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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #159

Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #159
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Finish the sentence: It’s not drama until…

Issue #159 of The Fiction Podcast Weekly is brought to you by The Podcast Host’s article, The Podcast Show, London, 2022: What Did We Learn? Find out what’s new and happening in podcasting from this big in-person event.
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Hot News, Roundups, and Audio Fiction Articles
The Field Recording Challenge closes on 21 June. Share your field recordings with us. We’re making a Creative Commons library of sound beds and an international sound collage. You can be part of it.
On June 17, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, Bandcamp will hold their third annual Juneteenth fundraiser, where they donate 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their ongoing efforts to promote racial justice through litigation, advocacy, and public education. Now is a great time to buy tracks from any podcasters you know who sell on Bandcamp. The company’s share is donated, the artist retains their share.
Is it news? Is it a creative resource? Maybe it’s both: Auphonic is beta testing a new de-noiser.
Podcast Movement 2022 shares their new speaker list, including Sarah Rhea Werner, Tal Minear, Caroline Mincks, Hannah Wright, Colin Gray, and many more!
Cal Newport shares The Rise of the Internet’s Creative Middle Class. “Fourteen years ago, Kevin Kelly famously proposed that an artist could make a living online with a thousand true fans. Has time proved him correct?” Key take-away: Promise desserts, but serve vegetables.
Content is Queen presents The International Women’s Podcast Festival, live in London and streamed world wide, 18 June.
Unapologetic: Being Black & Queer in Podcasting by She Podcasts is coming up on Thu, June 23, 2022, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
Writing The Other presents The Heroine’s Journey – The Other Ancient Story Structure. June 25, 2022, 10AM – 5PM Pacific Time, online via Zoom video conference. $50 – $75, scholarships available. 
LIVE Global Podcast Editor Chats with Stephanie Fuccio are twice a month on YouTube and NOW they’re in podcast form too! We chat about the business AND technical side of podcast editing for clients. Coming up on 7 July, Steph chats with Samuel Jacinto and Charles Commins. On 21 July, she chats with Angelina Gurrola and Filip Krstevski.
How to Market Your Podcast On Instagram Wed, Jul 13 2022, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EDT
Sounds Profitable, in partnership with Edison Research, has put together the first credible study of the profile of podcast creators in America. This is an incredibly important benchmark in the history of podcasting and a data set that we intend to turn into a yearly franchise to track trends and changes in the creator space. Jun 28, 2022 01:00 PM. Register to find out who podcasters are now.
Opportunities and Auditions
Dramafy seeks submissions of completed audio dramas from content creators. Earn a percentage of all gross revenue generated through ads and subscriptions. For details see “Submit Now” at
Micro-Cosmos Casting Call - Mr. Lacount Deadline: JUNE 26th, 2022, 11:59PM EST
The Skylark Collective shares award categories for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards.
Casting Call: Observer Pictures seeks voice artists of Latinx descent. Bilingual (Spanish/English) folks preferred but not necessary. “Have your audition to us by June 18 at 11pm CST. Submissions after this will not be reviewed.”
Voices of Color’s Demo of the Month wants submissions. 
Seeking voice artists for the Alpha 8, a new sci-fi adventure podcast that explores what happens when a desperate alien from another planet body swaps with a struggling mom to understand the meaning of family and save her kind from extinction. The submission deadline is June 24th.
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Creator Resources
Global Podcast Editors newsletter is packed with technical, business, creative and remote working resources for this growing profession. GPE exists to connect remote podcast editors globally with each other.
What’s the Best SpeakPipe Alternative for Podcast Voice Feedback? Telbee, PodInBox, and other online voice recorders can help you with audience responses, community building, or monetization.
How to Do A Voice Feedback Survey: Make It Fun for Your Fans! Get your audience to share their feelings about their show with you, using an online voice recording system. You can even transcribe their responses in nine languages, for greater understanding.
Burning Questions About Podcast Analytics With Nicole Walker What are your metrics of success? Are downloads everything? How can you use your podcast data? Whether launching a new podcast or working to grow your audience, Nicole Walker walks us through everything about podcast analytics
Audry is a community for podcasters.
Behind-the-scenes view of horror podcasting (what’s in the walls???) Jon Grilz and Sarah Golding chat about the rise of the CreepyPod in Indie AF.
How Search Works in Apple Podcasts What gets a podcast to rank higher in search results?
The Podcast Host has started The Podcraft Community on Come join us (it’s free!) and chat with other podcasters and special guests about anything under the sun of crafting the perfect podcast. 
Do you have a great behind-the-scenes clip, article, blog post or something like that? Can other podcasters build their skills from it? Sharing is caring. Send us your creator resources. It’s not just for people who make podcasts, either. People who don’t make podcasts but love listening to podcasts are interested in your process, too. 
KCRW seeks a full-time Creative Director position, in Santa Monica California, USA, to be their head of Audience Lab. Expires June 30. 
At Will Media seeks a full-time Associate Producer to play a key role in the production of AT WILL MEDIA’s growing slate of original projects in nonfiction and fiction. Go get ‘em, Tiger! Expires June 30.
Creatives To Support
Life with Leo(h) is crowdfunding for Season 2. Robotics intelligence lawyer, Jeanine Bell, received the gift of LEO(h), an android with Synthetic Sentience. Loving, Empathetic, Optimistic, and helpful LEO(h) had been programmed to love Jeanine. But Jeanine has ethics and LEO(h) is very, very illegal. Is there a path to true love for their misaligned software? That’s what we want to find out.
Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama A small Texas town suffers natural disasters that are anything but natural.
Echobox is your favorite hot spot for all the olympian gossip. A Greek Mythology retelling fictional podcast.
RADIO: Outcast - Season 2 A queer and BIPOC led fantasy-western audio drama where disco meets desert shootouts. Only 10 days left!
Follow @podfunds on Twitter to find more opportunities to support independent audio fiction. 
Are you getting ready to crowdfund your podcast? Let us know, so we can share your link
Milestones, Debuts and Finales
My Amazing Woman finishes season 1 with a bang, on 21 June. In the season one finale, Trevor learns how Anna Kat got her powers as she and Madison face an old friend and a new foe. And how did Madison get strapped to a big green balloon?
A Date with Death: In occupied France during World War II, a British squad comes under fire and must leave its commander behind. Back in Washington, Helen Meeker asks President Roosevelt for permission to investigate a suspicious case – but also gets assigned a task she’d rather not have.
From A Sky Full of Pods: The Goblet Wire is a new surreal microfiction podcast created by Ester Ellis (Station Blue) and Justin Hellstrom (The Great Chameleon War), and featuring episodes written by Tau Zaman (CARAVAN) and Eli Barraza (The Far Meridian). In this first episode, we meet a new Player of the game, who phones the Operator. It’s an intriguing opening to the story, which leaves much for us and the Player to discover about the nature of the Goblet Wire.
Newts!” is a new series inspired by the work of Czech sci-fi pioneer Karel Čapek — specifically his 1936 novel “War with the Newts.” Vulture named it one of the best new podcasts of this summer.
Congratulations to Oz9, for passing one million downloads!
Keep sharing good stories. 
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