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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #97

August 9 · Issue #97 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips! For the second week in a row we only have eBay and Heritage auctions to look at (the first new auctions will be in the beginning of September), but we have a nice eBay section and some interesting Signature auction results!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman was sold for $2,100, the X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston for $1,900, the Harley Quinn pinup by Adam Hughes for $1,200, the Ditko Legion page for $1,100 and the Swan/Ordway Superman for more than $1k.
Heritage Sunday: the beautiful MAD illustration by Jack Davis went for $21k (!), the Excalibur page by Alan Davis for $2k, the Hercules cover by Garcia Lopez for $1,900, a Buster Brown painting by Outcault for $3,100, the gothic illustration by Bernie Wrightson and the Shang-Chi splash by Gene Day both for $1,300.
Happy collectors won 2 Sgt. Rock pages by Estrada/Kubert for $900, an Estrada/Delbo Wonder Woman for $550 and a Batman page by Russ Heath for $300.
Heritage Signature: Sal Buscema made some big results, a Defenders cover went for $102,000 and a Captain America cover for $96,000. Don Heck is another artist that made a big jump in valutation, with an Avengers splash sold for $96,000 (probably also due to the fact that this is an exceptionally attractive page). A complete EC story by Williamson/Frazetta was sold for $90,000, the Marvel poster by Kerry Gammill went for $31k, the X-Men #100 cover by Arthur Adams went for $21k, the Spider-Man #151 cover prelim by Gil Kane for $5k, a 1979 Garfield daily for $1,700.
Dan De Carlo’s beautiful and sexy Humorama cartoons always sell for premium prices, this one went for $6,600.
Todd McFarlane’s Incredible Hulk splashes are still affordable (compared to covers) at $12k, a John Byrne wraparound cover with many characters, including She-Hulk, made somebody happy at less than $10k, $2,600 for a Superman half splash by Jim Lee seems like a good deal in 2019. Good deals are also this Namor title splash by Infantino/Layton for $2k, a nice X-Men page by Marc Silvestri for $1,200, Doctor Strange original art by Jim Starlin for $1,000, an Avengers half splash by Alan Davis for $900 and a Scarlet Spider-Man splash by Ron Lim for $750. As I usually do I forgot to bid on this Hulk pinup by John Buscema, that went for less than $1k, in the last hours.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Original Joker Sketch
Jim Lee - Original Joker Sketch
If you ask me, I’ll never put a page for sale on eBay in the middle of summer… seems like everybody else does, so it’s a very good week for comic art collectors!
Marvel: an Alpha Flight page by John Byrne, a Thanos half splash by Alan Davis, a nice Punisher page by Klaus Janson, many characters in this Infinity Crusade page by Ron Lim, even more Marvel heroes in this George Perez Avengers page.
Not the best Captain America page ever, but it’s drawn by Buscema and Romita.
A Conan title splash by Geof Isherwood, a Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan, Spider-Man by Alex Saviuk, X-Force and Wolvie in a (modern) page drawn by Rob Liefeld. Annihilus by Jim Starlin, an Avengers splash by John Romita Jr., very nice Ghost Rider commission by Daniel Warren Johnson.
We close with Humberto Ramos: a color “Fastball Special” (I think prices today are higher for a 2 char. commission). Then a cheap X-Men DPS and one that costs a bit more.
DC: a great Batman page and a great Joker sketch by Norm Breyfogle, a Batman commission by Jock, a classic Batman page by Carmine Infantino, an Azrael cover by Roger Robinson. Look at this Joker sketch by Jim Lee, it costs too much but it’s great.
Very nice Superman page by Gary Frank, a Teen Titans cover by Jurgens/Perez, an Hawkman DPS by Tim Sale, Wonder Woman art by Jose Delbo, a WW color commission by Yannick Paquette, a Demon DPS and a Superman page by John Byrne, a Superman page by Carlos Pacheco.
An horror cover by Nick Cardy, an Hellblazer cover sketch by Simon Bisley, an Authority painted cover by Glen Fabry.
Next Men by John Byrne, a Cyberforce page by Marc Silvestri, a Walking Dead page and a nice zombie sketch by Charlie Adlard, a 5 page lot of Richie Rich art by Ernie Colon, 2 TMNT sketches by Kevin Eastman, 6 daily Star Hawks strips by Gil Kane.

Heritage Sunday Auction
John Byrne - X-Men Original Comic Art
John Byrne - X-Men Original Comic Art
DC: a Batman fight page by Jim Lee, sadly with that new costume, a Superman fight page by Gary Frank, a Donna Troy page by Ed Benes, a Batgirl sketch by Frank Cho, a Superman title splash by Alex Saviuk.
A Golden Age Flash page by Carmine Infantino, a Hercules cover by Garcia Lopez, a Swan/Anderson Superman page, a very nice Estrada/Kubert Sgt. Rock page.
Marvel: an X-Men Hidden Years page by John Byrne, a nice Excalibur page by Alan Davis, a painted cover by Meghan Hetrick, a Cable splash by Reilly Brown.
Shang-Chi original art is growing quick after the movie announcement. Here’s our usual Gene Day page. A Butch Guice Micronauts page, the Vision by Dave Hoover, Avengers by Don Heck, Thor/Iron-Man original art by Keith Pollard.
A Scarlet Witch color commission by Bill Sienkiewicz, a Captain America illustration by Mike Zeck, Spidey Vs. Mysterio by Alex Saviuk and a Punisher half-splash by Bill Reinhold.
A Miracleman page by Chuck Austen, a Red Sonja cover by Sean Chen, a Mystic splash by Brandon Peterson, a sketch by Frank Frazetta.
See you next week!!
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