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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #89

June 14 · Issue #89 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #89 of Original Comic Art Tips, there was a lot of talk on the web about the fake Hellboy illustration sold for more than $600. Mike Mignola himself offered to identify his original art before bidding, by posting his email address on Twitter. I’ve been warning people on that seller for weeks, he specializes in crude Mignola and Romita fakes and fake Stan Lee/Jack Kirby signed comics, he still made a lot of money in a few months…
Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a painted page by Jon J. Muth ended for $2,100, the Cover prelim by Brian Bolland went for $800, the F4 splash by Paul Ryan for $400, the nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck went for $550, the GenX page by Chris Bachalo for $500, the Batman strip by George Tuska for $200.
Heritage Sunday: no big prices this week, so I’m only showing pages sold for less than $500. Wonder Woman and Hawkman original art by John Byrne for $288, that great Gil Kane Superman page for the same price, Hulk by Adam Kubert for $372, 3 pages went for $264: Conan page by Buscema, Doc Ock by Buscema/Sienkiewicz and Spider-Man by Kerry Gammill. A Shang-Chi by Mike Zeck was sold for $500.
Comiconnect - Kirby: the cover to Thor #157 was sold for $71k, interior prices were “affordable” with the Fantastic Four annual page sold for $12k, Thor pages for $8k and $7k, a good Falcon action page for $2,5k. An Incredible Hulk page by Jim Starlin went for $500 and a very nice Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond sold for $800.
Heritage European Auction: it’s no news that the Tintin cover was sold for $1.125,000. A splash by Moebius went for $87,000 and an Incal page for $52,000. I hoped that the Micheluzzi illustration would go unnoticed, in an international auction, it made a record at $10k…
A complete Lee Elias 7 page horror story went for $3,750, $550 for each page. An Incredible Hulk half splash by Jim Starlin went for $650, a Terry Dodson X-Men page went for $200.

This week on eBay
Bruce Timm - Original Comic art
Bruce Timm - Original Comic art
Marvel: Defenders page by Perlin/Sinnott, a Black Cat page by Al Milgrom, nice Keith Pollard page from X-Factor #4, a Black Suit Spidey commission by Neal Adams, Captain America original art by Gene Colan, a vintage Avengers page by George Perez, New Mutants by June Brigman.
Nice Uncanny X-Men page by Joe Mad, Daredevil by Janson/Sienk, nice+cheap Avengers page by Ian Churchill, Avengers by George Perez, Daredevil art by Scott McDaniel, Inhumans/F4/Avengers in this page by Geof Isherwood.
She Hulk Vs. Wolverine cover by Ed McGuinness, an X-Men cover by David Lopez, Conan half-splash by Mahmud Asrar, a Gambit commission and an Hulk sketch by Jim Cheung.
DC: Harley Quinn cover by Dan Panosian, a Black Canary painting by Bruce Timm, Batman page by Rags Morales, Superman by Gary Frank and a Joker color commission by Simon Bisley.
If you’re searching for a really cheap Jim Lee page here’s one for $500 and one for $300.
Nice, signed Don Newton Batman page, a Superman page by Alex Saviuk, Mister Miracle by Marshall Rogers, a very nice Shade page by Chris Bachalo a Preacher page by Steve Dillon and a Warlord page by Mike Grell.
Mike Mignola original Hellboy illustration, a great Darkness cover by Marc Silvestri, a Mouse Guard illustration by David Petersen, a TMNT splash by Kevin Eastman.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Sal Buscema - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
DC: a classic Gil Kane Green Lantern page, Batman by Joe Quesada from Azrael #1, a signed Western splash by Jim Aparo and a Batman action page, a Bob Brown DPS from Superboy, a selection of many Ric Estrada pages, like this Wonder Woman splash and a Sgt. Rock page inked by Joe Kubert. Wonder Woman by John Byrne and the JLA by Adam Hughes.
Marvel: another lot of Spectacular Spider-Man pages, Mike Zeck, Marie Severin, Al Milgrom, Kerry Gammill, and a splash by Buscema/Sienkiewicz.
I really like this splash by Saltares/Texeira, even if there’s no Ghost Rider. Conan by John Buscema, the Vision by Rick Leonardi, Excalibur by Alan Davis and a great Dr. Strange page by Jim Starlin.
Two Phantom pages by Jim Aparo, a complete Jungle Jim story by Pat Boyette, a beautiful Betty & Veronica pinup by Dan De Carlo, Wally Wood on Thunder Agents, one of the first jobs by Jack Kirby in 1937.
Strips: a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy, Robin Malone Sunday by Bob Lubbers, a B.C. Sunday, a Terry daily by Caniff.
Millon - BD Encheres - Vermot & Associés
Albert Uderzo - Asterix Original illustration
Albert Uderzo - Asterix Original illustration
Very nice pieces, all the classics and a bunch of 1958 Franquin sketches.
What I dream of owning: a published Asterix illustration by Uderzo. A Manara pinup, a big Tintin sketch by Herge, a Gaston prelim and a page with sketches of all of his characters. A Scorpion illustration by Marini, a Tuniques Bleues page by Lambil.
A Spirou page by Franquin, a very detailed Dany page, a Manara page, XIII by Vance.
BD Encheres:
A Comanche page by Hermann, a sketch by Barbucci.
See you next Week!!

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