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Original Covers by Everybody - Original Comic Art Tips #203

August 20 · Issue #203 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #203 of Original Comic Art Tips! Auctions are slowly starting again with the end of summer.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: that sketch by Barry Smith was sold for an impressive $2,5k, a Flamingo strip by Matt Baker for $4k, an Hellboy half splash by Mignola for $4k.
This Excalibur page by Joe Madureira was offered every week on eBay for years. Unsold at $1,2k, then unsold at $1,6k, was finally sold for $1,7k. I’m glad I will not see it again for a while. A very bad and fake “Bob KaneBatman drawing was sold for $1,7k.
A Venom cover by Mike Mayhew was sold for a Best Offer lower than $13k (but probably still very high), a nice Captain America page by Tuska for an offer lower than $1,250. Not that great, this Conan splash by John Buscema went for less than $2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Dick Ayers wins with the usual $3,8k paid, this time, for a Giant Man page. This portfolio plate art by Mike Nasser went also for $3,8, if you can explain this price to me please hit reply…
$3,8 was also the price for this Alex Schomburg Golden Age page.
A 1978 Archie cover by Dan De Carlo makes $2k, probably due to the swimsuit girls. A Glynis Oliver color guide to the iconic Daredevil page by Frank Miller makes $1,4k.
Catawiki: 2 pages by Victor de la Fuente were sold for €1,1k, the illustration by Dany for a pretty low €650, the Alan Ford page by Magnus for €550.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Superman Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Thor page by Herb Trimpe, a Captain America page by Sal Buscema, a Hulk cover prelim by John Romita, Peter Parker by John Byrne, Avengers/David Letterman by Al Milgrom, a Weapon 8 cover by Philip Tan,
DC: a Flash title page by Alan Weiss, a Superman page by John Byrne, an Outsiders page by Kevin Nowlan, very nice Ivy/Catwoman commission by Lan Medina, a Catwoman sketch and a Poison Ivy sketch by Tim Sale.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: an Avengers page by John Buscema, a Spider-Man splash by Terry Dodson, a Ms. Marvel commission by Chris Bachalo, a Red Sonja pinup by Frank Thorne done in his Playboy style.
DC: a Superman page by Wayne Boring and a Sugar & Spike page by Sheldon Mayer.
Keep an eye on this Aliens/Predator DPS by Javier Saltares.
Some nice strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams, the 1990 New Year’s Day Garfield, a Winnie Winkle Sunday, a Thanksgiving Dennis the Menace Sunday, a Doonesbury Sunday.
A Signed letter by Bill Watterson.
Catawiki Auctions
Magnus - Milady Prelim
Magnus - Milady Prelim
A Tex page by Bernet, a Blueberry illustration by Colin Wilson, a Swamp Thing page by Breccia, Modeste et Pompon by Dino Attanasio, an illustration by Shintaro Kago.
A Jacovitti illustration, Martin Mystere by Sergio Toppi, a page by Gipi, a color Milady sketch by Magnus, a Dylan Top sketch by Paolo Mottura.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 of 3: Covers
Marvel: we have to start from the cover to Fantastic Four #86 by Jack Kirby.
Avengers #89 by Sal Buscema, a Handbook wraparound cover by Byrne, an Avengers cover by Michael Golden, Spidey by Dell'Otto, Wolverine by Ribic.
DC: the cover to Superman Peace on Earth by Alex Ross, one of the most iconic illustrations of the last decades. Paired with the Batman one.
A Catwoman cover and a Wonder Woman cover by Adam Hughes, Sgt. Rock #17 by Kubert, Wonder Woman #32 by Perez, Harley #15 by Frank Cho, Animal Man #33 by Bolland.
A great Hellboy cover by Mignola, Elvira by Dave Stevens, Black Cat #25 by Lee Elias, Marshal Law by Kevin O'Neil, Aliens by Bisley, Tomb Raider/Witchblade #1 by Michael Turner.
Comic Book Auctions
A 1983 Dredd DPS by Ron Smith, a 1984 Rogue Trooper by Cam Kennedy, an illustration by Barry Windsor Smith with a low estimate.
See you next week!
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