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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #149





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Fiction Podcast Weekly - Issue #149
By From • Issue #149 • View online
All the world is in tune, on a spring afternoon, when we’re…

This issue of The Fiction Podcast Weekly is brought to you by The Podcast Host’s Field Recording Season announcement! Capture audio treasures and share them with our international library of sounds.
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Hot News, Roundups, and Audio Fiction Articles
When Your Podcasting Is Not a Hobby, What Is it? Let’s retire the word “hobby” from podcasting discussions. It’s diminutive and meaningless.
Podnews reports that “Apple Podcast Connect has a new terms of service document. Comparing the old and the new, we notice new clauses about the “right to label or remove” your shows (¶1); a new clause about confidentiality (¶4); and a new license clause (¶8). It may allow Apple in future to label shows (as Spotify are doing for COVID-19), and promote guests on your show.” The confidentiality clause is particularly interesting.
So, to recap, we don’t talk about the following:
  1. Fight Club
  2. Bruno
  3. any proposed Agreement you download from Podcasts Connect or you otherwise receive from Apple, which value would be impaired if such information were disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than expressly permitted by any Agreement, or as set forth herein (“Apple Confidential Information”). 
Ok, cool. Good to know.
iHeartMedia And Collab Inc. Announce Kids Focused Podcast Slate As Part Of New Company Called Curativity, LLC. I get a feeling if you can make a good kids’ podcast, the world will beat a path to your door for at least 15 minutes.
The Cambridge Geek is “trying a little bit of crowdsourcing. I’d love to expand my database of fiction podcasts to non-English ones, but it’s not something I can do properly. So as a community resource, I’m working up this spreadsheet. Anyone can add shows + tag them.”
New & Noteworthy: Hacking the Algorithm of Podcast Directories. Podbean’s Director of Communications, Shannon Martin, talks about the best practices that podcasts are using to use the algorithms to their advantage and be featured within various podcast directories. Tue, April 5, 2022, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT, on Podbean Live. 
How to Market Your Podcast with Twitter , with Jeff Dwoskin, an award-winning comedian and podcaster. Free, online event. Wed, Apr 6 2022, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EDT. 
Cracking Creativity: A Creative Flow Workshop Have you ever hit a creative roadblock on a project? This workshop is built for creators who are interested in tangible techniques and exercises to get back into the creative flow. Apr 7, 2022 04:30 PM Pacific.
Coming soon, in May: The Festival of Podcasts, “a time to celebrate the art form, share knowledge, and collectively agree to resist financial scams.” Submit your panel now
Opportunities and Auditions
Voice Artists: Kingmaker is casting for a Late 40’s-Early 50’s male, South Asian voice actor.
Writers: City Lights seeks plays for Lights Up podcast. Deadline: April 3rd.
Casting Call: The Bookmarks, an improv comedy podcast. Deadline: April 15.
Apply now to speak at Podcast Movement 2022, in Dallas, August 24-26. Deadline is “in May.”
Spill it, drama and high-quality production. Spill it is a dramatic presentation with high quality production value. New shows are produced frequently with topics to include drama, sex, comedy and news features.
@A_D_Infinitum is the Twitter clearinghouse for all kinds of audio fiction podcasts. A good show is not hard to find with @A_D_Infinitum.
Everyone who reads this likes fiction podcasts. Your podcast description and link could be right here. Get a Classified Ad for $28, and promote your podcast to well over twelve hundred and eighty fiction podcast enthusiasts.
Creator Resources
(Again, to recap: Fight Club, Bruno, Apple Podcasts confidentiality yadda yadda yadda, Money in AD. Got it. BUT: Sarah would like to talk with you about audio fiction podcast funding, she never was much for rules.)
A list of online podcast editing communities, from our friend Stephanie Fuccio.
How to sound like a one-take wonder on your podcast (or, how to re-record podcast audio without it sounding obvious) by Rachel Corbett
Writing excellence alert: Indie AF interviews the scintillating Paul Bae of The Big Loop. Part 1 and Part 2
Five Unconventional Tips for Growing a Podcast Think about not just how your show can grow, but how you grow as a producer. 
Accessibility and discovery alert: Have you ever thought about releasing your podcast on your RSS feed, and on YouTube, but with an ASL interpreter in the video? How about on a Braille reader? Check out how Radiolab released The Helen Keller Exorcism
Is There a Set Podcast Opening Format You Must Follow for Your Podcast? Should you be using cold opens or something else at the beginning of an episode? Let’s explore the popularity of these teasers.
Brand Building Blocks: Your Podcast Colour Palette Need some help building your podcast colour palette? We’ve got you covered with this handy little guide to make visual assets that stand out.
How to SEO Your Show Notes if you have never SEOed your show notes before. 
Podplane is an upcoming newsletter featuring podcasts by trans and nonbinary podcasters. If that’s you, submit your podcast for consideration. If that’s not you, subscribe to find some excellent shows. 
Indie AF shares an interview with Lauren Shippen, in Part 1 and Part 2
John Bartmann shares how removing breath intake sounds at the end of clips aids realism. Pro-sounding podcasts pay attention to detail, down to removing breath sounds that have been left dangling by a clip split. (Further advice: write the line slightly longer than you plan to, then cut off the last word of the line or edit it so that the next speaker talks over it.)
The Podcast Host has started The Podcraft Community on Come join us (it’s free!) and chat with other podcasters and special guests about anything under the sun of crafting the perfect podcast. 
Do you have a great behind the scenes clip, article, blog post or something like that? Can other podcasters build their skills from it? Sharing is caring. Send us your creator resources. It’s not just for people who make podcasts, either. People who don’t make podcasts but love listening to podcasts are interested in your process, too. 
At Will Media seeks a Producer for Originals, Scripted Fiction. No pressure, but here’s their slate. Go get ‘em, Tiger!
PIRATES! Story Pirates has an immediate need for an experienced Production Coordinator to support our growing podcast & television divisions. This is a part-time, freelance, remote position. Applicants must be able to start immediately and provide consistent support throughout the summer. Deadline: April 12.
Meditative Story is seeking an Executive Producer to lead the creation of finely crafted audio content at the intersection of storytelling, music, and mindfulness.
Dipsea is seeking a writer-in-residence. We create feminist audio erotica that is immersive and believable. This is a 3-6 month part-time opportunity. GO FOR IT! 
Creatives To Support
Support The Third Coast Festival (and learn more about it). “More than ever, we are fiercely committed to pushing the boundaries of audio storytelling and supporting the diverse communities of people who make the work. We believe that inclusion, collaboration, and experimentation are critical to the growing field of audio.”
Human Error Season One: An audio drama about a road trip through an apocalypse.  
Follow @podfunds on Twitter to find more opportunities to support independent audio fiction. Are you getting ready to crowdfund your podcast? Let us know, so we can share your link
Milestones, Debuts and Finales
Milestone: Patient 33, a comedy fiction podcast about dysfunctional doctors in a dysfunctional hospital, heard from the perspective of a coma patient. The Season 1 finale is out now!
Quest Friends has just released the first episode of a brand new ghost and ghoul-themed campaign, where the world of the dead is only a plane ride away. Ep. 1: An Oasis of Ghosts releases on April 4th.
The Tales of the Wasted West Gunslingers. Outlaws. This place may remind you of the American West of old, but the truth is stranger than that.
April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers. -T.S. Eliot
Keep sharing good stories. 
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