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Sienkiewicz, Romita Jr, Alan Davis! - Original Comic Art Tips #199



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July 23 · Issue #199 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #199 of Original Comic Art Tips! July and August are traditionally slow months for auctions, I managed to find a few nice pieces to see.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the 60 sketches by Jim Lee ended with a big bang, #60 - Jason Todd was sold for $25,1k (I had no time to finish the recap blog post, fingers crossed for next week…). The Skrull splash by Sal Buscema went for $1,4k, a Nightwing splash by Tony Daniel for a Best Offer lower than $1,1k. $2,250 seems too much for a Spectre sketch by Neal Adams… I had the bad idea of checking the previous price for this piece on Heritage, it was sold in April 2021 (4 months ago, you know…) for $1,380, and they say prices are crazy. It’s funny that you could probably commission him to draw a similar piece for $7-800.
A Red Sonja cover by Celina went for $2,5k, a Vampirella cover by Dawn McTeigue for $1,2k, a Superman commission by Dick Sprang for $1k.
The Cap Marvel page by Tuska, the Frankenstein DPS by Bob Brown and the Silver Surfer by Grindberg (high price…) are ending tonight.
Heritage Weekly Auction: our usual winner is Dick Ayers, but this time with almost $11k paid for this Sgt. Fury page. A Little Nemo Sunday drawn by the son of Winsor McKay went for more than $5k, the Batman page by John Buscema went for $3,8k, the Superman page for $1,4k, the Ms. Marvel page by Sal Buscema went for $2,2k,
Catawiki: the drawing by Moebius was sold for €925, the Tex page by Galep for €650.

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Batman Original Comic Art
Gene Colan - Batman Original Comic Art
A Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a (modern) Hulk cover by Jim Starlin, a Thor page by Ron Frenz, a good Micronauts page by Gil Kane.
A Batman page by the great Colan/Janson team, a Batman for charity by Matt Wagner, a Batman/Deathblow page by Lee Bermejo, a Birds of Prey illustration by Ed Benes and a Supergirl sketch by J. Scott Campbell.
A lot of 35 sketches by pro and amateur artists, the big name is Jim Lee, but the Batman sketch is probably the only fake of the group.
A vintage D.R. & Quinch pinup by Alan Davis, Grendel by Wagner, a Youngblood page by Liefeld, a self-published Ditko page with a superhero fight.
This Nancy daily is funny, but probably getting very high bids because it’s also a bit cruel. A Christmas-themed Popeye Sunday by Hy Eisman.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Bill Sienkiewicz - Elektra Original Comic Art
Bill Sienkiewicz - Elektra Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Cloak & Dagger page by Art Adams, a Spidey page by Romita Jr., a very nice Elektra pinup by Bill Sienkiewicz, an Iron-Man trading card painted by Simon Bisley, a Thanos page by Alan Davis, a Spidey page by Ed McGuinness.
DC: a Teen Titans page by George Perez, a Superman page by Dan Jurgens, a Superman cover by Ian Churchill, a Batman splash by Aron Wiesenfeld, a Wonder Woman prelim by Alex Ross, a Fables cover prelim and a Death sketch by James Jean.
Catawiki Auctions
Sergio Toppi - Original Comic Art
Sergio Toppi - Original Comic Art
An early Alan Ford page by Magnus, early Zagor by Ferri, a page by Sergio Toppi, a painted page by Gipi, Il Maestro by Aldo Di Gennaro, a Maser sketch by Frezzato, Paperinik by Silvia Ziche, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri.
A beautiful remarqued silkscreen by Moebius, a top Olivier Rameau painting by Dany, a Han Solo portrait by Sanjulian, an Aquaman cover by Maroto.
Heritage Animation Auction
A few comic artists’ pieces between 1000’s of animation cels.
Two Felix sketches by Pat Sullivan, a layout for a painting and a ducks model sheet by Carl Barks, an illustration and a page by Hank Porter, two Disney studies by Mike Ploog, an animation drawing by Jack Kirby.
Nate Sanders Auction
Two high-priced, but great, Peanuts dailies from the ‘70s, one and two.
See you next week!!
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