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Top eBay Section, Samnee, McFarlane + More - Original Comic Art Tips #268

November 19 · Issue #268 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #268 of Original Comic Art Tips! A great week, with many interesting/high results, an incredible eBay section and the best Heritage Weekly and Catawiki listings in a long while!
eBay: the Ripped Spider-Man cover by Gary Frank still went to $3,2k, I like a lot this Batman page by Don Newton, sold for $3k, a Spawn splash by Angel Medina for a $2,3k Best Offer, a 1993 Superman splash by Dan Jurgens for $2k, a Mouse Guard page by Petersen for $1,8k. With a $2,3k asking price, this Batman page by Jock was sold for a $1,3k B.O. a vampire illustration by Art Adams for $1k.
Some good deals: a Sgt. Fury page by Ayers for $1,2k, a Punisher page by Steve Dillon for a $800 B.O. a big Harley cover prelim by Frank Cho for $450.
Unexplainable results: a 2017 Snuffy Smith Sunday page was sold for $2k. If I had them I’d be happy to sell one for $200… Advertised as original art, there’s little doubt that this piece, sold for a $3,8k B.O. is just a print of a Gary Larson cartoon…
Remember last week’s fake Spidey sketch by Romita? It was sold for $1k, less than a comparable real sketch would sell for, but still a big sum. Remember it when it’ll resurface from a real seller…
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Black Spidey suit continues to win auctions, with this Frank Springer page sold for $8,4k. The Classic X-Men page went for $4,3k, the Man-Bat page by Golden for $4k, the Cyclops/Phoenix page by Ian Churchill for $2k, a color guide for a Fantastic Four cover by Byrne for $1,1k. Good deals on a Terry strip by Caniff and a Spider-Girl splash by Olliffe sold for $600.
Catawiki: €2,3k for an illustration by Crepax, €2,2k for a Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, €900 for a Margot page by Frezzato, €900 for a Satanik cover by Corteggi, La Linea by Cavandoli for €800, a Manara drawing for €750.
€800 for a Young Avengers page by Jim Cheung, €600 for an X-Men page by Simone Bianchi, €450 for a Dylan Dog illustration by Marco Soldi, €400 for a nice Salgarone piece by Jacovitti, €400 for a Disney page by Jippes, €240 for a nice Torpedo pinup by Bernet.
Some very good deals were also done this week: an Invaders page by Frank Robbins was sold for only €750, a very nice Milady cover prelim by Magnus for €600, a Topolino cover prelim by Cavazzano for €370 and 3 Micheluzzi pages sold for €350, €280 and €100.
Hake’s Auction: last week I wrongly believed I had another week to review this auction, it ended on Wednesday… A Superman splash by Al Plastino was sold for $17k, a Sandman page by Eagleson for $7k, an Air Pirates page by Bobby London for $6k, one by Gary Hallgren for a little less, a 1994 Superman cover by Guice for $6k, a Superman cover by Gil Kane for $5k, a Superman splash by Grummett for $3k.
A Daredevil page by Mazzucchelli for $5k, a 1955 Dick Tracy Christmas Sunday for $3k, a vintage sketchbook with top name sketches for only $700.
With classic original art prices going up to values impossible to reach for most collectors, color guides are quickly becoming prized collectibles. Prices are already starting to be unexplainable like it often happens for original art… Color guides for a Masterworks REPRINT of Amazing Spider-Man #1 were sold for $14k.
Comiclink: $7k for a Thanos page by Ron Lim, $6k for the Wonder Woman DPS by Garcia Lopez, $6k for the trading card color art by Paul Mounts over Ron Lim, a JLA/JSA page by Carlos Pacheco went for $2,5k, very good deal on this JLA page by Jim Lee with the full team: $2,5k, another page with Aquaman went for only $1,1k.
DC/Marvel Amalgam: a Darkclaw page by Ty Templeton sold for $2,6k made me think about a growth for all of the Amalgam characters, then I found some very nice Thorion pages by JRJR sold for $500.
Blackmark pages by Gil Kane are growing with a page paid $1,2k.
A Batman splash by Joe Prado inked over Ivan Reis bluelines went for $1,2k.
The production cover to a Captain Marvel issue by Gil Kane went for a high $5k.
Nate Sanders Auctions: the 1966 Hal Foster Prince Valiant page went for $7,5k, the highest price of the many, late, J.C. Murphy pages for $900.

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Fantastic Four half splash by John Byrne, a Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a horror page by Severin/Trimpe, Shang-Chi by Nebres, uncredited Captain America sketch by Mike Zeck.
An Apocalypse cover painted by Esad Ribic, a Venom cover by JRJR, a Deadpool cover by Dan Panosian, a Fantastic Four cover by Steve McNiven.
A Black Cat sketch by Bruce Timm, a Spidey page by Jorge Molina, an Avengers page by Asrar, a Fastball Special commission by Rick Leonardi, a She-Hulk commission by Alan Davis.
DC: ready to see the second half of Batober/Batman daily sketches by Chris Samnee? (come back next week for a complete price chart). #18 Batman, #19 Freeze, #20 Batman, #21 Bruce/Selina, #22 Batman/Robin, #23 Batman/Deadshot, #24 Bruce/Batman, #25 Batman, #26 Batman/Clayface, #27 Nightwing, #28 Bruce, #29 Batman/Batgirl, #30 Bat Family, #31 Batman, #32 Robin, #33 Batman, #34 Batman/Robin. Never wrote so many times “Batman” in my life.
Look at this Action Comics cover by Gary Frank, two Infinity Inc. pages by McFarlane, this one and this one with a Spawn feel, a Two Face page by Tim Sale, a Fairest cover by Adam Hughes, a horror page and another one by Gil Kane, some more Batober sketches also by Mike Maihack, a Batman/Superman cover prelim by Simone Bianchi.
A charity auction with a rare Spawn sketch by Todd McFarlane, there’s also a nice Bone sketch, another Charity Auction with many newspaper cartoonists, here’s a Cathy illustration.
A Fathom pinup by Michael Turner, a BPRD cover by Mike Mignola, a cover by Matteo Scalera, Vampirella cover by Celina, a funny Wizard of ID Sunday, a B.C. daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a lot of John Buscema pages, like this very early Conan, Thor, Tarzan and more, Rom by Sal+Sinnott, Spidey, Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight by Byrne, Dr. Strange by Colan, Spidey by Kane, Rogers, a Sunday by Paul Ryan.
Spider-Girl by Frenz/Buscema and Olliffe/Williamson, 3 nice Spidey pages by Scott McDaniel, one by Immonen, X-Factor by Simonson.
DC: Sandman by Hempel, Batman by Novick, Look at this Rima page by Niño, a Darkseid splash by Pablo Marcos.
Dredd by Hairsine, Invincible by Ottley, a Groo pinup by Aragones, Buz Sawyer by Crane, Terry by Caniff, a Bloom County daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Joker Commission
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Joker Commission
A top Alan Ford page by Magnus, a Ken Parker page by Milazzo, early Dylan Dog by Dall'Agnol, a very nice Joker commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Ranxerox pinup by Liberatore.
A Namor page and an Avengers page by Esad Ribic, an Iron-Man head sketch by JRJR/Janson, a page prelim by Will Eisner, an Uncle Scrooge cover prelim by Van Horn, a Trigan cover by Don Lawrence.
It’s time for the yearly auction of beautiful Franka original art by Henk Kuijpers. Many lots, including illustrations, pages, prelims and sketched books. Take a look.
Some nice sketched books by Tibet, De Gieter, Walthery, Lambil, Gos. A Jugurtha page and a Red Dust pinup by Hermann, a Vintage page by Daniel Torres, an Axa strip by Romero.
See you next week with the incredible Heritage Results!!!
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