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🔍👉Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #93

July 12 · Issue #93 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #93 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
eBay: the She-Hulk half splash by John Byrne went for $3,750, the X-Men page by Dave Cockrum for $2,600, the Wolverine page by Buscema/Sienk for $2,000, the Witchblade cover by Terry Dodson for $1,000 and the three pages of Preacher original art were sold for $611.333 each…
A Green Lantern splash by Darryl Banks for $500 is a good catch, the niceAvengers page by Paul Ryan went for $330 and the Dennis the Menace panel for $260.
Heritage Sunday: The Ditko/Wood Dynamo page was sold for $4,300, the Ayers/Ditko 10 page lot went for $4,500, a Ricardo Villagran painted Strange Tales page went for $1,500.
The Ric Estrada Wonder Woman DPS went for $1,000, an Estrada Batman page and one by Gulacy for $400, a Buscema Conan page for $200.
ComicLink: Jock sketches are VERY in demand lately, the Batman sketch made $2,700. Is the Amalgam crossover coming back in the mind of comic art collectors? A Butch Guice splash was sold for $2,700. The Kirby page and the Wenzel Moon Knight went for $2,000.
Now for the usual bargain section of every CL auction, look at that nice Romita Jr. Spider-Man page sold for $750 and the Avengers art for $350. Old Adam Hughes prelims seem to me like a good way to take home a nice piece without having to spend $2k for a tiny commission… look at this nice Vampirella sold for $450 and this Wonder Woman for $300.
Ken Lashley has many fans, I’m surprised this one went for only $200. A beautiful Deathlok page by Lan Medina went for $200.
If you were interested in art auctioned by Hakes and Profiles in History they’re ending today.

This week on eBay
Sean Murphy Comic Art - Look at the background on this panel
Sean Murphy Comic Art - Look at the background on this panel
Summer is going strong, nothing sensational this week on eBay, but many little nice things.
DC: a new Batman page and an old Batman page by Sean Murphy, a Batman pinup by Ed Benes, a Batman cover by Tony Daniel.
Clark Kent by Gary Frank, Superman original art by Chris Samnee, another Harley Quinn sketch + action figure set by Jim Lee, a Green Lantern cover by Pat Gleason, a Teen Titans cover by Tony Daniel, a JSA cover by Cliff Chiang.
Superman and Shazam by Tom Grummett, Superman by Kerry Gammill, a JLA page by Howard Porter, Batwoman art by Kevin Maguire, a Batman commission by Jerry Ordway, Green Lantern by Dave Cockrum.
Some Camelot 3000 pages by Brian Bolland, some cheaper, some pricier.
Marvel: World War Hulk art by Romita Jr., an Incredible Hulk commission by Erik Larsen and a painted Hulk pinup by Bruce Timm ending today.
Timm again, with a painted Medusa sketch, a great Avengers cover by George Perez, Ultimate Spider-Man and a Venom half-splash by Mark Bagley.
A Spider-Man page by Mike Wieringo, a Rogue splash by Yanick Paquette, very nice Avengers action page by Matteo Scalera, a Thor DPS by Chris Sprouse, nice Punisher semi-splash by Bill Reinhold and a beautiful Emma Frost watercolor by Jeff Dekal.
I loved the Labyrinth movie when I was a kid, I just discovered John Buscema was the artist on the adaptation, this seller has three pages.
A TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman, a Dawn Painting by Linsner and some nice Tarzan strips: a Sunday by John Celardo and dailies by Dan Barry and Bob Lubbers. There’s also a very nice Corrigan daily by Al Williamson.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Gil Kane - Warlock Original Comic Art
Gil Kane - Warlock Original Comic Art
DC: a Kamandi splash and a Dingbats page by Jack Kirby, a vampire Batman page by Gene Colan, the usual nice Wonder Woman page by Ric Estrada.
A couple of very nice Superman pages by Gary Frank (one, two), an Azrael splash by Quesada/Nowlan and a rare Invisibles page by Frank Quitely.
Marvel: nice Gene Colan FF vs. Namor art, an Excalibur title splash by Alan Davis, a Jack Kirby Two-Gun Kid page and a perfect Adam Warlock illustration by Gil Kane.
Look at the incredible background details in this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen page by Kevin O'Neill. A nice Hellboy page by P. Craig Russell, early American Flagg page by Howard Chaykin and a 1974 Star Trek illustration by John Byrne.
Strips: a Mandrake MAD parody strip by Wally Wood, a quick sketch by Winsor McKay is interesting, considering the price of his published originals, a Buster Brown panel by Richard Outcault. B.C., Rip Kirby, Garfield and Zits dailies.
Heritage Charity Auction for Larry Shell
Butch Guice - Masks Original Cover Art
Butch Guice - Masks Original Cover Art
Longtime collector, comics pro and Comic Art Tips reader Larry Shell is having a difficult time and needs help. Many of his cartoonist friends donated original art that will be inside Heritage’s Sunday auction on July, 21.
If you want to see all the pieces on auction here’s a link, and here are my highlights: a Xenozoic Tales illustration by Mark Schultz, a great Masks cover, starring several Golden Age heroes and a detailed Archangel splash by Butch Guice, a Batman portrait by Neal Adams, a Dawn pinup by J.M. Linsner.
There are also a beautiful 1978 illustration by Art Spiegelman, an incredible Daniel Clowes ink portrait of Frankenstein’s Monster, a Best of EC Comics Artist’s Edition signed by Al Feldstein and many other nice pieces. Go take a look!
Heritage Science Fiction Illustration Auction
Wally Wood - Weird Science Original Cover Art
Wally Wood - Weird Science Original Cover Art
Yesterday I went to see all the listings in this auction thinking “maybe there’s an illustration drawn by a comic artist…”. You bet there were, but I had to scroll several pages to find them, that’s my job here..! 😅
The most famous science fiction artist in comics was Wally Wood, and there are not one but 14 pieces. Some pen and ink, some B/W and some color paintings! The big one is this Weird Science cover color recreation, then a very nice 1958 book cover, a color prelim and a nice cover color guide by Marie Severin.
Mark Schultz has three pieces, the cover to Xenozoic Tales #3, a 1994 illustration and a 2015 cover. A 1969 cover painting by Bernie Wrightson and a 1967 paperback cover by Jeff Jones.
See you next week!!

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