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Sandman splash, Charest, Buscema's Batman. Original Comic Art Tips #196

July 3 · Issue #196 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #196 of Original Comic Art Tips! I received a note from the email software I use informing me that last week 70 emails were undelivered, I don’t know what happened but if you’re one of those 70 readers here’s a link to that issue. And if you find it in the spam, please flag it as “not spam” to avoid it happening again.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: a Batman DPS by Tim Sale was sold for $5,3k, the Superman page by John Byrne for $4k, a Byrne commission for $1,2k, a Cable commission by Rob Liefeld for $1,4k, a Harley head sketch by Bruce Timm for $950.
Seems like Scout pages by Tim Truman have many fans, after the latest sales, a page went for $1,2k.
Self published pages by Steve Ditko continue their growth, after being initially snobbed. this one went for more than $1k.
Best Offers: a certified Snoopy sketch by Schultz was sold for less than $2,9k, a Star Wars cover by Duncan Fegredo for $3,2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the latest Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers won with $5,5k, a Spider-Man card painted by Gary Ciccarelli for $3,3k, the Fantastic Four page by Art Adams for $3,1k, Valiant original art is hot, this Quantum and Woody DPS by Mark Bright was sold for $2k, corpses in Dick Tracy strips have the same effect as sexy girls in superhero pages, this daily went for $1,6k. This Infinity Abyss page by Jim Starlin was a good deal at less than $1k, $800 is still a lot for a Batman head sketch by Bruce Timm, but less than the latest sales. A good deal for flippers is also this David Finch commission sold for $300.
Catawiki: a Murena cover by Delaby went for €9,5k, highest price for the Hermann covers was €9k for this one, the cover by Swolfs for €6,1k, one of the Dany covers made €1,4k.
A commission by Don Rosa was sold for €1,7k, the Catwoman pinup by Marini for €700, a Topolino cover by Silvia Ziche for €400.
Heritage Signature Auction: really happy that Wally Wood‘s original art made an incredible record, $840k for this EC cover. He finally entered the Olympus also for art prices.
In April we were talking about the $130k record for Barry Smith, now the beautiful cover to Conan #2 doubled that price at $264k, at the same time an unpublished Weapon-X cover was also sold for $102k.
A 5-page story by R. Crumb was sold for $312k, the origin of Sabrina by Dan De Carlo for $114k, the Sandman title page by Dringenberg made $31k (look for another one on eBay!), really surprised by the Overstreet Guide cover by Schomburg sold for $50k and the $41k for the Fathom HC cover by Michael Turner (a Superman cover made a 2nd place with $19k).
Very high prices for: Ditko, personal 4th place with $144k. 4th ($180k) and 6th ($168k) for Jack Kirby, Jim Lee ($90k), McFarlane ($84k), Wrightson ($84k), Dave Cockrum makes his own third ($87k) and fourth ($78k) price ever, Buscema ($50k).
HA records: a super $90k for Dick Giordano, the same $90k for Kurtzman, Tuska $41k, Elektra Lives Again by Miller is at $43k, Johnny Comet by Frazetta at $56k, Mike Zeck interior art ($33k).
This is only the first page of results, but it’s already getting too long….
Hake’s Auction: a 1955 Peanuts Sunday went for $80k, not a very high price, a 1931 Mickey Mouse daily by Earl Duvall for $29k, one by Gotfreddson for $28k, the color art for a TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman for $28k.
The Superman Wedding cover by John Byrne for $22k, the Captain America cover by Mike Zeck for $19k, all of the Rube Goldberg strips went for high prices, this one for $11k, $3,4k is a high price for non-Marvel Bob Powell art.
A page without Daredevil by John Romita Jr. went for $2,3k.
Heritage Animation Auction: the Peanuts daily went for $102k, 3rd highest price paid on HA for a daily, the Schroeder sketch for $5,5k, the Wolverine trading card art by the Hildebrandt Bros was sold for $26k, the Spider-Man for $19k, I was not the only one doubting the attribution to Alex Toth of the Space Ghost drawing, it went for $600 while S.G. originals by Toth usually sell for $2k to $5k.
Septimus: a Lucky Luke illustration by Morris went for €21k, a Tuniques Bleues cover by Lambil for €16k, a Thorgal cover sketch by Rosinski for €12k, a Ric Hochet cover for €10k, a Scorpion page by Marini for €7,5k.
Millon: an illustration by Bilal went for €112k. After a big jump down, the second place was “only” €18k for a Franquin and Morris jam illustration, a cover by Tardi and a Spirou illustration by Franquin €13k, a Ric Hochet cover €12,5k, a detailed sketch by Uderzo for €8k.

This week on eBay
Teddy Kristiansen - Sandman Original Comic Art
Teddy Kristiansen - Sandman Original Comic Art
DC: the top piece of the week is the title page from Sandman #64 by Teddy Kristiansen. Great art in this full 8 page Green Arrow story by Phil Hester, here’s one. Wonder Woman by Heck, Legion by Mortimer, a Shazam title page by Don Newton and a really good Batman page.
An Atom half-splash by John Byrne, a Supergirl sketch by J. Scott Campbell, a full team JLA page by Norman Felchle, Doomsday clock by Gary Frank.
Marvel: a Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino is ending today, a Thor page by Frenz/Sinnott, a great Morbius Vs. Werewolf page by Redondo, White Tiger by Giffen.
Next-Men by Byrne, Grendel by Wagner, a Star Wars page by Jim Baikie.
A Christmas themed Garfield daily, a 1973 Marmaduke panel.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: a rare Batman page drawn by John Buscema, a Superman title page by John Calnan, an Outsiders page by Kevin Nowlan.
Marvel: Conan by John Buscema, John Carter by Sal, Doc Savage by Ross Andru, A Marvel Vs DC page credited to Dan Jurgens but drawn by Claudio Castellini, a nice X-Men splash by Bob McLeod.
A Hellboy pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a small illustration by Moebius, a Spawn page by Marc Silvestri, a Marv sketch by Frank Miller.
Catawiki Auctions
John Byrne - Namor Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Namor Original Comic Art
A very nice Namor page by John Byrne, the Shadow by Sienkiewicz, a great Swamp Thing splash by Enrique Breccia, a Hate page by Peter Bagge, a Andy Capp strip by Reg Smythe.
Two Torpedo pinups and a Clara by Bernet, a portrait of Enzo Jannacci by Milo Manara, a detailed Nick Raider page by Aldo Capitanio, Nathan Never by Nicola Mari, an Uncle Scrooge title splash by Lara Molinari.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Erik Larsen - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Erik Larsen - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Another top Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen, trying to make a new record price, an X-Men page by Andy Kubert, the usual Infinity Gauntlet pages by Ron Lim, an early Youngblood page by Rob Liefeld, a Wildcats page by Travis Charest.
I’ve already seen this Batman sketch by Jim Lee for sale, it’s a nice drawing, I’d keep it. A vintage Spidey page by Mark Bagley, a Captain America commission by John Byrne, Superman by Gary Frank, a rare Y the Last Man page, I like this Batman page by Guillem March.
There are several NFT‘s by Jae Lee, all going for very high prices, here’s the cover.
See you next week!!
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