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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #96

August 1 · Issue #96 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #96 of Original Comic Art Tips!! This time after many months we only have the Heritage Sunday and eBay auctions to look at, don’t forget to bid on the Heritage Signature auction, lots will sell from today until Saturday.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Dave Cockrum X-Men original art went for $6,400, a Spider-Man sketch by John Romita Jr. for $1,100, the Spidey page by John Byrne for $1,600 and the Teen Titans cover by Tony Daniel for $700.
Heritage Sunday: the Wally Wood Marvel page went for $6,900, the Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers for $3,100, the Thor cover by Alan Davis for $1,900. The Sarge Steel page by Dick Giordano and the Frank Brunner Howard the Duck splash prelim were both sold for $2,000.
The ComicLink Auction ended a few hours ago, a Bloodshot cover by Don Perlin was sold for $2,900, the Death of Superman page by Butch Guice went for $3,200, a Robin splash by Tom Lyle for $950.
Happy collectors went home with a JLA DPS by Jim Starlin for $800, a New Warriors DPS by Darick Robertson for $400, a Namor page by Jae Lee for $400. The Namor splash by Geof Isherwood went for only $135, a nice Aquaman page by Don Heck for $190, Haunted Tank original art by Russ Heath for $180 and a Deadman page by Garcia Lopez for $250.

This week on eBay
John Cassaday - X-Men original Comic art
John Cassaday - X-Men original Comic art
Marvel: a nice Wolverine page by John Cassaday, 3 (small) sketches by Alan Davis for Hero Initiative: Nightcrawler, The Thing and Psylocke.
Incredible Hulk pages by Gary Frank are rare to come by, here’s one. An X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston, a Hulk half splash by John Romita Jr., a Thanos page by Ron Lim.
A Shang-Chi page by Zeck/Day, Spidey original art by Gil Kane, Wolverine by John Buscema, Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan and Spider-Man 2099 by Rick Leonardi.
A few painted commissions: Daredevil and Wolverine by Esad Ribic, Black Cat by Phil Noto.
DC: very nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, then again, WW art by John Byrne, the Legion by Ditko, a Superman page by the great team of Swan/Ordway, an Azrael semi-splash by Sergio Cariello and a Teen Titans page by Rich Buckler.
Nice Tim Sale 2Face commission, Batman by Gary Frank, a Harley pinup by Adam Hughes, a Catwoman splash by Rafa Sandoval, a Supergirl pinup by Jae Lee, a Mera splash by Lan Medina, Supergirl by Phil Noto and Batman painted by Alex Maleev.
Bill Sienkiewicz beautifully inked a blueline Batman cover by David Finch for Inkwell.
A Voodoo pinup by Bruce Timm with some big condition issues, a Gen13 page by Lee Bermejo, a Mortal Kombat cover by Jae Lee, a Shredder cover by Kevin Eastman, a Thunder Agents splash by George Tuska. No strips this week.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jack Davis - Original MAD Illustration
Jack Davis - Original MAD Illustration
DC: a Hercules cover by Garcia Lopez, 2 Batman pages by Dick Giordano, the usual nice pages by Ric Estrada, Wonder Woman, a single page and a DPS of Sgt. Rock original art inked by Joe Kubert, then a Batgirl half splash by Ed Benes.
2 Challengers of the Unknown pages by Alex Toth. I don’t like Giacoia on Toth sadly, with full Toth art I’d bid on this.
Marvel: an Alpha Flight page by Mike Mignola, Captain Marvel by Pat Broderick, Thor by Keith Pollard, a very nice Shang-Chi title splash by Gene Day.
An Avengers page by John Buscema, a Guardians title splash by Jim Valentino, a Vision Vs. The Thing page by Rick Leonardi.
A complete Punisher issue by Russ Heath, a Spider Woman page by Greg Land and a great Excalibur page by Alan Davis.
An incredible early MAD illustration by Jack Davis, two 1983 illustrations by Mike Mignola, an horror illustration by Bernie Wrightson and some tiny R. Crumb doodles you can try a low bid on.
Strips: a Tarzan Sunday by John Celardo, a Buster Brown panel, a really nice Cisco Kid daily, a Garfield daily and a Wizard of Id daily.
See you next week!!!
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