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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #98

Welcome to #98 of Original Comic Art Tips, some interesting results and a nice eBay section. Original
August 16 · Issue #98 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #98 of Original Comic Art Tips, some interesting results and a nice eBay section.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: A beautiful 1965 Fritz the Cat sketch by Crumb was sold for $10k, a Xenozoic Tales cover by Mark Schultz was sold for $6,500, a Batman commission by Kim Jung Gi for $3,500, a Nocturnals cover by Dan Brereton was sold yesterday for $2,500.
All comic art flippers know this secret: commission a Scrooge drawing to Don Rosa then magically double the price on eBay.
The Alpha Flight page by John Byrne went for almost $3k, the DC cover by Nick Cardy for $1,700. A Marvel Zombies page by Sean Phillips went for only $250, a Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan for a little less and the six Gil Kane strips for $450.
Heritage Sunday: the Flash page by Carmine Infantino was sold for $4,800, the Hercules cover by Garcia Lopez for $2,600, the Scarlet Witch commission by Bill Sienkiewicz for $1,900, the Frazetta sketch for $1,500 and the Batman page by Jim Lee for $1,200.
Contemporary original art tend to go better on eBay than on HA, the Gary Frank Superman pages were sold for $700 and $650.
Happy collectors won a Superman title splash by Alex Saviuk for $400, a Punisher half splash by Bill Reinhold for $200, a Reilly Brown Cable splash for $120 and a Vision page by Dave Hoover for $150.

This week on eBay
Matteo Scalera - Lobo Original Cover Art
Matteo Scalera - Lobo Original Cover Art
We start with DC because the most watched item is this Sandman page by Kelley Jones.
Two original Batman pages by Jim Lee: a cheap one and one that costs exactly 10 times more (but accepting offers…), a Lobo cover by Matteo Scalera with a very low (for now) price, very low is also the price for an elaborate Batman commission by Neil Vokes, a Batman cover by Shane Davis, a very early Batman by Adam Hughes, a Batman who Laughs sketch by Jae Lee.
An Aquaman splash by Tony Daniel, G.I. Combat by Ross Andru and a 90’s style Greg Luzniak Superboy page.
Marvel: a nice Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz, a Storm cover by Mike Huddleston, a cheap Rob Liefeld cover, a nice X-Men page by Andy Kubert, a Thanos splash and a Captain America page by Alan Davis, a She-Hulk page by John Byrne.
A Punisher page by John Buscema, a Storm pinup by Tim Sale, a Deadpool cover by Skottie Young, a Punisher pinup by Tim Bradstreet, a Punisher commission by Sean Murphy.
Spider-Man and Howard the Duck by Alan Kupperberg, Spidey by Alex Saviuk, Ron Garney, Mark Bagley and Leinil Yu.
I don’t usually link to sketch covers but Hero Initiative is auctioning Captain America wraparounds by Chris Bachalo and Alan Davis.
An Hellboy page by Mike Mignola, a rare Zorro sketch by Alex Toth, a Garfield sketch by Jim Davis, the Enterprise drawn by John Byrne, a Tomb Raider splash by Andy Park.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Marie Severin - Tales to Astonish #100 Original Comic Art
Marie Severin - Tales to Astonish #100 Original Comic Art
Marvel: many Sal Buscema pages, Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic, Avengers and more. Avengers by Bob Brown, Dracula by Gene Colan, Hulk Vs. Namor by Marie Severin, Daredevil by Don Heck.
A modern Magneto splash by John Byrne, an X-Men page by John Romita Jr., one by Chris Bachalo and a Doctor Strange pinup by Bruce Timm.
DC: a Murphy Anderson special, an Hawkman page, a Superboy DPS with Bob Brown, a Batgirl action page with Gil Kane and a Superman/Santa Claus splash with Curt Swan.
A Batman page by Jim Aparo, Teen Titans original art by Gil Kane/Wally Wood, a Jonah Hex DPS by Ayers/DeZuniga and a nice JLA page by Gene Ha.
A Kirby/Simon romance page, a Hugh Hefner painting for MAD by Jack Rickard, a beautiful Frank Thorne pinup with all of his characters, a Star Wars page by Paul Gulacy.
Strips: A Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert, a B.C. daily, a murder in this Dick Tracy daily, a Garfield daily and a Captain & the Kids Sunday.
Next Week we’ll finally have something more to look at, the new ComicLink auction started yesterday!
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