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Closed-source non-blockchain: Hedera Hasgraph (HBAR) in 5 🖐

Closed-source non-blockchain: Hedera Hasgraph (HBAR) in 5 🖐
By Fernando Gutierrez • Issue #76 • View online

What is @Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)? 🏢
Hedera Hashgaph is a distributed public ledger that uses a different consensus algorithm than blockchains, the hashgraph, which is supposed to be faster and more efficient.
Every node participates in every round of consensus. Transactions are time-stamped, and fees are fixed.
Hedera Hasgraph features:
  • 10k tx/sec (token transactions, not smart contract ones)
  • Transaction finality in <5 secs
  • Fixed micro fees (not auctioned)
  • Smart contract capable, written in Solidity (Ethereum language)
  • Token issuance on the network
  • AML/KYC compliance tools
Hedera Hashgraph is closed-source software and is patented, but the application layer is open, and anyone can develop without paying a license.
The stated reason for not being open-source is to avoid the loss of network effects that forks would cause.
The protocol is steered by a Governing Council of 39 big corporations from diverse industries like Google, LG, Deutsche Telekom, Tata, Nomura, EDF, or Boeing.
Hedera will have permissionless nodes in the future, but right now, only members of the Governing Council can run them.
HBAR is the cryptocurrency used on the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet. It has a fixed supply. Most of it will come into circulation via staking rewards for the nodes.
There were several funding rounds in 2018 for a total of $120 mn.
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Last few words
Of course, this is not financial advice yada yada yada.
Your investment, your results. Don’t outsource your decisions or your research, you won’t be able to outsource your losses.
I’m catching up with crypto concepts and projects daily for 50 days straight. Please reply to this email if there is something that you would like me to cover.
Or just to say hi, that would be nice 😀
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