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Top DC Art on the Bay (w/uncredited Balent) - Original Comic Art Tips #253

August 6 · Issue #253 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #253 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Batman commission by Sean Murphy was sold for $3k, a Dennis the Menace page by Al Wiseman for $2,9k.
A Spider-Man page by Bob Layton for $3,5k, $2,1k (Best Offer) for a page by Lee Weeks, a vintage page by Bagley for $800.
$1k for the Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, a Conan page by John Buscema, a very nice Moon Knight commission by Alex Maleev, a GenX commission by Chris Bachalo and another Death pinup by David Mack.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $9k for the Thor pinup by Jack Kirby, $6,3k for the Infinity War page by Ron Lim, a Star Trek page by Giolitti for $2,6k, the Romita Spidey sketch for $2,2k.
A pretty quick sketch by Dave Stevens went for $1,8k, $840 was a very good deal for this nice Terry strip by Caniff.
Catawiki: a Trigan cover by Don Lawrence went for €4,8k, a Colombo panel by Milo Manara for €650, a page by Micheluzzi for €600, a Scorpion pinup by Marini for €1,8k, the Valerian panel by Mezieres for €1k.

This week on eBay
Jim Balent - Catwoman Original Art
Jim Balent - Catwoman Original Art
DC: a Wonder Woman record cover credited to and signed by Neal Adams Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Spectre cover by George Perez, Metal Men by Sekowsky, a Challengers cover by Buckler, more Flash pages by Paul Pelletier.
Uncredited and advertised as production art, there are a Catwoman page and a Catwoman/Batman page by Jim Balent (they’re at $100 for now, let’s see), Batman page by Becky Cloonan, Batman Animated pages one, two and three.
Another round of Death pinups (one, two) by David Mack, a DPS with Batman and Robin by Brett Booth, a Mr. Freeze sketch by Sean Murphy, a Harley head sketch by Bruce Timm.
Marvel: price lowered and BO accepted for last week’s Human Torch page by Kirby, a Punisher splash by Tom Lyle, rare Punisher sketch on this John Romita Artist’s Edition, a Dr. Strange page by Mark Buckingham, a Wolverine cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli.
A Western page by Al Feldstein, a Grendel page by Matt Wagner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: A Captain Marvel page by Pat Broderick, a Morbius page by Don Heck, an Avengers cover by Dale Keown, Carnage by JRJR, very nice Hulk splash by Bagley.
DC: a full figure Batman commission by Neal Adams, great art on this Atari Force page by Garcia Lopez, a Kamandi DPS by Ayers/Alcala.
A Tim Hunter splash by Peter Gross, nice Shade page by Chris Bachalo,
Early Hate page by Bagge, nice early Terry daily by Caniff, a Wash Tubbs daily by Crane, a Dennis panel by Ketcham.
Catawiki Auctions
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, a Blacksad commission by Guarnido, a rare Tex page by Bernet, Swamp Thing by Breccia, a Briganti strip by Magnus, a Disney cover by Cavazzano, a Disney title splash by Held.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
A Lilith illustration by Bruce Timm, a Spidey page by Alex Saviuk, a Flash page by Paul Ryan, a poster rough by John Buscema, a Wolverine prelim by Quesada.
A Batman illustration by Risso, Wolverine by Jorge Molina, Batman by Adam Kubert.
Heritage Matt Baker Auction
Seven pieces of original art in this themed auction, here’s the best one.
See you next week!!
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