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Top Spidey Pages! Ditko, Romita, Zeck, Larsen. Original Comic Art Tips 223



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January 7 · Issue #223 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #223 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: Infinity Inc. pages by Todd McFarlane, $1,1k, $950, a Rick and Morty cover for $1,2k, the X-Men page by Marc Silvestri for $950, the Scarlet Spider page by Tom Lyle for $800, the Shang-Chi splash by Keith Pollard for $700.
A romance page by Jack Kirby went for a Best Offer lower than $2,2k, a Rick Grimes 2000 page by Ryan Ottley for less than $1,5k.
Since not much happened on eBay USA, I went to see the results on eBay UK (October > today): a very nice Wolverine cover by Esad Ribic went for a Best Offer lower than €5k, a Chaos Characters cover by J. Scott Campbell for £3,5k, a Stray Toasters page by Sienkiewicz for less than £2,5k, a Something is Killing the Children cover by Alan Quah for £2,250, a BRZRKR #1 cover by Quah for £1,3k, a Joker commission by Tim Sale for less than £625.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Pepe Gonzalez wins again with this Vampirella pinup sold for $3,3k, a Superman page by Swan went for $2,9k, the rare Batman battle page by Norm Breyfogle for $2,8k, a G.I. Joe page by Herb Trimpe for $1,9k.
$1,8k for the Batman page by Mike Grell, $1,9k is a high price for a 1940 Blondie Sunday strip.
Catawiki: a page by Don Lawrence went for €750, a Dany illustration for €700, a page by Gipi for €550.

This week on eBay
Alex Maleev - Daredevil Commission
Alex Maleev - Daredevil Commission
DC: Infinity Inc. pages by Todd McFarlane one, two, three, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, Teen Titans by Chuck Patton.
Have you seen this Batman cover by Lee Bermejo? Do you think it is worth $23k?
Marvel: Power Man by Mike Zeck, Man-Thing by Don Perlin, a Daredevil/Elektra commission by Alex Maleev.
Nice King Kong pinup by Chris Samnee, Han Solo and Space Ghost painted by Steve Rude, Star Trek by John Byrne, a SCUD cover by Rob Schrab, look at the very nice sketch in this J. Scott Campbell art book.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Black Panther by Colan, Rawhide Kid by Ayers, a Cyclops illustration by Brandon Peterson. A Superman Sunday strip by Tuska, a Supergirl half splash by Ian Churchill, a Batman/TMNT cover by Tony Fleecs.
Catawiki Auctions
A painted prelim by Moebius, an illustration by Dany, 100 Bullets by Risso, Legion Worlds by Breccia, Avengers pages by Deodato Jr. and Greg Land.
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, a Tex illustration by Ticci, one by Civitelli, a page by Galep/Muzzi. A Julia illustration by Marco Soldi, a sketch by Sergio Toppi.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3: Interior Art
Steve Ditko - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Steve Ditko - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Another auction with so many great pieces I can’t decide what to leave out… The first appearance of the Black Spidey Costume by Mike Zeck is the top lot, then many Spider-Man pages: a splash by Ditko, a great page by Erik Larsen, I can’t decide which one of these two pages by John Romita is better.
Full team X-Men page by Cockrum, a Thor splash by Kirby, a Daredevil splash by Colan, a Cable page by Liefeld, Demon Bear by Sienk, Wolverine by Silvestri, Rogue and Gambit DPS by Andy Kubert.
A Batman splash by Neal Adams, a Batman splash by Jim Lee, a Long Halloween page by Tim Sale, a Sandman page by Marc Hempel.
A V for Vendetta page by David Lloyd a Shattered Image DPS by Tony Daniel.
See you next week!!
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