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Robbins, Lim, Silvestri! Original Comic Art Tips #201

August 7 · Issue #201 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #201 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the cover to Fairest #24 by Adam Hughes was sold for an offer lower than $6,5k, a Red Sonja cover by Celina for more than $2k, a Legion page by Keith Giffen for less than $2,5k, a Lady Death cover by Diego Bernard for a pretty high price, but lower than $2k.
A very nice 7 page romance story by Vince Colletta for $2,5k, a Swamp Thing painting by E.M. Gist for $1,5k, a Batman commission by Neal Adams for less than $1,6k, a Lois commission by Phil Noto for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Golden Age page by Charles Sultan went for $7,2k, a Donald Duck Sunday by Taliaferro for almost $4k, the Creepy splash by Wrightson for $3,3k.
Vintage (‘60s art for now) Archie covers and pinups by Dan De Carlo are going for high prices lately. $1,7k paid for this Spider-Man page by Sal Buscema is a good example of how much they’ve grown in a few years. The usual high price for a Christmas-themed Sunday strip.
Catawiki Auctions: a color sketch by Hermann went for €650, the Phantom strip by Sy Barry for €500, a watercolor illustration by Leone Frollo for €350, a quick Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore for a pretty high €270.
A 1/1 Star Wars print from Salvador Larroca digital art sold for a not surprising €80.

This week on eBay
Frank Robbins - Original Cover Art
Frank Robbins - Original Cover Art
DC: a cover from the Shadow by Frank Robbins, it has many condition issues, I’d ask a few questions before bidding. Another great piece is this Robin page by John Byrne from Generations (ending today). A nice Bob Hope page by Bob Oksner, an Aquaman cover recreation by Ramona Fradon.
A Teen Titans cover by Scott McDaniel, a Spectre page by Breyfogle, a Batman sketch by Jim Lee inside an HC.
Marvel: just a Hulk sketch by Kevin Nowlan for Hero Initiative.
Star Trek by Byrne, a drawing by Burne Hogarth, a Grendel page, a Negan sketch for Hero Initiative by Adlard and a TWD page with Michonne, a very early Archie page.
Strips: a B.C. Sunday, a Tumbleweeds Sunday, a 1956 Beetle Bailey, a Buster Brown sketch by Outcault, a Dick Tracy sketch by Chester Gould, a beautiful cartoon by Eldon Dedini.
A hand colored Steve Canyon print by Caniff.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
DC: a Flash page by Brett Booth and one by Carmine Infantino, Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, Batman by John Buscema. A Sandman page by Duncan Eagleson and a Books of Magic title splash by Peter Gross.
Marvel: Conan (one and two) by John Buscema, a Starjammers splash by Cockrum, an AD with many Marvel heroes by George Perez, Spidey by Greg La Rocque, Thor by Sal Buscema.
A nice Defenders page by M.C. Wyman, a Red Sonja illustration by Frank Thorne, Moon Knight by Ron Garney. Spidey by Goran Parlov, Daredevil by Paolo Rivera.
Faust by Tim Vigil is getting attention, here’s a crazy detailed page. An illustration by Vess, a TMNT sketch by Peter Laird, 3 beautiful naked girls by Wally Wood.
Again, this is the jind of color guide that will grow in value, Joe Chiodo over a Jim Lee Fantastic Four cover.
Catawiki Auctions
A Tex page by Ticci, a Tex book cover by Civitelli, a nice Sci-Fi page by Sergio Toppi, La Compagnia della Forca by Magnus, a Shakespeare portrait by Aldo Di Gennaro, a Druuna color guide by Serpieri.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Infinity Gautlet pages by Ron Lim and George Perez, an X-Factor splash by Whilce Portacio, Wolverine original art by Marc Silvestri, Silver Surfer by Tom Morgan.
A Transmetropolitan splash by Paul Pope, no Batman but a great page by Sean Murphy, an early Youngblood page by Rob Liefeld, Dr. Fate by Don Newton.
See you next week!!
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