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🔍👉Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #92

Welcome to #92 of original Comic Art Tips! Very interesting Marvel section on eBay and Hakes Auctions
July 4 · Issue #92 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #92 of original Comic Art Tips! Very interesting Marvel section on eBay and Hakes Auctions, then look at all the great Bernie Wrightson art at Profiles in History!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Rip Kirby daily was sold for $6,300, high quality art is always recognized by collectors. A standard daily (if you can call something drawn by Alex Raymond “standard”) can go for $500/600. Another great daily went for $3,500, a nice Jungle Jim topper for $2,900.
The Sea Devils page by Russ Heath went for $2,000, the Andy Kubert Batman art for $600, Batman by Paul Pope for $800, the AVX cover by Carlo Barberi for $660.
The Superman cover by Mike Manley went for $530, the Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk for $300, the Batman half-splash by Stuart Immonen for $250 and the Flash page by Brett Booth for $100.
The Solomon Kane page by Mignola/Williamson and the Buscema/Sinnott illustration are for sale again with lowered prices.
Heritage Sunday: The Spectacular Spidey half splash by Jim Mooney went for $2,600, the page with Al Milgrom for $2,400, the Ric Estrada Wonder Woman title splash for $1,600, the Walking Dead splash for $1,300.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - She Hulk Original Comic Art
John Byrne - She Hulk Original Comic Art
Some very nice Marvel pages to start: an X-Men page by Dave Cockrum, a great She-Hulk page by John Byrne, an Avengers page by Paul Ryan and Tom Palmer, Wolverine fighting by Buscema/Sienkiewicz, a New Mutants page by Rob Liefeld and a beautiful Ghost Rider title splash by Bret Blevins.
Then there’s a nice Spider-verse splash by Mark Bagley, Captain America art by Ron Garney, a vintage Thor sketch by John Romita Jr., a Wolverine sketch by Scott Williams, Silver Surfer and Thanos by Ron Lim, Daredevil by Scott McDaniel, a Conan cover by Dale Keown, an X-Men page by Greg Land.
DC: Wonder Woman art by Don Heck, Superman by Curt Swan, Batman by Don Newton, a Batman splash by Gil Kane, a Green Lantern splash by Darryl Banks, a Superman animated page by Mike Parobeck.
Very nice Deadman page and a nicer Wonder Woman pinup by Garcia Lopez. Batman: nice DPS by Carlo Pagulayan, a Penguin splash by Tony Daniel, Batman/Joker by Scott McDaniel, a sketch by Scott Williams and a Bats/Superman page by Stuart Immonen.
a 3 page lot of Preacher original art by Steve Dillon starting from $333 each. A great Shade splash by Chris Bachalo and a Doom Patrol page by Mike Dringenberg.
Two Walking Dead pages from #9 (Rick still has 2 hands), one, two. A Captain 3D page by Jack Kirby, a TMNT page from the 80’s by Kevin Eastman and a Witchblade cover by Terry Dodson. Strips: a Bloom County daily and a Dennis the Menace panel.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Kevin Nowlan - Plastic Man Original Comic Art
Kevin Nowlan - Plastic Man Original Comic Art
DC: a beautiful Kevin Nowlan page from Plastic Man and an Azrael by Quesada/Nowlan, a Donna Troy pinup by George Perez, Batman by Paul Gulacy, Batman/Deadman by Ric Estrada, a pop-art Wonder Woman Dps by Estrada and a nice Atom page by Gil Kane.
Not much from Marvel, this week: an Excalibur half-splash by Alan Davis, X-Men original art by Carlos Pacheco, Hulk and Iron-Man by Jeff Purves.
Very nice Ditko/Wood Thunder Agents page, a 10 page “The Jaguar” story penciled by Ayers and inked by Ditko (the last 2 pages look like 100% Ditko).
Great Ring of the Nibelung page by Gil Kane, a Scalped page by Guera and some nice strips: Hagar, Garfield, Beetle Bailey and Alley Oop dailies. Moon Mullins (hand colored), Wizard of ID and Robin Malone Sundays.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Larry Stroman - Cloak & Dagger Original Comic Art
Larry Stroman - Cloak & Dagger Original Comic Art
Here we are with part 2, go back to last week’s newsletter for part 1.
M-Z: a couple nice Captain Marvel pages by Al Milgrom, a Batman & Robin sketch by Sean Murphy, Batman by Irv Novick, a Spider-Man 2/3 splash by Olliffe/Williamson, Invincible Original Comic Art by Ryan Ottley.
I like this Teen Titans page by George Perez, 100 Bullets original art by Eduardo Risso, very nice Spider-Man page by John Romita Jr, a Nexus title splash by Steve Rude.
Look at this great Cloak & Dagger page by Larry Stroman, one of the first Moon Knight appearances by David Wenzel.
Hake's Auctions
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
A few great Marvel pages, like an X-Men title splash by Dave Cockrum, Thor original art by Jack Kirby, Sub-Mariner by Bill Everett, Iron-Man by George Tuska, Daredevil by Gene Colan and Conan Vs. Red Sonja by John Buscema.
Then 3 beautiful Peanuts dailies and a Colleen Doran page from Sandman #34.
Profiles in History
Bernie Wrightson - Frankenstein Original Illustration
Bernie Wrightson - Frankenstein Original Illustration
A fantastic collection of Bernie Wrightson pieces: a Frankenstein illustration, a painted fantasy poster art, a House of Mistery cover, a Swamp Thing splash.
There’s also something more affordable, an early monster illustration, a Zombie, a painted Zombie, a third Zombie.
Then a Wonder Woman cover by Alex Ross, several painted illustrations by William Stout, Wolverine by Adam Hughes.
See you next week!!
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