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Trimpe Hulk, Chaykin, Wood! - Original Comic Art Tips #189

May 14 · Issue #189 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #189 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Klaus Janson Daredevil page (over lightboxed Miller pencils) went for $4,5k. The Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino for $3,8k, a Star Wars cover by Mike Mayhew for $3k, the She-Hulk page by John Byrne went for $3,4k.
A Spider-Man splash by Mark Bagley went for $3k, the Avengers page by Bob Hall for $2k, most of the Conan pages by John Buscema were sold, this one went for $1,5k.
A Sandman: Overture cover by James Jean went for $3,3k, a self-published Ditko page went again for $1k.
After the end of the auction, the seller of the Spidey back cover by Win Mortimer confessed it was a vintage stat, so the sale was canceled. At least it was not a fake print.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers went for $5,7k, the Pogo daily for $3,8k, a sexy cartoon by Dan De Carlo for $3,7k, an Archie cover by Samm Schwartz for $3,2k, a Star Hawks strip by Gil Kane for a surprising $1,2k.
Catawiki: a Tintin Christmas card illustration was sold for €21k, an illustration for a playing card for €7k. The illustration by Crepax for €2,6k, the Carl Barks self-portrait for €500.
The Cable cover by Mike Deodato went for only €550, a DMZ cover by J.P. Leon for €700, the Mafalda sketch by Quino for €3,6k.
Comiclink: J. Scott Campbell wins for the second time in a row, with a Spider-Gwen cover sold for $10k. Don’t you think a Stan Lee signature on modern art devalues it? I do.
A Batman page by Bob Brown went for $6,7k, an Infinity Gauntlet page by Ron Lim for $5,7k, a DC splash by Ed Benes for $2,4k, a Black Cat page by Terry Dodson for $2,4k.
Based on recent cover prices and the popularity of Andy Kubert‘s DC artwork, I thought this cover would go higher.
The Captain America DPS by Ron Garney was a good buy at $2,1k, a quick, vintage Captain America sketch by John Romita went for almost $1k.
Come back next week for the best deals on Comiclink..!
I don’t report here about Japanese Mandarake auctions (not enough time/space/interest), but I do follow them. I just want you to see this Doraemon Shikishi sketch, which sold for $78k…

This week on eBay
John Romita Jr. - Spider-Man Commission
John Romita Jr. - Spider-Man Commission
Marvel: a couple great Hulk pages by Herb Trimpe (one, two), Shang-Chi by Mike Zeck, a Red Skull page by Alan Kupperberg, Conan art by Buscema, WC Avengers by Milgrom.
Imagine being in front of John Romita, he’s ready to draw a sketch for you… and which character do you ask? Bulldozer from the Wrecking Crew. End.
BTW, there’s a vintage Spider-Man/Black Cat commission by John Romita Jr.
Last week’s X-Men page by Jim Lee (BIN was at $8,5k) is now at auction, let’s see.
A women of Spidey Jam, an Excalibur cover by Mahmud Asrar.
DC: a Green Lantern half splash and a Super Friends page by Joe Staton, Superboy by George Papp.
A Green Lantern DPS by Gary Frank, a Superman cover by Ivan Reis, a cheap+nice Jonah Hex cover by Howard Chaykin, some JLA illustrations by Tim Levins.
A Panic! title page by Wally Wood ending today, Aliens Vs. Predator by Ron Randall, a Grendel splash by Matt Wagner, Invincible by Ryan Ottley, Astroboy by Skottie Young.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Howard Chaykin - American Flagg Original Art
Howard Chaykin - American Flagg Original Art
Marvel: a few pages, but I like them all. A Defenders page by Sal Buscema, Dr. Strange by Tom Sutton, a Sgt. Fury half splash by Dick Ayers, Moon Knight and Punisher by Ron Garney.
DC: Superman by Dick Dillin, World’s Finest by Garcia Lopez, Adam Strange by Infantino, a full team All-Star page by Joe Staton, a Vertigo cover by Kaluta, Witching Hour original art by Chris Bachalo.
I always preferred the humor style by Ross Andru, here’s a nice page.
A great American Flagg illustration by Howard Chaykin, a sexy cartoon by Dan De Carlo, a beautifully drawn Creepy story by Jerry Grandenetti, a Warlord of Mars cover by Joe Jusko, a color illustration by Alex Nino.
Strips: a Buz Sawyer Sunday by Roy Crane, Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a funny Garfield daily, a top Cisco Kid by Salinas.
Catawiki Auctions
Massimo Carnevale - Northlanders Original Cover Art
Massimo Carnevale - Northlanders Original Cover Art
An illustration by Dany, a classic Lune Noire page by Ledroit, a Corto Maltese strip by Pratt, a color illustration by Jacovitti, a Northlanders cover by Carnevale.
A Clara sketch by Bernet, Druuna coloring by Serpieri, a top page by Frollo.
A page prelim by Will Eisner, a Donald Duck page by Cavazzano, a Minnie pinup by Mastantuono, a sketch by Quino.
I first heard of the early ligne-claire 1949 album by Laudy Hassan et Kaddour a couple of years ago and loved the art. Now an Artist’s Edition style volume is coming out, and they’re selling 50 original pages to go with it. This is my favorite one, but they’re all great.
See you next week!
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