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Top Spidey page by Larsen! Original Comic Art Tips #217

November 26 · Issue #217 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #217 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: an early Iron-Man page by Don Heck was sold for a Best Offer lower than $19k, a JLA page by Jim Lee for $3k, an X-Men DPS by Marc Silvestri for $2,3k, a Green Lantern splash by Travis Charest for $2k, a Checkmate cover by Gil Kane for $2k.
A Poison Elves cover for $1,8k. Not 100% sure but this quick Batman sketch by Frank Quitely seems original and went for a crazy $1k. The Batman/Catwoman charity pinup by Cliff Chiang for $800, a nice Superman page by Lee Bermejo went for a Best Offer lower than $2k.
I think the best Batober sketches by Chris Samnee are the ones with a shadowy background. Seems I’m in the minority, since the highest price was almost $1,8k for a Batman bust and $1,7k for Batman kissing CatwomanBatman Family went for $1,4k, Flying Batman for $1,3k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Brandy pinup by Frank Cho went for $7,2k, the commission by Adam Hughes for $4,8k, a full team Excalibur appearance took this Clandestine page by Alan Davis to $3,8k.
A first-year On Stage daily was sold for almost $1,6k, a Flash sketch by Darwin Cooke for $1,4k, a detailed Beta Ray Bill sketch by Walt Simonson for $1,3k.
Heritage Signature Auction: the $408k paid for the cover to Dr. Strange #1 by Frank Brunner is the culmination of a well-built operation started in 2019, with bigger pieces auctioned each time for higher price records.
$312k for the Origins of Marvel Comics cover by John Romita, $210k for the 13-page origin of the Mandarin story by Don Heck, the cover to Joker #1 by Dick Giordano went for $120k, let’s see what will happen for future sales, with iconic Giordano Batman covers usually going for $5-15k. The gap between published and unpublished art is reducing for certain artists, look at this Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes sold for $14k.
What happened to Jae Lee‘s Hellshock? Nostalgic '90s ex-kids? The cover to #1 went for $52k, the complete issue and cover for #2 sold for $66k.
HA record prices for: Al Feldstein, with $132k, MAD covers by Norman Mingo, $48k, $40k for this Amazing Spidey cover by Mark Bagley is a Heritage record but still far from the $62k record made by the cover to #361 in March on Comiclink. $38k for Bob Hall, but with an exceptional piece, $31k for this cover is a record for Spectacular Spidey original art by Sal Buscema, $28k for Lee Elias.
Catawiki: the highest price in the Franka auction was €3,1k for the cover of the latest album, a page for €1,1k, an illustration for €1,1k, a magazine cover for €900. A Rubine page by Dragan De Lazare went for €2,8k.
Comiclink: the Black Panther #25 cover by Michael Turner went for $20k, the Gamora cover by J. Scott Campbell for $13k, the Phoenix cover for $10k, the Batman page by Bob Brown with the first appearance of Talia for $10k, the Star Wars commission by Daniel Warren Johnson for $9k, a Spidey cover by Humberto Ramos for $7k.
A rare Spidey 2099 page by Rick Leonardi for $2,6k, a page from the Authority by Frank Quitely for $3,6k, a Captain America cover by Tim Sale for $3,6k, an early Y: the Last Man page for $1,5k.
Many good deals too, like Bagley for $550, Simone Bianchi for $600, Olivier Coipel for $500, Esad Ribic for $550, Art Adams for $750, Adam Kubert for $700, Saviuk for $500, Aragones for $400.
Comic Book Auctions: a Garth page by Bellamy went for £4,1k, this nice X-Men page by Alan Davis went for an incredibly low £155.

This week on eBay
Ed McGuinness - Heroes Reborn original Cover Art
Ed McGuinness - Heroes Reborn original Cover Art
Some of last week’s auctions are still going, the Secret Warriors cover by Tradd Moore is at $5k with two days to go, the Infinity Inc. page by Todd Mcfarlane is ending in a few hours.
Marvel: look, a She-Hulk page by John Byrne, Red Sonja original art by Frank Thorne.
Two weeks ago unsold at $2k, last week unsold at $1,8k, now at $900 or Best Offer I think the Silver Surfer prelim by John Buscema is a good deal.
A Heroes Reborn cover by Ed McGuinness, Morbius and Venom bust commissions by John Romita Jr., a Red Sonja illustration by Budd Root, a Cable commission by Rob Liefeld, a Spider-Man page by Mark Bagley.
DC: Robin by Breyfogle, a great Joker page by Eduardo Risso, a Wonder Woman painting by Steve Rude, a Wonder Woman sketch by Nick Cardy, a Death commission by David Mack.
An iconic Spawn splash by Angel Medina signed by McFarlane, a pinup by Kenneth Rocafort.
Strips: a Spider-Man/Hulk daily by Larry Lieber, a Ziggy Sunday, a Boner’s Ark daily and Green Berets daily by Kubert.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Comic Art
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Comic Art
Marvel: two Captain America pages by Mike Zeck (one, two), I like this John Carter page by Carmine Infantino, Shang-Chi by Paul Gulacy, Hulk by Sal Buscema, X-Factor by Joe Quesada, an Avengers DPS by Mark Bagley, I like this Alex Maleev Daredevil commission too.
DC: a Superman daily by Wayne Boring, a Wonder Woman illustration by Garcia Lopez, a JLA DPS by Mark Bagley.
A page from the first issue of Nexus by Steve Rude, a page from Palookaville #1 by Seth, a Sojourn splash by Greg Land.
Strips: the Christmas day 1947 Rip Kirby strip, a funny 1990 Garfield daily, a 1934 Alley Oop daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Jean Giraud - Morris Portrait
Jean Giraud - Morris Portrait
Two Pilote covers by Tabary, a painted portrait of Morris by Giraud, a page by Gotlib, one by Bob De Moor, an illustration by Dany, a page by Colin Wilson, a Scorpion pinup by Enrico Marini.
An unfinished page by Andrea Pazienza, a self portrait by Tisselli, a Tex illustration by Ticci, a panel by Rubino, a Goofy page by Asteriti, Mickey Mouse by Mastantuono, a sketched book by Sergio Toppi, a sketched portfolio by Bernet.
Urania Aste
After last month’s themed Hugo Pratt sale, it’s time for another Auction from Urania.
The first 50 lots come from the Disney (and Comics) master Giorgio Cavazzano, with a couple of complete Donald Duck stories, single pages from other stories, like this one from the Miseria e Nobiltà parody, some covers and what is probably his most reprinted illustrations. Outside Disney, there are several rare pages, like a complete Altai & Johnson story and a Captain Rogers page.
Many different interpretations of Pinocchio, like Asterix & Pinocchio by Uderzo, a very nice one from Toppi, a rare Mordillo, Manara, Bottaro and others.
Then a very large selection of masters of comic art. Original Art by Giardino is very rare, here we have two early covers of Fridman and Sam Pezzo, Le Femmine Incantate and a Tex strip by Magnus, Jacovitti, a color illustration (with low starting price) by Toppi, a Nathan Never cover by Castellini.
A big Disney section with a Don Rosa page, some Barks sketches, an early Topolino cover by Rubino.
Also an Argentinean artists section with Gimenez, Duranona, Lalia, Dago by Salinas.
Superheroes with a top Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen, an Invaders title splash by Robbins, a Silver Surfer page by Castellini, Thor by Buscema, a Daredevil cover prelim by Alex Ross that was then used for a variant.
Cornette de Saint Cyr
This Gaston page by Franquin is the top lot, then Iznogoud by Tabary, a Ric Hochet cover by Tibet, an Olivier Rameau page by Dany, Bouncer by Boucq, an Asterix and an Obelix sketch by Uderzo.
BD Enchères
A page by Juillard, two Corto strips by Pratt, Bruno Brasil by Vance, Durango by Swolfs, a great page by Pellerin, Olivier Rameau by Dany, a detailed Toppi sketch on a book.
See you next week!!
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