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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #90

June 21 · Issue #90 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #90 of Original Comic Art Tips!! Summer is starting and things are slowing down on eBay and Heritage Sunday auctions, a little less art but maybe also less competition!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the George Perez Avengers page went for $3,000, the Warlord by Mike Grell for $2,200, the Black Canary pinup by Bruce Timm for $1,300, the Spider-Man by Neal Adams for $950. The Preacher page for less than $700, good deal. The Mignola Hellboy pinup is still going.
Heritage Sunday: Conan pages wit Belit always go for premium prices, this one went for $3,300. The Green Lantern page by Gil Kane went for $3,000, a Hercules cover by Garcia-Lopez for $2,400, the Azrael art by Joe Quesada and the Dan De Carlo pinup for $2,100, the Spider-Man page by Al Milgrom for $1,300 (prices for the Milgrom/Mooney team on Spectacular are growing).
Millon: the Tintin sketch went for €16.000, the Gaston prelim by Franquin for €12.000 and one of the sketchbook pages for €7.000, the Manara pinup for €4.000 and the Lambil page for €7.500.
The Vermot auction highlighted in the last issue is ending this weekend.

This week on eBay
Mark Texeira - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Mark Texeira - Wolverine Original Comic Art
DC: a Ra’s Al Ghul commission by David Finch, a rare Batman page by Barry Kitson, Batman by Denys Cowan, nice Catwoman pinup by Jordi Bernet.
Beautiful 1996 Wonder Woman commission by George Perez, Superman original art by Curt Swan, JLA by Dick Dillin, Teen Titans by Rich Buckler, a Warlord page by Mike Grell.
2 Flash pages by Brett Booth (one, two), Painted Shazam pinup by Lan Medina.
Marvel: a She-Hulk page by John Byrne, classic Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider page by Mark Bagley, a great Wolverine page by Mark Texeira, Excalibur by Rick Leonardi, Captain America by Ron Garney.
A Red Sonja pinup by Bruce Timm, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, a Venom page by Ryan Stegman, X-Men by Greg Land and Salvador Larroca, Captain America by Chris Sprouse.
A Charles Vess fantasy illustration, painted Dawn by J.M. Linsner, Scooby Doo by Joe Staton.
Strips: very funny Wizard of ID Sunday, beautiful Johnny Hazard 1944 daily by Frank Robbins, a 1950 Pogo daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
DC: another big lot of Ric Estrada pages, like this nice Wonder Woman and a World’s Finest. Another Wonder Woman by Mike Sekowsky and another World’s Finest by Dick Dillin. a Superboy DPS by Bob Brown, Adam Strange by Gil Kane, Batman by Gene Colan.
Great Teen Titans cover by Brett Booth, a page from Azrael #1 by Quesada/Nowlan, Titans original art by George Perez and a JLA page by Howard Porter.
For Marvel Comics there’s a big lot of Spider-Man pages, a classic black suit + X-Factor page by Rick Leonardi, Spectacular by Kerry Gammill, Ed Hannigan, Al Milgrom and Marie Severin. Amazing by Steve Skroce.
Defenders art by Keith Giffen, Hulk and Iron-Man by Jeff Purves, Luke Cage and Captain America art by George Tuska, Excalibur by Alan Davis.
Two very nice Cosmic pages by Jim Starlin: Warlock and Silver Surfer here, Thanos Vs. Eternity here.
A Wally Wood page from Witching Hour, 2 Yogi Bear pages by Harvey Eisenberg.
Many Strips for once: a 1930 Winnie Winkle Sunday, a beautiful hand-colored Moon Mullins Sunday from 1924, a Rusty Riley Sunday, a Captain & the Kids/Hawkshaw Sunday, a funny Garfield Sunday, a Li'l Abner Sunday.
Phoenix Auctions
Milo Manara - Original Preliminary Illustration
Milo Manara - Original Preliminary Illustration
Huge auction in Bruxelles, more than 300 lots from the usual big names.
Multiple pieces by: Herge, Moebius, Vance, Juillard, Turk, Macherot.
Then a Young Blueberry painted cover by Blanc Dumont, a beautiful page by Boucq, a painted illustration by David B., a rare Mort Cinder page by Breccia, Chic Bill original art by Tibet, nice Western page by Serpieri, a color Valerian pinup by Mezieres, some cheap original sketches by Manara.
Russ Cochran
Esteban Maroto - Fantasy Illustration
Esteban Maroto - Fantasy Illustration
The usual mix of cheap comic strips with a few nice sprinkles: A 2-page story by Gilbert Shelton, a beautiful pencil illustration drawn by Esteban Maroto as a gift to Al Williamson, an Apt. 3-G Sunday by Alex Kotzky, a Little King Sunday by Otto Soglow and a Hagar daily by Dik Browne.
See you Next Week and happy Summer!!
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