
Grow, from the British Podcast Awards and BBC Sounds Audio Lab is the one-day podcasting event that will help your show build audience, revenue and influence.Fri 22 Jul 2022 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM BST  Kennington Park, SE11 4BE
Civilized: A Live Podcast Experience, July 22–31, 2022 in the Hamilton Fringe. Death, mayhem, monsters and chips… All these things and more await you when you join the incredibly unlucky, ever-delightful Civilized crew for this Live Podcast Experience! 
Opportunities and Auditions
Writers: Pitch to Rusty Quill: Rusty Quill Pitch Submission “Pitches are reviewed quarterly in March, June, September, and December annually.”
Scriptapalooza is a competition aimed at screenwriters who want to pivot into podcasting. Judges include Lindsay Graham, Lauren Shippen, and many more. Early Bird Deadline: September 5. Entry fee: $45.
Hear Myself Think is looking for five writers (18+) ideally with some lived experience of mental ill health. Each writer will be commissioned to write one 10-minute audio script, to be directed and recorded by the creative team, and released via the Hear Myself Think website and our partner venue network in November 2022. Deadline: 10 pm on 24th July 2022.
Zombies, Run is casting again. This is a paid lead role in a 5 part series for a character who uses she/her pronouns. We’re specifically looking for someone who identifies as SWANA, Arabic or Middle Eastern and uses a mobility aid. More information about this role, and many more, is on the Six to Start casting board.
Applications for the third annual Black Podcasting Awards are open until August 15. Shows across 29 categories (including Fiction) will be honoured in a live, virtual ceremony on September 25. Submissions must be ‘reels’ under five minutes long. Application fees are discounted until July 31.
The Signal Awards are open for entry, extended deadline 5 August.
Tribeca Audio Premieres tweeted, “Indie pod community! Let us know if you have a narrative premiere coming up in the fall!”
Writers: Theatre Viscera says SEND US YOUR QUEER PLAYS! for their podcast. 30 min or less. Deadline: August 15, 2022 or they reach a submission cap of 100. 
Writers: It looks as though the No Sleep Podcast is accepting scripts. No deadline was given.
Writers: Stories Found submission guidelines No deadline given.
The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund is accepting applications. 
The Demon Detective Casting Call Round 2 Deadline is July 22nd, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.
RADAR Podcasters is a new Spotify initiative to spotlight podcasts on the platform. Creators in the U.S. can submit their podcasts for consideration
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Need more exciting listening experiences? @A_D_Infinitum is the brainchild of Julie Hoverson, host and creator of the classic audio drama series. 19 NOCTURNE BOULEVARD. @A_D_Infinitum was designed to help answer that age-old question: “How do I get my Audio Drama OUT THERE?” Find it on Twitter.
Creator Resources
Travis Vengroff edits audio on Twitch. Catch him live or get the replay, and learn a thing or two or three or four or seven. He’s a good egg and a smart cookie.
Pods Heard Round The World How non-US markets are driving spoken word audio consumption and why, for publishers playing the long game, having a plan to draw in global audiences will be necessary for sustaining growth.
Is the Focusrite Vocaster new? “Vocaster features Auto Gain, to set levels quickly and easily; Enhance, to get your voice sounding its best in one click; and connections for your phone, camera, and so much more.” Okay, if you say so.
Jacquelyn Landgraf on Music, Memory, and It Makes A Sound Jacquelyn Landgraf’s It Makes A Sound helped redefine what storytelling in audio can be.
Global Podcast Editors newsletter is a space where we share podcast editing business, technical & creative conversations & resources along with our professional bumps in the road and ultimately, growth.
Shure MV88+ Video Kit Review: A Roving Podcaster Rig Sarah puts the Shure MV88+ Video Kit through rigorous testing. Read more to see how it stacks up!
Share this with your young friends: Mini Marconis, a been-there-done-that miniseries from Newton Schottelkotte for the next generation of audio drama creators, has launched.
The Podcast Host has started The Podcraft Community on Come join us (it’s free!) and chat with other podcasters and special guests about anything under the sun of crafting the perfect podcast. 
Do you have a great behind-the-scenes clip, article, blog post or something like that? Can other podcasters build their skills from it? Sharing is caring. Send us your creator resources. It’s not just for people who make podcasts, either. People who don’t make podcasts but love listening to podcasts are interested in your process, too. 
Wondery is searching for a Senior Manager of Talent Development who will be tasked with identifying and training new podcast talent to work for Wondery. This role will include identifying, recruiting and training new writers to join new and existing Wondery shows. 
Wondery also seeks a Senior Television Executive who has experience in both series development and production. You can oversee a project from the early development stages through the entire production process. Must be a podcast enthusiast. 
Bloomberg Digital is looking for a Head of Podcasts to oversee its podcast development and operations in New York. 
Creatives To Support
Sojourners’ Trails Season 1: Suit of Wands A Horror/Fantasy queer pirate audio drama about family, secrets, and the eldritch depths of the sea. 
Gather the Suspects A murder has occurred in Prosperity Heights, and only one man can solve the case. Unfortunately for the residents, that man is slacker (and occasional anarchist), Jack Davies. About twelve days left.
Someone Dies In This Elevator is crowdfunding their second season July 11-August 11! It’s a spoiler-driven anthology series where there is always an elevator and someone always dies in it.
The Amelia Project Audio Advent Calendar “We want to make 25 minisodes to mark the run-up to Christmas! A podcast advent calendar!” It’s getting close to the end.
October’s Children focuses on a small, diverse group of 20- and 30-somethings trying to survive the trials and tribulations of ‘everyday’ life as monstrous creatures begin to infiltrate and invade Wolfbrook, New Hampshire.
The Subjective Truth: Season Two A Sci-Fi Audio Drama from Good Pointe. By the time the credits roll on the Season Two finale, you’ll know exactly what happened to Buddha Kline. You’ll know everything. 
Life with Leo(h) is crowdfunding for Season 2. Robotics intelligence lawyer, Jeanine Bell, received the gift of LEO(h), an android with Synthetic Sentience. Loving, Empathetic, Optimistic, and helpful LEO(h) had been programmed to love Jeanine. But Jeanine has ethics and LEO(h) is very, very illegal. Is there a path to true love for their misaligned software? That’s what we want to find out. By the time you get this, there might be a few hours left.
The Pilgrimage Saga - Season Three AI cage-wrestling, deep introspection and navel-gazing, a soundtrack to rival John Williams’ entire discography, and more. Only a few days left.
Follow @podfunds on Twitter to find more opportunities to support independent audio fiction. 
Are you getting ready to crowdfund your podcast? Let us know, so we can share your link
Milestones, Debuts and Finales
Icarus Rising This is a story about pirates. When Kay, an idealistic pirate enthusiast, convinces his best friend Pip to stowaway on a visiting pirate ship called the Icarus, they are pulled into a world full of betrayal and bravado.
The Mysterious Case of Anthony Malloy The death of Anthony Malloy and the case held over the matter, is surrounded in discrepancy and loose ends.
Desert Skies On a lonely highway between life and the next life there’s one last stop that we all have to make. Desert Skies Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station serves travelers as they embark on their journey through celestial spheres.
His House A Cthulhu-based murder mystery about a recently widowed homicide detective, Ethan Eckhard, who is placed on a case that mimics the brutal unsolved murder of his wife.
Twisted Mind In a race against time to clear her sister’s name, Jessica begins to investigate an astute criminal who uses unconventional methods to frame his victims.
The Honeytrap 1950’s London. Felix Stone is an openly gay P.I. He is approached by a mysterious woman who pays him to shadow her husband. What at first seems to be a run of the mill adultery case, soon turns out to be much more serious.
Keep sharing good stories. 
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