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Top Batman Pieces Went Really Low! - Original Comic Art Tips #243

May 27 · Issue #243 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #243 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Thor page by Jack Kirby was sold for $19,4k, an Eerie painted cover by Sanjulian for $12k, a Titans cover by Brett Booth for a $5k Best Offer, a Daredevil cover by Alex Maleev for $2,5k, a color Joker commission by Neal Adams for $2k, a nice Superman DPS by Tony Harris went for a low $800 B.O.
The Stat to a Spidey cover by John Romita went for $3,5k.
An Avengers page by George Perez went for a pretty low $800, compare it to this very quick Robin sketch sold for $1,1k.
While I was looking at these pages a sponsored auction for a Spider-Man shaped potato chip was “suggested” to me… 😒
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Captain Marvel page by Milgrom went for a pretty high $15k, the cover prelim by Adam Hughes for $5k, a Flash page by Infantino for $3,1k, $2,9k and $2,2k for Ron Lim pages, $2k for a Barney Google daily.
Catawiki: the Catwoman sketch by Mazzucchelli went for €1k, Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus for €4,4k, the strip by Jacovitti for €900, a page by Micheluzzi for €400 and a Green Lantern DPS by Ed Benes for €700.
Millon: I somewhat discovered about this Batman themed auction only after the fact, and seems like I was not the only one, top Batman pieces went for incredibly low prices…
The highest priced piece (but still lower than its market price) was this Batman/Aliens painted cover by Bernie Wrightson, sold for €12k, a Swamp Thing page was sold for €9,5k (and this one seems more or less the right price), a LOTDK cover by Scott Hampton for €5,8k, a rare piece is this Batman sketch by Brian Bolland sold for €500.
And now I’ll start stabbing your heart: a Batman cover by Garcia Lopez was sold for €3k, a Batman action page by John Byrne for €2k, a beautiful, detailed (and faded) Batman DPS by Gil Kane for €1,5k, a vintage Batman illustration by Marshall Rogers for €900, and the two I’d really wanted to own were this Batgirl splash by Don Heck sold for €1,1k and this Batman and Robin pinup by Don Newton for €290 (!).
Then also a Wizard cover prelim by Alex Ross for €1,2k, a Batman splash painted by John Bolton for €1,1k, a page by Keith Giffen for €850, a JLA page by Dick Dillin for €450, and we end with Brian Bolland, a Batman cover prelim sold for €900 and a full figure sketch for €350.
Heritage Garfield Auction: $4,5k the highest price for a Sunday, $2,4k for a daily, several ‘80s dailies sold for under $500.
A Peanuts daily at Nate Sanders Auctions went for $35k.

This week on eBay
Simone Bianchi - Wolverine Illustration
Simone Bianchi - Wolverine Illustration
Marvel: nice Morbius page by Ron Wagner, a Spidey commission by Jim Starlin, Guardians by Jim Valentino, a Phoenix pinup by Paul Smith.
A Wolverine illustration by Simone Bianchi, Thor cover by Gary Frank, an X-Men cover and a Wolverine page by Pasqual Ferry, a Star Wars cover by Dave Johnson, Fantastic Four by Mike Wieringo, this seller has many bust commissions by Humberto Ramos for less than $400. I always like the colorful, detailed commissions by Thony Silas.
DC: Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a 1989 Batman commission by Adam Hughes, a Batman page by Scott McDaniel, a Batman commission by Neal Adams, early JLA DPS by Greg Land.
A Hellboy bust by Mignola, a Grendel page by Matt Wagner, a Darth Vader sketch by Jeffrey Brown for Hero Initiative, a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
DC: Batman pages by Dick Giordano, Guillem March, John Van Fleet, and a commission by Tony Daniel.
Superman by Jack Kirby, a Superman title page by Curt Swan.
Marvel: Avengers, Red Sonja, Conan by John Buscema, an Eternity pinup by Frank Miller, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne.
Spidey/Green Goblin and Ghost Rider by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Wolverine by Paul Pope, a color guide for a Daredevil title page by Miller.
Wrestlers by Jaime Hernandez, Golden Age Captain Marvel by Tuska.
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
A Lucky Luke pinup by Morris, Jerry Spring by Jijé, Blake & Mortimer by Juillard, a Barelli cover by Bob De Moor, Blueberry by Blanc-Dumont, a color illustration by Dany.
Two top pages by Manara (one, two), Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus, Junglemen by Hugo Pratt, a very nice Echo page by Barbucci, a color pinup by Enrico Marini.
A Sergio Toppi sketch, La Linea by Cavandoli, a cover by Galep, a page painted by Azpiri, a Dropsie Avenue splash by Will Eisner and an X-Men page by Greg Land.
Heritage Signature auction part 1: Covers
Jim Lee - Batman Original Cover Art
Jim Lee - Batman Original Cover Art
Ok, you all probably know that the cover to TDKR #1 by Frank Miller is here to break a record.
if that’s not enough Batman we have a triple fold cover by Jim Lee, a Cockrum/Adams cover, a 1942 cover, a Robin cover by Mike Mignola, one (of many) by George Perez, one by Breyfogle.
Many covers by Gil Kane, I chose this Captain America, Spidey by Cockrum, Thor by Kirby, Wolverine by John Buscema, Spidey by Sal, She-Hulk by Byrne, Hulk by Keown, Conan/Rune painted by BWS, Spidey/Carnage by Dell'Otto.
The full issue of Spider-Man #16 by Todd McFarlane is for sale, here’s the cover.
A Deathblow cover by Jim Lee, American Flagg by Chaykin, a Judge Dredd cover by Brian Bolland, a 1983 PROG by Mike McMahon, a Spirit cover by Eisner, Black Orchid by Dave McKean, Cerebus #3.
More great covers than I can show you, so…
See You Next Week!!
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