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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #95

July 25 · Issue #95 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #95 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Jae Lee Batman commission went for $750, the Fathom page by Michael Turner for a little less, the Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan for $700, the Spider-Man splash by Chris Bachalo for $600.
I usually can’t understand people spending money on “production art”, which is usually a fancy name for a xerox copy… this time somebody paid $5,000 for a stat of a Steranko cover.
Many auctions from last week are still going with low prices, Will Eisner, Bachalo‘s Shade, Alex Saviuk, Jae Lee.
Heritage Sunday: the Paul Smith X-Men page was sold for $5,000, the Western cover by Dick Ayers for $4,500 and the Giant Man page for $2,000, the Spirit World page by Jack Kirby went for $2,800, the Legion page by Keith Giffen for $2,500.
The Illustration by Art Spiegelman went for $1,900, illustrations by Daniel Clowes and Mark Schultz for $1,600, the Wolverine page by Marc Silvestri for $1,500.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
A very short eBay section this week, probably everybody is far from a computer. Only a few pieces but very good, like a full team X-Men page by Dave Cockrum (have you noticed how many Cockrum X-men pages are on eBay lately?), a great Spider-Man/Mysterio page by John Byrne, a Spider-Man page by John Romita Jr. and a nice Namor page, again by John Byrne.
Then a Fantastic Four page by Jim Lee, a Storm pinup by Paul Smith, a painted Psylocke by Esad Ribic, an Howard the Duck page by Gene Colan, a Scarlet Witch bust by George Perez.
An Ultimate Vision splash by Brandon Peterson, a New Mutants page by June Brigman.
Not much from DC besides this nice Elongated Man page by Dick Giordano. Some Alex Saviuk Superman pages, a Superman pinup by Paul Smith, a Teen Titans cover by Tony Daniel, Catwoman and Poison Ivy original art by Guillem March, a new Shade page by Chris Bachalo and a Challengers page by Tim Sale.
I’ve never read Tokyo Ghost, but I like this Sean Murphy page.
Remember that dude making a lot of money with fake Romita and Mignola sketches? He opened a new account.
Strips: a great Alley Oop daily, a funny Ziggy panel, a Bringing Up Father daily, a Broom Hilda daily and a Noel Sickles illustration.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Dick Ayers - Sgt. Fury Original Comic Art
Dick Ayers - Sgt. Fury Original Comic Art
Three Alan Davis pages: the usual Excalibur, a Thor half splash and a Thor cover. A Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a nice Wally Wood page, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, a pop-art Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Shang-Chi by Gene Day and a nice Hulk/Spidey by Jeff Purves.
DC: a Batman cover prelim by Bernie Wrightson, an Hawkman splash by Murphy Anderson, a western splash by Gil Kane and a Wonder Woman page by Ric Estrada.
A nice Scalped splash, a Sarge Steel page by Dick Giordano, a Crumb sketch and some strips: a 1942 Nancy daily, a Stone Soup cover and a B.C. daily.
Heritage Signature Auction 2 of 2
Jack Kirby - The Thing pinup Original Art
Jack Kirby - The Thing pinup Original Art
Part 2 will be longer than part 1… the auction will end on August 1-3.
From F to Z. I never thought this may actually exist: the original layout by Gil Kane to the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #151. the beautiful tenth Sunday Prince Valiant page by Hal Foster, a nice Trimpe/BWS Machine Man page, the usual tons of Jack Kirby pages, this Thing pinup is the best one.
A rare Catwoman splash by Jim Balent, many Garfield strips as usual, this time there are several pre-1980 ones. A Batman splash by Jim Lee, a Captain Marvel title splash by Jim Starlin, a Hulk illustration by John Buscema, a Sgt. Rock cover by Joe Kubert.
An incredible set of John Byrne pages, I chose the obvious one as an example. A full Spider-Man issue by Romita Jr. and a beautiful Spider-Man page by Romita Sr., look at the Marvel 25th. anniversary poster by Kerry Gammill, an Hawkman cover by Lee Weeks.
Lately many Marc Silvestri X-Men pages have resurfaced in different auctions, here’s a crucifixed Wolverine. All of the Avengers by Michael Golden, Dracula by Mignola, a beautiful Incal page by Moebius, a Batman cover by Neal Adams.
An Avengers cover by Coipel, a F4 splash by Rich Buckler, 2 Scarlet Spider splashes by Ron Lim, a Defenders cover by Sal Buscema and we end with a Hulk title splash by Todd McFarlane.
Comic link Focused Auction
Jim Starlin - JLA Original Comic Art
Jim Starlin - JLA Original Comic Art
ComicLink auctions have always been a source for original art from the 90’s, this time we have more than usual, so I’m starting from there:
A “death of Superman” page by Butch Guice and a splash from the return of Superman by Dan Jurgens, a Robin splash by Tom Lyle. Ponytail Namor page by Jae Lee, Ponytail Namor splash by Geof Isherwood, a nice New Warriors DPS by Darick Robertson, X-Men half-splash by Mark Pacella, Magneto half-splash by Jan Duursema, a Deadpool page from teen-aged Joe Mad, a Hulk Vs. Drax splash by Tom Raney and a Backlash splash by Brett Booth. /end of the 90’s.
Then we have a nice JLA DPS by Jim Starlin, some Haunted Tank pages by Russ Heath, Top Ten original art by Gene Ha and a Joe The Barbarian splash by Sean Murphy. A Captain Marvel page by George Tuska, a nice Fantastic Four half splash by Jim Craig and an Avengers page by Romita Jr.
See you next week!!!
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