Ferdi Z.’s Drawings Newsletter — Pause in Publication, July 5th, 2021



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Ferdinand F. Zebua
Ferdinand F. Zebua
Pause in Publication
I’ve decided for the time being stop the production & publication of new issues of this newsletter. The last edition of this newsletter came out two weeks ago in June.
I’m still drawing though, check out my socials.
UPDATE, August 2021: Ferdi’s Drawings Roundup has relocated to Medium. Find it at:

Links and Miscellaneous
My socials etc.:
For everyone who have ever read an issue of this newsletter in their email inbox so far (which statistically speaking is, as far as can be discerned, effectively no one), Thank You. 🙏
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Ferdinand F. Zebua
Ferdinand F. Zebua @f_fz

Roundup of my latest digital drawings. I've been posting them regularly from March 2021 to my Twitter, my Instagram profile, and Ello account, but I'm still considering my options...

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