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X-Men by Quitely, Thor by Kirby! Original Comic Art Tips #230



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February 26 · Issue #230 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #230 of Original Comic Art Tips! I’m a little late this week, cause my son passed me his flu… I also had to look into ComicLink results, I’ll do it next week.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: an Avengers DPS by Herb Trimpe was sold for $5k, one of the Venom covers by Bryan Hitch for $2,8k, a Star Wars commission by Daniel Warren Johnson for $2,5k, the Death Dealer page by Simon Bisley for $2,4k, a Superman cover by Ivan Reis for $2,1k, a Pogo daily for $1,5k.
Wonder about the real Best offers for these two pieces: a Jimmy Olsen page by Kirby priced at $12k and a Wolverine color guide signed by Frank Miller at $13k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Viking Prince page by Joe Kubert was sold for $11k, the TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman for $4k, the On Stage Sunday for a pretty high $2,4k, a Terry daily by Caniff at $500 was a good deal.
Heritage Garfield Auction: if you were wondering, even Garfield strips are growing in price, the top was this 2000 Christmas day daily sold for $4,8k, then a Christmas book cover illustration for $4,7k. Then we go down with pre-1982 strips and the funnier gags, like a Sunday for $4,3k, a daily for $3,3k, an early illustration for $3,2k.
The good deals were the six dailies lots, the lower price was $1,3k, or $210 per strip. Another good deal was this 1981 Sunday with a funny gag. It probably went for less than $700 cause you only see Garfield’s head.
Catawiki: the Cocco Bill illustration by Jacovitti went for €2,3k, a Rosso Stenton page by Micheluzzi for €900.
Weiss Auctions: the Peanuts daily for $70k (and I think these are pre-B.P. prices). The full Team-Up issue by Sal Buscema for $34k, the Spidey cover by Rich Buckler for $28k, the Alex Toth 7-page lot went for $12k, the 6 Sgt. Rock miniseries covers by Joe Kubert for $10k. A Human Torch page by Sal/Sinnott for $1,3k was not bad.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comci Art
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comci Art
Marvel: An X-Men page by Frank Quitely, look at this Thor splash by Jack Kirby, Moon Knight by Sienkiewicz, Conan and Silver Surfer pages by John Buscema, Nick Fury by Trimpe, an Alpha Flight page by John Byrne.
Punisher by Steve Dillon, an X-Men cover by Bagley, a Venom cover by Bryan Hitch, a Punisher commission by Lee Bermejo, a Spider-Man page by Tom Lyle, Spidey by Stuart Immonen.
DC: Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Bruce Wayne commission by Lee Bermejo.
A Grendel page by Matt Wagner, a Nexus title page by Steve Rude.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: a (modern) Spidey page by John Buscema, Spidey/Venom and a Spidey Sunday by Saviuk, Spidey/Black Cat by Terry Dodson.
A Conan page by Sal, She-Hulk by Byrne, a Captain America title page by Dwyer, full-team Avengers by Milgrom.
DC: a Superman title splash by Curt Swan, a Green Lantern style guide by Garcia Lopez, a Y page by Pia Guerra.
“Sexy” cartoons by Dan De Carlo, Berg and Sutton, Cody Starbuck and American Flagg pages by Chaykin.
Strips: a 1959 Beetle Bailey, a Garfield, a 1971 B.C.
Catawiki Auctions
Giorgio Cavazzano - Silas Finn Original art
Giorgio Cavazzano - Silas Finn Original art
A very nice page and a cover prelim for The Spirit by Will Eisner.
A Jerry Spring page by Jijé, XIII by Vance, a pinup by Hermann, a page by Delaby, a page by Kerascoët.
Two Silas Finn illustrations by Cavazzano (one, two), an illustration by Magnus, one by Sergio Toppi, the Beatles sketches by Pazienza, a Tex illustration by Ticci.
BD Enchères Auction
Let’s start from the top: a Spirou illustration and a Gaston pinup by Franquin, a cover quality Scorpion illustration by Marini, a Tintin illustration and a big sketch by Hergé, a Thorgal page by Rosinski.
A beautiful illustration by Ledroit, zoom on this small piece by Chaboute, a page by Juillard, one by Hermann.
Giuseppe Bergman by Manara, Druuna by Serpieri, a top Cicca cover by Bernet.
See you next week!!
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