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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #161

Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #161
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“If I act and work and write as though a more just future will exist, perhaps I’ll be one step closer to believing in it.”-Nicole Chung

Issue # 161 of The Fiction Podcast Weekly is brought to you by The Podcast Host’s guide to Podcasts About Podcasting That Lead By Example. Here’s some inspiration for independent, fiction, and/or business-oriented podcasts.
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Hot News, Roundups, and Audio Fiction Articles
Common Sense Media Expands Selections Seal of Excellence to Kids- and Family-Centered Podcasts An initial 21 podcasts have been recognized with the Common Sense Selections seal, a symbol of the highest editorial standards for overall quality based on diversity, impactful themes, and positive messages and role models. All Selections include age-appropriate media with the potential to spark family conversations, entertain families of all kinds, and have a positive, lasting effect on society.
Nomination voting is now open for The People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Go git ‘em, Tiger!
Podcast Magazine’s fiction archives are laid out like an enthusiastic fiction roundup, but some of these articles have been around for a minute. Send them more press releases.
Indie AF Pride Special with Chloe Hendry and Ella Watts Recommendations and musings on queer indie audio fiction.
ABC News reports that Podcast dramas morph to TV shows in Hollywood reappraisal. Is it just me, or does the mention of I Love Lucy for context make you smile, too?
Podplane Flight #4 - Fly with Pride! You should subscribe now.
Simplecast shares Pride in the Margins: 10 Podcasts Featuring Queer People of Color, including some indie fiction podcasts faves.
Well, I didn’t need THAT as a headline: Alexa will soon be able to read stories as your dead grandma. “This required inventions where we had to learn to produce a high-quality voice with less than a minute of the recording versus hours of recording in the studio,”[Amazon’s Senior Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa, Rohit Prasad] notes. “The way we made it happen is by framing the problem as a voice conversion task and not a speech generation path. We are unquestionably living in the golden era of AI, where our dreams and science fictions are becoming a reality.” Dude. Mourning is a painful process, not a playground. I hope he listens to Life After.
Acast subscribers will soon get access to exclusive podcast groups on Facebook. I thought Facebook was out of the podcasting game?
The complete slide deck of The Creators presentation, from Sounds Profitable, is available to download. Key take-aways: "Creators over-index for interest in science fiction and drama.” The survey breaks down podcast genre categories not just by “Fiction/Drama,” but subtypes such as mystery/thriller, fantasy/sci-fi, or romance (Finally). Podcast creators are more likely to support each other financially, and creators aged 45+ are under-represented (which could cause less listening in the 45+ crowd).
Voice Acting Workouts with Randall Ryan, July 6 and 19, and a live workshop, July 11, Alt Recording Studios, Hove, Brighton
Audiotrain offers courses to improve your podcasting skills. Raise Your Rates- Advanced for freelancers looking to improve their negotiation skills, 6 July 6pm BST. Exploring Reaper Editing And Mixing Techniques (intermediate), 15 July, 9am-12:30pm BST.
How to Market Your Podcast On Instagram Wed, Jul 13 2022, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EDT, in the PodCraft community. Free! 
Also on 13 July: How to ask your podcaster listener for money, an online Q&A from The Mic Podcast Club.
Civilized: A Live Podcast Experience, July 22–31, 2022 in the Hamilton Fringe. Death, mayhem, monsters and chips… All these things and more await you when you join the incredibly unlucky, ever-delightful Civilized crew for this Live Podcast Experience! 
Podcast Movement has announced new speakers, including Faith McQuinn of Observer Pictures, presenting Dramatic Strategy: Finding the Best Way to Tell Your Story. 
Opportunities and Auditions
Ella Watts shares: “Zombies, Run! is currently auditioning for 21 paid voice acting roles - most on projects I’m directing!” The Six to Start Live Casting Board is here for your perusal.
RADIO: Outcast is looking for a sound designer for Season 2. This will be a paid position. Episodes: 10 + 1 mini-episode. Production: Releases every other Wednesday, January thru March - April OFF - May thru June. (2023) “RADIO: Outcast is a queer and BIPOC-led fantasy-western audio drama where disco meets desert shootouts. We are looking for an individual with some experience in sound design. If you’re interested, please send an email to You may include a CV and an introduction — we’re a small team, so we prioritize team chemistry!
Feminist Fairytales writer submissions open July 6. More info to come.
The Demon Detective Casting Call Round 2 Deadline is July 22nd, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.
Casting Call for Alfred Hitchcock parody. Think Monty Python and Mel Brooks Meets Hitchcock. Deadline 12 July.
CALL FOR COLLABORATORS: Arcana in Suburbia. Applications are due 21 July.
RADAR Podcasters is a new Spotify initiative to spotlight podcasts on the platform. Creators in the U.S. can submit their podcasts for consideration
Whalesong Casting Call Created by Ester Ellis (Station Blue, The Goblet Wire) and funded by the Apollo Podcast App. This pilot will release in August 2022 on both Apollo and Ester Ellis’s podcast feeds. Deadine: July 3rd. 
Seeking voice artists for the Alpha 8, a new sci-fi adventure podcast that explores what happens when a desperate alien from another planet body swaps with a struggling mom to understand the meaning of family and save her kind from extinction. The submission deadline is June 24th.
Everyone who reads this likes fiction podcasts. Your podcast description and link could be right here. Get a Classified Ad for $28, and promote your podcast to well over twelve hundred and eighty fiction podcast enthusiasts.
Creator Resources
New How-to Miniseries For Young Fiction Podcasters From Newton Schottelkotte & Caldera Studios, Mini Marconis is a new miniseries premiering July 17 for young fiction podcasters, with advice, stories, and interviews with top audio drama creators. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!
You may have already heard this on various podcasts (thank you, Newts!) but it bears repeating. Arielle Nissenblatt writes for Podnews: “When I read the news about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, my heart sank. But then I thought that, as an industry, there’s something we can do: use our platform to share resources, come together, and help those who are (or will be) at risk. We quickly organized, creating suggested language for host-reads that can be placed as pre-roll ads on your podcast as a way of voicing our opposition to this decision. To take part read this document, record a pre-roll for your next episode, share that episode with me so we can credit you, and let me know if you have questions.”
Five Creative Ways to Interact With Your Audience from Audry. I guess if you record with two USB mics, one laptop, and no headphones in a Wayfair showroom, tips like "use social media” would be news.
What Do Podcasters Want To Know from Listeners? In the coming weeks, NuVoodoo Media Services will be conducting a national study involving thousands of podcast listeners. They’ll present the findings on August 25th at Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas. Take the survey now.
Introduction to Intellectual Property is a free short course available via Coursera from the University of Pennsylvania. You work hard on your podcast, you should get a good plan for how to protect it. 
I just found out about Big Sound Bank‘s free sound library. 
Jared from The Phenomenon speaks with Lauren Shippen and others about Fiction Podcasts and the Art of Audio Storytelling for an episode of Spotify’s Discover This! 
The Podcast Host has started The Podcraft Community on Come join us (it’s free!) and chat with other podcasters and special guests about anything under the sun of crafting the perfect podcast. 
Do you have a great behind-the-scenes clip, article, blog post or something like that? Can other podcasters build their skills from it? Sharing is caring. Send us your creator resources. It’s not just for people who make podcasts, either. People who don’t make podcasts but love listening to podcasts are interested in your process, too. 
Global seeks a new Head of Comedy and Entertainment Podcasts. Expires July 17. 
Creatives To Support
The Subjective Truth: Season Two A Sci-Fi Audio Drama from Good Pointe. Sources say that if they fund by 120%, the creators will pick up a car and throw it across a field. Supporters get to choose the car and the field. Make it happen, folks. 
Life with Leo(h) is crowdfunding for Season 2. Robotics intelligence lawyer, Jeanine Bell, received the gift of LEO(h), an android with Synthetic Sentience. Loving, Empathetic, Optimistic, and helpful LEO(h) had been programmed to love Jeanine. But Jeanine has ethics and LEO(h) is very, very illegal. Is there a path to true love for their misaligned software? That’s what we want to find out.
Echobox is your favorite hot spot for all the olympian gossip. A Greek Mythology retelling fictional podcast. 
The Pilgrimage Saga - Season Three Their enthusiasm and wit are infectious, but I wish this crowdfunding campaign told me more than, “It’s gay! It’s in space! We need money!”
Follow @podfunds on Twitter to find more opportunities to support independent audio fiction. 
Are you getting ready to crowdfund your podcast? Let us know, so we can share your link
Milestones, Debuts and Finales
FairyTail The Audio Drama Natsu and Friends are back at it again with an all-new adventure but this time they face a threat the like of nothing they have ever seen before! How Will Erza, Gray, Lucy, Windy, Carla, Happy and Natsu deal with this? Let’s find out together in this all-new story.
Love in Gravity: A collection of six original stories from the gay and queer Latinx and Afro-Latinx community. Stories of love, heartbreak, intimacy, and family – the places we can find each other, the places we find ourselves.
‘A Truth Universally Acknowledged’ by {Queer} Pride and Prejudice is now LIVE!
Lost Lake Can nobody hear me? Hello? My name is Ben. I’ve been trying to broadcast all over the internet. I’m not receiving feedback from the outside world. I also keep getting bizarre audio clips coming from inside Lost Lake. Really strange things keep happening to me. Please someone help. 
Keep sharing good stories. 
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