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🔍👉Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #94

Here we are with #94 of Original Comic Art Tips, let's start as usual with auction results! Original
July 19 · Issue #94 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #94 of Original Comic Art Tips, let’s start as usual with auction results!
Original Comic Art Auction results:
Not much to see in eBay results, the TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman went for $5,200, a Camelot page by Brian Bolland for $2,800, the Hulk painting by Bruce Timm for $1,200, and that nice Emma Frost painted bust by Jeff Dekal for $200.
Heritage Sunday: the Frank Quitely Invisibles page went, unsurprisingly, for $3,800, the Excalibur splash by Alan Davis for $2,700, the Kamandi splash by Kirby for $2,300, the Wally Wood MAD strip for $2,500, the Kevin O'Neill League page for $2,100.
What surprised me a bit were the Superman page by Gary Frank for $1,400, the Hellboy page by P. Craig Russell for $1,200, and the Winsor McKay doodle for $2,300.
The X-Men title splash by Dave Cockrum was sold at Hakes for $75k (the other pieces went for more or less market price), the Bernie Wrightson art at Profiles In History was all sold for high prices, the Frankenstein plate went for $180k, the poster painting for $128k, the Justice cover by Alex Ross remained “affordable” at less than $5k, the Wolverine illustration by Adam Hughes went for only $900.

This week on eBay
Will Eisner - The Spirit Original Art
Will Eisner - The Spirit Original Art
Marvel: nice new pages by Chris Bachalo ending today, Spider-Man Vs Sandman, Spidey Vs Rhino, a Lizard splash and more.
Superior Spidey by Stegman, Spidey Vs Shocker by Alex Saviuk, Spidey by Don Perlin. An X-Men page by Carlos Pacheco, Wolverine by Ron Wagner and Wolvie by Steve McNiven, a painted Magneto by Linsner.
A nice Fantastic 4 page and a Hulk splash by Herb Trimpe, a great F4 page by Paul Ryan and the Hulk by Ed McGuinness. A Doc Strange sketch by Brunner and a Captain America page by Jae Lee.
DC: a Jae Lee Batman with lowered price, Batman by Bob Brown, a great Joker portrait by Guillem March.
Superman pinup by George Perez, classic Supes by Dan Jurgens, Butch Guice and Mike Wieringo. A Flash title splash by Salvador Larroca, Zatanna by Neal Adams, a Booster Gold splash by Tony Daniel.
Shade by Chris Bachalo, Hellblazer by Steve Pugh, Starman by Tony Harris.
A cheap 6-sketch lot, with Adam Hughes and Jerry Ordway, a Nexus page by Adam Hughes, Fathom page by Michael Turner, a zombie by Charlie Adlard, a complete horror story by Ross Andru, a Spirit page by Will Eisner, a Family Circus panel by Bil Keane and a Nancy Sunday by Bushmiller.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Kevin O'Neill - League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen original art
Kevin O'Neill - League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen original art
First remember that the Larry Shell benefit auction is ending this Sunday. After I sent the last issue, 2 great items were added: a Xenozoic Tales illustration by Mark Shultz and a Frankenstein’s Monster portrait by Daniel Clowes.
Marvel: a Kitty Pride page by Paul Smith, Wolverine and X-Men original art by Marc Silvestri, Kirby layouts in this Strange Tales page, pure Kirby pencils in this F4 animation storyboard. A 1964 Giant Man page by Dick Ayers.
DC: The usual lot of nice Ric Estrada pages, like this Wonder Woman and this Sgt. Rock inked by Joe Kubert. Spirit World art by Kirby, Legion by Giffen, Teen Titans by Perez.
Tarzan by Kubert, a nice Batman page by Paul Gulacy, Azrael by Quesada/Nowlan, JLA by Howard Porter and Wonder Woman by David Finch.
Another League illustration by Kevin O'Neill, a Josie pinup by Dan De Carlo, a Vengeance Squad cover by Pete Morisi, a Dragon illustration by Opper.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 of 2
Charles Schultz - Peanuts Original Comic Art
Charles Schultz - Peanuts Original Comic Art
Here we are with another signature auction, as usual there’s too much great art to display here. I’ll be pretty quick, but there are, usually, multiple pieces by each artist.
From A to F we start with a Williamson/Frazetta EC complete story, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Alex Raymond, a Shazam DPS by Alex Ross, an INCREDIBLE Creepy splash by Alex Toth, the full team X-Men #100 cover by Art Adams, the cover to Conan #11 by Barry Smith, an Animal Man cover by Brian Bolland and a Wonder Woman painting by Bruce Timm.
Look at the layout on this Flash page by Carmine Infantino, many Peanuts original strips, including this very funny Sunday, four Flattop - Dick Tracy dailies by Gould.
A Watchmen page, a great Avengers splash by Don Heck, do you remember that Michael Jackson MAD cover by Drew Friedman? A Daredevil cover by Esad Ribic, an Harley Quinn cover by Frank Cho, a Creepy cover by Frazetta and a beautiful Lone Wolf cover by Frank Miller.
See you next Week!!

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