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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #99

August 23 · Issue #99 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here’s #99 of Original Comic Art Tips! #100 will come in the wrong moment (August), when there are no big auctions and open rates drop a bit due to the holidays… Better to do a giveaway for for the 2 years anniversary in October..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Kelley Jones Sandman art was sold for $5,500, an X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston for $2,000, the EC splash by Will Elder for $3,000, the Hero Initiative cover by Alan Davis went for $1,400, the Chris Bachalo cover for $1,000. The Sienk Elektra was sold for $800, the Batman cover by Shane Davis for $1,200, the Lobo cover by Matteo Scalera for $700.
Remember that pricey Joker sketch by Jim Lee from a couple weeks ago? Somebody bought it. A David Mack Superman cover went for $2,700.
Heritage Sunday: the Batgirl page by Gil Kane went for $2,300, the Teen Titans page for $1,800, the Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers for $3,600, Hulk Vs Namor by Marie Severin for $4,300, the Dr. Strange pinup by Bruce Timm for $800, the Dick Tracy daily for $1,500.
Good catches were the Romita Jr. X-Men page for $600, two nice Spider-Man pages by Sal Buscema for $500 (one, two), Hawkman original art by Murphy Anderson for $550 and a JLA page by Gene Ha for $160.

This week on eBay
George Perez - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
George Perez - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
Last week was better for original art on eBay, this time there’s not much to see… for DC we have a Batman page by Don Newton, a Wonder Woman splash by George Perez, a nice Swamp Thing page by Paul Pope, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank.
A page from Superman #1 and a Demon page by John Byrne, a Gotham Central cover by Michael Lark, the Flash by Don Heck, a cheap+nice Batman/Deathblow page by Lee Bermejo, a Batman painted by Stephen Segovia, a Spectre splash by Tom Mandrake and a very nice Wonder Woman commission by Stephane Roux.
Marvel: a Spider-Man page by Steve McNiven, Two in One by Jim Cheung, an Infinity Crusade by Ron Lim, Defenders by Don Perlin and a Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan.
An Elektra sketch by Frank Cho, another Hero Initiative blank by Alan Davis and one by Joe Sinnott.
An Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola, nice Tom Strong illustration by Chris Sprouse, a zombie by Tony Moore. For Comic Strips we only have a nice Terry daily by Caniff and a Wizard of ID Sunday.

Heritage Sunday Auction
Tim Bradstreet - Punisher #50 original Cover art
Tim Bradstreet - Punisher #50 original Cover art
Nice things this week! DC: Hawkman covers by Lee Weeks and Greg Land, Batman Vs Swamp Thing and an Un-Men painting by Bernie Wrightson, Superman and Wonder Woman pages by Buckler/Giordano.
Superman original art by Curt Swan, early JLA by Sekowsky, Batman by Jim Aparo. A Catwoman page by Dan Brereton, four Flash pages by Francis Manapul and a JLA page by Gene Ha.
Marvel: a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, Hulk Vs Doom by Bill Everett, Hulk by Tim Sale, a Not brand Echh page by Marie Severin.
A Winter Soldier cover by Mike Perkins, Man-Wolf by George Perez, Dr. Strange by Geof Isherwood, an Elektra splash by Mike Deodato, an X-Men page by Greg Land, Iron-Man by Mark Bagley and a Loki painted by Esad Ribic.
A Steampunk splash by Chris Bachalo, a Star Trek cover by John Byrne, Ghost cover by John Cassaday, Green Hornet and Shadow covers by Matt Wagner.
A Preacher page, a Jon Sable DPS by Mike Grell a Popeye page by Bud Sagendorf, a Pogo daily, a funny Garfield daily, a Buster Brown illustration by Outcault.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2 (or maybe 3...)
Buscema/Sienkiewicz - Wolverine DPS Original Comic Art
Buscema/Sienkiewicz - Wolverine DPS Original Comic Art
A very good auction, with multiple high end modern pieces, here’s A to C.
Early X-Men art by Ross Andru, Spider-Man by Chris Bachalo, 4 great pages by Mark Bagley, a Daredevil cover by Lee Bermejo, Venom card original art by Simone Bianchi, a Swamp Thing page by Totleben and a Robin cover by Bolland.
A Deathlok splash by Buckler, a Batman cover by Norm Breyfogle, many great John Buscema pages, look at all of them, many also by Sal Buscema, classic pages by John Byrne.
The greatest comics drawn by Greg Capullo: X-Force, Spawn and Batman.
A Superman cover by Nick Cardy, a great selection of Frank Cho illustrations, Thor original art by Olivier Coipel, an historic Eightball title page by Daniel Clowes.
Come back next week for part two!
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