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Top Pieces by Kirby and Kubert! - Original Comic Art Tips #242

May 20 · Issue #242 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #242 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: a Jim Lee splash from Uncanny X-Men #275 was sold for a $17k Best Offer, a Spawn cover by Clayton Crain for a $14,5k B.O.
An American Vampire cover by Sean Murphy for $6,8k, a beautiful DPS for $4,2k, an Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola for a $3,6k B.O., the Conan page by John Buscema for $2,8k, the Transformers page by Don Perlin for $2,7k, a Spider-Man splash by Alan Davis for $2,5k, a Conan tryout page by Barry Smith for $2,4k, a Transmetropolitan page by Darick Robertson for $2,2k.
The Catwoman commission by David Mazzucchelli for $1,8k, a small Wolverine commission by Skottie Young for $1,8k, a very nice JLA DPS by Doug Mahnke for $1,4k.
The vintage Punisher sketch by Mike Zeck I found overpriced was instead sold for $1,4k… a Spider-Man full figure commission by Romita Jr. went for $950, the original price it was sold for in December. Two Neal Adams head sketch commissions for a $1k B.O.
Heritage Weekly Auction: more than $7k paid for this 2019 Metal Men cover by George Perez, the iconic Phantom strip by Sy Barry for $5,5k, a Shang-Chi page by Jim Starlin for $5k, $4,3k was the highest price for the Terry strips by Caniff, $1,3k for a Y page by Pia Guerra, $1,2k for a 1997 Garfield daily.
Catawiki: the Necron splash by Magnus went for €1k, the Uncle Scrooge splash by Cavazzano for €950, the illustration by Jacovitti for €500, the Nick Carter strip by Bonvi for €450, the sketch by Sergio Toppi for €350.
Comiclink: highest price for the animation illustration by Jack Kirby, sold for $6,666 (really), another (published) piece for $6,2k. A Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet for $5,8k, a Phoenix cover by J. Scott Campbell for $5k.
Spidey pages by Sal Buscema for $2,3k and $2,2k, an X-Men page by Terry Dodson for $2,1k, a rare X-Factor page by Larry Stroman for $2k, a Gen Next page by Chris Bachalo for $1,9k.
A small Batman commission by Neal Adams went for $1,5k, another 2022 commission by Art Adams went for $415 more than what was paid two months ago.
Good deals: $3k for a Spidey 2099 page by Rick Leonardi and $1,4k for a X-Men page by Andy Kubert are good prices in 2022… $900 for a Thor page by Pollard, $900 for a Lady Death DPS by Steven Hughes, $500 for a Flash page by Brett Booth, $450 a Spidey page by Bachalo, $200 for a Superman page by Immonen.
Look: the original letters page from X-Men #5 went for $1,3k.
Little Nemo Auction: a page from Dylan Dog #1 went for €9,8k, a four-page Joe Galaxy story by Mattioli for €5,4k, a Valentina page by Crepax for €3,9k, the Pippo page by Pazienza went for a very low $850.
Jim Lee: a Batman commission spot was sold for charity at $18,5k.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
Marvel: look at this Thor page by Jack Kirby, She-Hulk by Mike Vosburg, an early page and an Avengers page by George Perez.
This Romita cover stat is getting a lot of bids…
X-Men by Adam Kubert, X-Men by Jason Pearson, a Spider-Man DPS by Terry Dodson, last week’s Venom splash by Herrera is now without reserve.
Commissions: Dr. Strange by Brunner, Mr. Fantastic by Sinnott, Spidey 2099 by Leonardi, Thanos by Jim Cheung.
DC: Wonder Woman by David Finch, Sword of Sorcery by Chaykin/Adams, a Superman commission by Starlin, a Batman commission by Giordano.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Adam Hughes - Catwoman Cover Prelim
Adam Hughes - Catwoman Cover Prelim
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Ayers, Shang-Chi by Gulacy, Captain Marvel by Milgrom, top Venom and Infinity War pages by Ron Lim.
DC: look at this Catwoman cover prelim by Adam Hughes, a Flash page by Infantino, Shade by Chris Bachalo.
A MAD page by Aragones, a beautiful illustration by Tony Millionaire,
A Rusty Riley daily, a 1964 B.C. daily, a Donald Duck daily by Taliaferro, a 1969 Beetle Bailey daily, look at this and this Terry daily by Caniff,
Catawiki Auctions
Magnus - Lo Sconosciuto Original Art
Magnus - Lo Sconosciuto Original Art
A splash from Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus, colors for a Druuna page by Serpieri, a Giuseppe strip by Jacovitti, Rosso Stenton by Micheluzzi, Tex by Buzzelli.
Uncle Scrooge by Silvia Ziche, a Lupo Alberto sketch by Silver, a Torpedo sketch by Bernet.
A full figure Catwoman sketch by David Mazzucchelli, an early page by Peter Bagge, a color sketch by Blutch, two nice jams by french artists, one, two.
Heritage Garfield Auction
Seems like the Garfield archives are nearing the end, this is a smaller auction than we’re used to.
Several, funny, early dailies, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1986… some early Sunday strips, some more recent full weeks of dailies.
There are also some early illustrations and paintings.
See you next week!!
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