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Talking About Joe Mad Auctions - Original Comic Art Tips #210



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October 8 · Issue #210 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #210 of Original Comic Art Tips! A very good week, with record prices, nice new auctions and some thoughts on Joe Mad art.
eBay: the Avengers page by Sal Buscema was sold for $5,1k, the G.I. Joe page by Rod Wigham for $3,7k, the Thor page by John Buscema for a very low $1,8k, a Conan page for a very low $400, another Conan went for $450. A very early Venom cover by Ron Randall went for only $1,5k.
A full team JLA DPS by Mark Bagley went for $1k, a Batman page by Gary Frank for $750. A very early Tony Stark page by Don Heck for a Best Offer lower than $12k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Golden Age title page by George Evans went for $4,5k, the Moon Knight page by Sienkiewicz for $4,3k, the Sandman by Kirby for $3,6k, the Alpha Flight page by Jim Lee for $3,3k, the Venom page by Mark Bagley for $1,8k.
Heritage International Auction: you probably noticed the growth of Star Wars original comic art in the last few years, be prepared for another big jump after the record price for this cover by Mathieu Lauffray sold for $144k. The good news is that the original art was consigned to Heritage by the artist himself, who got to profit from the rise of comic art prices.
No surprises for the Hergé page prelims sold for $125k and the Asterix page sold for $119k, big record for Don Rosa, with the sale of his most important Uncle Scrooge cover for $68k, at the same time he also made a record for his panel pages with $37k, in total 16 originals by Rosa made $375k.
$32k for a splash by Charles Burns, Heritage record for this Sin City illustration by Frank Miller, $20k. $4k for the Excalibur page by Alan Davis, $3,9k for the page by Sergio Toppi, $2,7k for a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy.
Catawiki: the Rahan page by Cheret went for €3,7k, the Gypsy page by Marini for €3k, a Tex page by Buzzelli for €280.

This week on eBay
David Wenzel - The Falcon Original Comic Art
David Wenzel - The Falcon Original Comic Art
Bronze Age Marvel pages: Iron-Man by Sal Buscema, Iron-Man by Tuska, Thor by John Buscema one and two, a very nice Conan page, a Captain America & Falcon splash by David Wenzel, Fury by Ayers/Severin, Spidey/Fury by Don Perlin.
The She-Hulk page by Byrne is still open, a Captain America commission by Adam Hughes, Moon Knight by Sal Velluto.
DC: a Sword of Sorcery page by Howard Chaykin with (bottom) half of the page inked by Bernie Wrightson, a Superman title splash by Curt Swan, a Swamp Thing page by Redondo.
A 1994 Superman page by Norman Felchle, Batman pages one and two by Gary Frank, an Elseworlds splash by Garcia Lopez, Ryan Sook painted a Batgirl on a Hero Initiative coaster.
Cerebus pages one and two by Dave Sim, Grendel by Matt Wagner, an Usagi pinup by Stan Sakai.
A Captain & the Kids Sunday by Dirks, some early B.C. dailies, a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, a Johnny Hazard daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Let’s talk about Joe Madureira. Until a year or two ago it was nearly impossible to find (‘90s) Joe Mad original art for sale. Then a few second tier pages started to come out, then some better pages (MCP, Excalibur…) until the sale of many pages and covers from the 1993 Deadpool miniseries. I noticed that they’re coming more or less in order of publication, so far we’ve mostly seen the early Arthur Adams influenced art, and just a few really top X-men pages (the Wizard cover was sold again in 2021, it’s in the peak style but not from Marvel, an X-Men cover in 2009, nice but not the best one, a medium level page in 2018…). This week we have a couple rare X-men pages, but from a very early issue (one, two). I wonder, are all the peak X-Men pages with him or in a single collection (and we’re only getting the crumbs) or are these sales to maximize earnings on mid-level art before taking out the big ones some years from now?
By the way there’s also an X-Men page from the same period by John Romita Jr. (that I’d really like to own, due to me wanting a vintage Iron-Man/War Machine page by JRJR). Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, a Galactus double page by Mark Bagley.
World’s Finest by Dick Dillin and Garcia-Lopez and that’s it for Marvel/DC art.
Rare MAD original art by Mort Drucker, very rare MAD art by Wally Wood.
Strips: a Terry strip by Caniff, a perfect Pogo daily, a beautiful Robin Malone Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese original Comic Art
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese original Comic Art
Two Corto Maltese strips by Hugo Pratt, an illustration by Sergio Toppi, a big Disney illustration by G.B. Carpi, a western illustration by Di Gennaro, Jacovitti, Druuna coloring by Serpieri.
An illustration by Studio Hergé, a pinup by Barbucci.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
A Shang-Chi DPS by Gene Day, Defenders by Giffen, a Wolverine commission by John Byrne, a Superman splash by Bob McLeod, a censored X-Men DPS by Ian Churchill.
A Savage Dragon half splash and a Beast splash by Joe Madureira.
A Thanos splash by Jim Cheung, a very nice Marvel cover by Scott Kolins, an Authority page by Frank Quitely, an early Y page by Pia Guerra.
I thought that only J. Scott Campbell covers (like this one) were ruined by Stan Lee signatures, this time we have many other modern covers and splashes with Stan sigs: like this Spider-Man cover by Ramos, a Cap Marvel cover by Ed McGuinness, an X-Men splash by Stuart Immonen, a Hulk splash by Mark Bagley, a Guardians cover by Nick Bradshaw and many more…
A themed auction for original art by Enki Bilal. 30 pieces, many top pages and some covers.
See you next week!!
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