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Vintage Byrne, Leonardi, Stroman on the Bay - Original Comic Art Tips #254

August 12 · Issue #254 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #254 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a House of Secrets splash by Alex Toth with some big condition issues went for a $4,7 Best Offer, a nice illustration prelim by Dave Stevens for an affordable $1,8k, two TWD pages by Adlard were sold for a $1,5k B.O., a Union calendar painting by Sam Kieth for $1,5k, a ‘90s X-men page by John Hebert for $1k.
The uncredited Catwoman pages by Jim Balent for only $250 and $120.
The John Romita remarked Artist’s Edition went for $1k, this copy was an Artist’s Proof and had a rare bust Punisher sketch, so copies with Spidey sketches should go for less. A Hellboy remarked Artist’s Edition went for a $700 B.O., lower than the $1k of a few months ago.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a World of Warcraft cover by Jim Lee went for $6,6k, a not-that-great page by George Perez for the same price, the modern Hulk cover by Dale Keown was not a bad buy at $4k, an early Cloak & Dagger page by Ed Hannigan went for $3,6k.
Catawiki: the Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt was sold for €3.750, the Blacksad commission by Guarnido for almost €700, the Tex page by Bernet for €500, the Disney title pages by Valerio Held for €600 and €550.
Heritage Matt Baker Auction: all pages went for high prices, $5,5k for this one, $3,6k for this one.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Avengers Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: a W.C. Avengers page by John Byrne, look at this cool vintage Rick Leonardi X-Men piece and this rare Larry Stroman X-Factor page, Iron Fist pages by Ernie Chan, probably a Hulk sketch by John Buscema (awful photo).
Rare Spidey pages by Giuseppe Camuncoli one and two, a Spidey page by Bagley.
A sketchbook full of Gambit sketches, the Jim Lee one is easily worth the starting price.
I’m watching this fancy fake Kirby sketch to see how high it will go…
DC: very nice Joker commission by Tim Sale, a Darkseid Elite Who’s Who piece by John Byrne, Flash pages by Greg LaRocque and Mike Collins, a Mighty Love page by Chaykin, a Sandman painting by Shawn McManus, Dream & Death by David Mack.
A Marc Silvestri page, a Grendel page by Wagner, a Milk & Cheese illustration by Dorkin, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy, a 1934 Gasoline Alley with a dedication by King.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Declan Shalvey - X-Men Original Cover Art
Declan Shalvey - X-Men Original Cover Art
Marvel: look at this and this MTU page by Sal Buscema, some other Captain Marvel pages by Pat Broderick, a Spidey page by Al Milgrom, a Hulk page by Dale Keown, the Thing and an Infinity Abyss splash by Jim Starlin.
A vintage X-Men sketch by Kerry Gammill, one of Micronauts by Michael Golden. An X-Men cover by Declan Shalvey, an X-Force cover by Gerardo Zaffino.
DC: A Superman page by Buckler, a Batman splash by Bingham.
A Black Cat title page by Lee Elias, an early TWD splash by Adlard.
Strips: a Phantom Sunday by Sy Barry, a nice Roy Crane daily, a Barney Google daily, a Juliet Jones, Rusty Riley.
Catawiki Auctions
A Spirit cover sketch by Will Eisner, Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi, Dylan Dog by Nicola Mari, a title page by Alcatena, a Wolverine page by Salvador Larroca.
Heritage Cathy Auction
If you miss the lockdown, here’s the sale of an entire book of themed gags from the Cathy comic strip, I’ll link to the cover.
See you next week!!
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