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Top Pieces at CLink, HA & CConnect! - Original Comic Art Tips #231

March 4 · Issue #231 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #231 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Thor splash by Jack Kirby was sold for $13k, a Black costume Spidey advertising pinup by John Romita for $7k, the Batman cover by Declan Shalvey for $3,6k, the X-Men page by Frank Quitely for $3,3k, a cover for The NAM by Jorge Zaffino for an affordable $3k.
A Love & Rockets page by Gilbert went for $2,7k, the Venom cover by Bryan Hitch for $2,5k, the Bruce Wayne pinup by Lee Bermejo for $1,2k and a Swamp Thing cover by Totleben for $1,5k.
Best Offers: two Wolverine color guides signed by Frank Miller were sold for Best Offers lower than $13k and $10k. Are you ready for the fake color guides that will soon be offered on eBay? they’re pretty easy to do with Heritage scans and some markers… A Venom cover by Clayton Crain went for less than $12k, a vintage Punisher commission by Jim Lee for less than $3k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Green Lantern Style Guide pinup by Garcia Lopez went for $7,2k, the Captain America splash by Kieron Dwyer for $6k, the She-Hulk page by Byrne for $2,6k.
Catawiki: the page by Sempe went for €5,1k, the Jerry Spring page by Jijé for €4,8k, the XIII page by Vance for €3,1k, the illustration by Cavazzano for €1,5k, the page by Will Eisner for €1,6k and the Spirit cover prelim for €1,3k, the Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore went for a very high €800.

This week on eBay
J.P. Leon - Superman Original Comic Art
J.P. Leon - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: after many months we have another Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino, Micronauts by Gil Kane, Shang-Chi by Mike Mignola, a Silver Surfer book Illustration by George Perez, Conan by Alcala.
A Banshee splash by Greg Land, a painted Cyclops cover prelim by Simone Bianchi, Spidey Vs. Sinister Six by Mark Bagley, a nice Spidey page by Stuart Immonen, Marvel Zombies by Sean Phillips.
DC: a Superman DPS by J.P.Leon, a World’s Finest page by Mark Texeira, a nice Batman/Bane page by Rick Burchett, Superman & Wonder Woman and a Joker splash by Tony Daniel, a Huntress page by George Perez, a Huntress pinup by Matthew Clark, a remarked Batman print by Jim Lee with a bid at $1,3k.
A Grendel page by Matt Wagner and a very nice Clara page by Jordi Bernet.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Black Spidey pages by Sal Buscema and Al Milgrom, Spidey pages by John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Ron Lim, Ed McGuinness, a Fantastic Four page and a vintage Dr. Strange pinup by Art Adams, Giant Man by Dick Ayers, Thor by Ron Frenz, an X-Factor title splash by Larry Stroman, Shang Chi by Zeck.
DC: Batman by Breyfogle, Y by Pia Guerra.
An illustration by Crumb.
Catawiki Auctions
Magnus - I Briganti Original Art
Magnus - I Briganti Original Art
An illustration and some strips by Milo Manara (one, two), a Valentina page by Crepax, a model sheet and a postcard illustration by Magnus, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a sketch by Pazienza, a Nathan Never cover by De Angelis.
A Djinn cover prelim by Miralles, a Pogo daily, a page prelim by Eisner, a girl pinup sketch by Carl Barks.
Heritage International Comic Art Auction
Moebius - Major Fatal Original Comic Art
Moebius - Major Fatal Original Comic Art
A Major Fatal splash and many other pieces by Moebius, like this cover from the Incal, a perfect Tintin display piece by Hergé, Adele by Tardi, Metabarons by Jimenez, an illustration by Manara, a beautiful page by Pratt and a Druuna page by Serpieri.
An Animal Man cover by Brian Bolland, a Strontium Dog DPS by Carlos Ezquerra, a Devil Girl page by Crumb, a Fables cover by James Jean, many Scrooge pages and this cover by Don Rosa,
The 1st appearance of Spidey’s black costume by Ron Frenz, a page from X-Men #5 by Jack Kirby, a New Mutants DPS by Sienkiewicz, a Swamp Thing page by Steve Bissette, a Longshot DPS by Art Adams, an Excalibur page and a cover by Alan Davis, Batman by Sean Murphy, Batman by Andy Kubert.
One of the best Daredevil pages drawn by Joe Quesada.
Heritage B.G. Murphy Comic Strip Auction
Great auction, I’d buy everything. A big selection of top Terry strips by Caniff, like these 1934 and 1936 dailies and this 1941 Sunday.
There’s also a Sickles daily, and a lot of great Caniff-inspired artists too: Andriola, a very nice Sunday by Ray Bailey, and a Johnny Hazard Sunday.
Wash Tubbs by Crane, 1938 Alley Oop, 1957 On Stage, 1936 Dick Tracy, a Dark Shadows Sunday.
A 1962 Prince Valiant, 1953 Rip Kirby, 1939 Jungle Jim.
A 1941 Krazy Kat, a top Popeye, 1934 Blondie, a Sunday by Al Taliaferro, a 1995 Peanuts, a Wizard of ID Sunday, a Christmas Nancy and a 1971 Doonesbury.
Comiconnect Auction part 1 of 2
An Avengers cover by Rich Buckler, a JLA cover by Murphy Anderson, Blitzkrieg cover by Joe Kubert, a Fantastic Four page by John Buscema, a Thor page by Jack Kirby.
Nice Defenders page by Sal Buscema, Hobgoblin half splash by Ron Frenz, Silver Surfer by Ron Lim, Daredevil by Mazzucchelli, Deadman by Kelley Jones, Cosmic Odyssey by Mignola, Batman by Breyfogle and Batman by Tony Daniel, a Captain America cover by Adi Granov.
ComicLink Featured Auction
Barry Smith - Conan Original Comic Art
Barry Smith - Conan Original Comic Art
It’s time for another incredible Featured Auction, with many classic and modern pieces. Let’s start with artists who have multiple great lots, for John Buscema I chose this Thor page, Neal Adams has a JLA cover, John Byrne a cover with the entire Marvel Universe, look at this Spidey cover by J. Scott Campbell, the Stan Lee Sig. for once is well placed, a Man w/o Fear page by JRJR, several Moon Knight pages by Sienkiewicz.
A Conan title splash by Barry Smith, a Captain America cover by Sal Buscema, the first appearance of Black Widow by Don Heck, a Spidey page by John Romita, a Warlord cover by Grell.
Longshot by Art Adams, an early Excalibur page by Alan Davis, X-Men by Andy Kubert, a Wolverine splash by Todd McFarlane, a Prog cover by Ezquerra and a Future Imperfect DPS by Perez.
An X-Men cover by Michael Turner, a Wolvie Vs. Cap cover by Joe Quesada, a JLA cover by Jason Fabok, a Spidey cover by Jim Cheung.
Stanley's Auctions
A big Tintin illustration by Hergé.
See you next week!!
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