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Want to See 31 Top Original Covers? - Original Comic Art Tips #266

November 4 · Issue #266 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #266 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the New Mutants cover (#30) by Bill Sienkiewicz was sold for $35k. A pretty high price, that places it near the top prices paid at auction for Sienk original art. The Beauty and the Beast #2 cover went for $14k, a Thunder Agents page by Wally Wood for a $3,7k Best Offer, a nice and early Preacher page for $2,2k.
$1,1k for a Green Lantern cover by Pat Gleason, $1k for a Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, $800 for a Green Goblin sketch by John Romita, $1k for the two Image cards by Silvestri, $1,3k (BO) for two sketches of Harley and Catwoman by Bruce Timm, that means $600 and $700 each…
A Doomsday Clock page with Batman by Gary Frank was sold for $880, not bad, an Uncle Scrooge pinup by Don Rosa for a $600 BO.
The Tim Sale Batman page and the TMNT cover by Eastman from last week are still going.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $13k for the Legion page by Grell, $12k for the Fantastic Four page by Kirby, $10k for the Nova splash by Sal Buscema, $8k for a Terry daily by Caniff, $2,9k for the Supergirl painting by Bruce Timm.
Catawiki: a page by Vandersteen went for €12k, very high for Catawiki standards, a Giuseppe Bergman page by Manara for €7,3k, a Borgia page for €3,1k, a page by Don Lawrence went very high at €4k, the Perramus page by Breccia for €3,2k, a Gaston sketch by Franquin for €850, an illustration by Crepax for €1,1k, a sketch by Marini for €600 and a Tex page by Villa for €270.
Heritage Coming Out Auction: $12k for a Batman painting by Jeff C. Jones, $6,6k for a Wonder Woman illustration by Byrne, a Wonder Woman cover by Matt Wagner for $2k, a Green Lantern cover by Ivan Reis for $1,7k, a Psylocke commission by Art Adams for $1,6k, $1,2k for the Catwoman commission by Chris Samnee. Plenty of low priced items too, like this Paul Smith cover quality commission for $1k, a Harley cover by Tim Sale for $3,6k, a nice Wonder Woman page by George Perez for $900, one by Byrne for $750, some great Batwoman pages by Ivan Reis for $300.
Mandarake: not a high price, this time, but a nice piece. A Spider-Man drawing by Ryoichi Ikegami, sold for $1,5k.

This week on eBay
Ron Lim - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Ron Lim - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, a Conan DPS by Gary Kwapisz, price lowered on this Conan page by Buscema, Punisher by Tom Lyle, Guardians by Jim Valentino.
a Hulk page by Deodato, a Spidey page by Barry Kitson, a Spidey splash by Bagley, a Shang Chi page by Nebres, a Galactus sketch by Adi Granov, a Wolverine commission by Rick Leonardi.
DC: a Green Lantern page by John Byrne, a top Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank, look at this Hawkman cover by Andrew Robinson, Flash by Paul Ryan.
A Vampirella cover by Celina, a Sheena cover by Linsner, a Pitt sketch by Keown, a a painted cover by Budd Root, a Dark Crystal cover by Jae Lee, a punk drawn for a cover by Sienk, a Hawkshaw Sunday, a Wizard of ID Sunday strip, a B.C. daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Great week as it always happens when there’s a Signature Auction around the corner…
Marvel: Fantastic Four pages by John Romita (one, two), Tarzan by Buscema, Classic X-Men Original Art by John Bolton, Micronauts by Giffen, Avengers by Heck, Daredevil by Infantino/Janson, X-Men by Roth, a great looking Morbius splash by Tom Sutton.
This is big: a MCP page by Rob Liefeld, on the back you can see sketches of FEET! 😳
Look at this Rogue and Gambit page by Ian Churchill, a She-Hulk illustration by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Spider Girl cover by Olliffe/Williamson, a Scarlet Spider splash by Tom Lyle.
DC: a Batman and a Demon page by Golden, Man-Bat by Rogers, A Horror page by Aragones.
A Gen13 page by Campbell.
A pretty nice piece for American Football fans, a big Opus sketch by Breathed signed by all the then players of the Buccaneers.
Hagar daily by Browne, Terry dailies by Caniff, a Buz Sawyer daily by Crane.
Catawiki Auctions
Keramidas- Mickey Mouse Original Comic Art
Keramidas- Mickey Mouse Original Comic Art
A Mickey Mouse page by Keramidas, an illustration by Aouamri, a sketch by Barbucci, a Johnny Hazard strip by Frank Robbins, Modesty Blaise by Romero, a sketch by Manara.
Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi, Martin Mystere by Palumbo.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2: Covers
John Romita - Marvel Saga Original Cover Art
John Romita - Marvel Saga Original Cover Art
Defenders by Sal Buscema, Fantastic Four by Byrne, Defenders by Kirby, Mary Jane by Romita, vintage Spidey by JRJR, Captain Marvel by Starlin.
Sin City by Miller, Batman by Aparo, Green Lantern by Kane, JSA by Alex Ross, Excalibur by Alan Davis, MCP by Kieth, X-Men Wizard cover by Joe Quesada, Daredevil by Tim Sale, Spidey by Dodson, Batman and Superman by Jim Lee.
Haunt of Fear by Ingels, Spawn by Capullo/McFarlane, American Flagg by Chaykin, some rare Preacher covers by Fabry, Fables by James Jean, Scrooge by Don Rosa
Comic link Focused Auction
Top piece is probably a Wonder Woman DPS by Garcia Lopez, early New Mutants by Sal Buscema, Team Up by Bingham, Black Suit Spidey by Gammill, rare Starman cover by Tony Harris, Colossus by Leonardi, a Captain Marvel splash by Don Newton, a Wonder Woman splash by Delbo.
Many Gil Kane pieces such as a great Atom splash and a Conan page.
Many Ron Lim pieces: Thanos, Infinity Crusade, Galactus.
Look at how high this painted color piece by Paul Mounts over a Ron Lim (printed) trading card illustration is going.
A beautiful 1987 Iron-Man commission by Bob Layton, sadly inked in 2006… really a bad idea.
The birth of herald Morg by M.C. Wyman is getting bids, a Ghost Rider splash by Ron Garney, a Spidey cover by LaRocque, Iron Fist by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Spidey by Simone Bianchi, an Aquaman page by Jim Lee, early Strangers in Paradise.
Fauve Paris Auction
A collection of high quality drawings done for a Belgian TV personality.
Highlights, starting with an incredible color piece by Franquin, then Hergé, Graton, Peyo, Roba, Tibet, Lambil, some multiple lots with big names (one, two), his daughter’s sketchbook with the same and more names and an Asterix sketch by Uderzo.
See you Next Week!!
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