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Paul Smith, Portacio, Garcia Lopez! Original Comic Art Tips #193

June 12 · Issue #193 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #193 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Hulk illustration by Jim Starlin went for $7k, a Phoenix cover by Adam Kubert for $5k, a What If cover by Jorge Molina for $2,8k, the Grendel page by Matt Wagner for $2,2k, a Spidey page by Jerry Bingham for $2,5k, a Namor page by John Buscema for $1,6k, a Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim for $1,5k.
Hagar strips by Dik Browne are pricey, but $1,2k for a late strip seems too much. A second $300 Spidey strip by Larry Lieber was sold for $2,1k thanks to a fancy frame and a COA.
The Silver Surfer splash by Grindberg and the Hulk page by Trimpe are still going.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Supergirl cover by Garcia Lopez went for $10k, the Spidey cover by Ron Wilson for $9k, a Batman page by Capullo for $1,2k. A nice Atom page by Byrne was sold for $500, Garfield strips this week, went pretty cheap… this one from 1990 for $400, this one from 1992 for less.
Catawiki: the illustration by Sergio Toppi went for €1,4k, the Magnus model sheet for €1k, a Jerry Spring page by Franz for €1,3k, a Mickey Mouse strip by Romano Scarpa for €440.
Take note: a digital art “monoprint” of a Star Wars page by Salvador Larroca went for €350.
Cornette de Saint Cyr: a Manara page went for a big €22k, the first Buck Danny page for €17k, a quick Asterix sketch by Uderzo for almost €4k, just last year I was surprised by sketches going for €1,5k.
Fakes alert: there’s an auction of fake sketches, the names are the usual ones, preferred by forgers, like Schulz, Dr. Seuss, Groening. Go read the very funny descriptions under sketches drawn by “Walt Disney”.

This week on eBay
Mahmud Asrar - Valkyrie Original Cover Art
Mahmud Asrar - Valkyrie Original Cover Art
Marvel: a Micronauts cover by Bob Layton, Fantastic Four pages by John Buscema and Keith Pollard, Iron-Man by Trimpe, Thor by Jim Starlin, a Conan splash by Gary Kwapisz and a page by Kayanan, a good Valkyrie cover by Mahmud Asrar.
DC: Legion by Curt Swan, a JSA commission by Ramona Fradon, a Wonder Woman sketch by George Perez, Superman by Gil Kane, Anarky by Norm Breyfogle.
A Superman cover by Trevor Hairsine, a Hawkman cover by Bryan Hitch, Superman by Mark Bagley, a JLA cover by David Marquez, a Preacher page by Steve Dillon.
A Grendel splash by Matt Wagner, a Cavewoman splash, a TMNT cover sketch by Eastman, a Usagi Yojimbo cover by Sakai, a Hate cover by Peter Bagge, Man in Black by Bob Powell.
X-9 daily by Al Williamson, a full team Popeye daily by Bobby London.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: an X-Men page by Paul Smith, one by John Romita Jr., an Avengers page by George Perez, I like this Michael Golden page with Jim Shooter, a Dr. Strange splash by Barry Kitson.
DC: a Superman Sunday strip by Jose Delbo and the usual nice Shadow pages by Kyle Baker.
Felix by Otto Messmer, a nice small press page by Steve Ditko, a Captain Sternn pinup by Wrightson.
Strips: this is the kind of thing I like, a collection of 33 small sketches by Bob Kane, Walt Simonson, Charles Schulz, Chester Gould and more.
Kurtzman, Bodé, Wrightson and Jeff Jones in this lot, Terry Gilliam, Jeff McNelly and more in this other lot.
A rare Shoe Sunday by Jeff McNelly, a 1994 Garfield daily, a panel by Opper.
Catawiki Auctions
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Art
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Art
A Druuna page by Serpieri, a beautiful cover by Giardino, a Gesebel cover by Corteggi, 2 Giuseppe Bergman strips by Manara, a nude and a Ranx pinup by Liberatore, a Samurai illustration by Sergio Toppi, a Valentina by Crepax, I Briganti by Magnus.
An S. page by Gipi, an illustration by Pazienza, a sketch by Quino, a PK illustration by Silvia Ziche, a Bad Wolf page by Bottaro.
A Kingpin page by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Avengers by Simone Bianchi, Vampirella by Parrillo, a Lois Lane splash by Oksner, a Pogo daily.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 2
John Romita Jr. - X-Men Original Comic Art
John Romita Jr. - X-Men Original Comic Art
An X-Men DPS by John Romita Jr., an X-Factor page by Whilce Portacio, a great Wolverine page by Mark Texeira, a Spidey page by Erik Larsen, a Conan half splash by John Buscema.
An incredible DC Style Guide illustration by Garcia Lopez, a Lobo cover by Bisley, a Superman cover by Kevin Nowlan.
A Sandman splash by Mike Dringenberg, a David Boring splash by Daniel Clowes, a sexy pinup by Dan De Carlo.
A Dick Tracy Sunday, some Terry & the Pirates strips, the usual big lot of Garfield strips.
Daniel Maghen Auctions
As it usually happens with Maghen, there’s an incredible selection of pieces that makes me feel very poor.
The auction starts with many pieces by Gibrat: covers, pages and many illustrations from the Matteo series, this is the most striking one.
Then a big auction of Jazz Maynard pages and illustrations by Roger, I like them all, so here’s a random link.
Then we go to the big money pieces: a Tintin Magazine cover by Hergé, a Marsupilami illustration by Franquin, pages by Rosinski, and the last Asterix page ever drawn by Uderzo.
On to other (reatively) less-pricey pieces. A Blueberry page by Giraud, many originals by Vance, like this beautiful Bruce Hawker cover and this XIII page. Several pages and illustrations by Manara, Djinn by Miralles, Valerian by Mezieres, Lauffray, Pellerin, Guarnido, Pratt and many others.
A nice auction, but with the bad luck of ending the same day as the Maghen one.
Some pieces by Derib, a Titeuf illustration by Zep, a Thorgal cover by Rosinski, a cover by Juillard, a Kirk cover by Hugo Pratt, Hermann, Delaby, Mattotti.
There’s also a section of top sketched books, look at this Little Nemo by Moebius.
See you next week!!
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