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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #88

June 7 · Issue #88 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #88 of Original Comic Art Tips! Long results section, this week.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the Sandman splash by P. Craig Russell went for $2,800, the Gene Colan Black Widow splash for $1,550, the Fantastic Four page by Jim Lee for $2,300, a Buscema Conan page for $1,300.
Happy collectors won a Robin splash by Scott McDaniel for $450, a Batman by Graham Nolan and a Flash by Don Heck for $200 and an Avengers DPS by Paul Ryan for $375.
Heritage Sunday: the Batman page by Bernie Wrightson was sold for $2,600, two pages by Gene, Daredevil by Colan and Shang-Chi by Day both went for $1,680, a Fantastic Four page by Buscema/Sinnott for $1,300 is a good catch, a Thor by Buscema went for $1,700, a JLI page by Kevin Maguire went for $1,300.
Not that great, but a JLA page by Byrne went for $230, a Walking Dead page with Zombies went for $450.
ComicLink: Not many interesting results, most of the auctioned items ended for market prices. The Daredevil title splash by Gene Colan went for $39,000. Not a surprising price if you think of the historic value of the art, but very high compared to Colan’s usual auction results. The cover to Spider-Man #4 by Todd McFarlane went for $136k. Less iconic covers were sold years ago for the same price, I expected more. The opposite can be said about the cover to Prophet #6 by Stephen Platt, that was sold for $17k. Other less iconic covers went for $3/5k in 2017, I expected less!
Quick flips went really bad. The Batman splash by Don Newton, sold on eBay in February for $4,300, went for $2,500. The Fantastic Four cover by Paul Ryan, sold on eBay in April for $3,350, went for $2,700. The Conan cover by Barry Smith went for $57k and was sold on Heritage in 2018 for $60k.
Much more satisfied were the collectors searching for cheap original art: a Moon Knight splash by Stephen Platt went for $1,800, a very nice Zatanna by Adam Hughes for $1,200, a Scarlet Witch for $500 and a Joker splash by Tim Sale for $1,700. A Cable splash by Ian Churchill went for $700, a JLA splash by Howard Porter for $750 and a Flash cover for $650, a Batman splash and a Superman splash by Tony Daniel both went for $650, a Thanos page by Jim Starlin for $550, a nice Spider-Man page by John Romita Jr. for $550 and a Thor battle page by Olivier Coipel for $450.
Don’t forget the ComiConnect auction ending on Monday!

This week on eBay
Chris Bachalo - Shade Splash Original Art
Chris Bachalo - Shade Splash Original Art
Marvel: another very nice Fantastic Four splash by Paul Ryan and a FF DPS by Herb Trimpe, a Scarlet Spider splash by Mark Bagley (Clone Saga original art is growing), A Conan page by John Buscema, a page from Generation X #1 by Chris Bachalo.
Spider-Man by Steven Butler, Spidey by Win Mortimer, Doc Ock by Frenz/Buscema, Fantastic Four by Pollard, Johnny Blaze by Perlin.
Deadpool splash by Jason Pearson, Deadpool by Koblish, Cable by Ed McGuinness, Rogue commission by Mike Golden, Valkyrie commission by Bruce Timm.
DC: Superman pages by Jim Lee (tiny…), Rick Leonardi, Phil Jimenez, Barry Kitson, Butch Guice, Doug Mahnke. Batman by Adi Granov, Jim Balent, Alex Toth (doodles…), George Tuska, a Flash page by Howard Porter and a great Wonder Woman page by Don Heck.
A detailed Animal Man cover sketch by Brian Bolland and a Shade splash by Chris Bachalo.
A J. Scott Campbell Gen 13 page, a Jamie Hewlett Tank Girl pinup, Shaolin Cowboy and Big Guy & Rusty illustrations by Geof Darrow, a Wizard of ID Sunday and a Corrigan daily by Al Williamson.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Don Heck - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
Don Heck - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
DC: nice Batman page by Jim Aparo, Batman by Don Newton, Batman/Legionnaires by George Perez, Superman by Swan/Williamson.
Great Superman page by Gil Kane and Kevin Nowlan, classic Adam Strange by Kane/Anderson, Green Arrow by Mike Nasser, Wonder Woman/Hawkman by John Byrne and a beautiful Wonder Woman title splash by Don Heck.
Marvel: Excalibur by Alan Davis, Doc Ock by Ross Andru, Conan by Buscema, Spectacular Spider-Man half splash by Milgrom and a fight page by Jim Mooney.
Venom vs. Scarlet Spider by Tom Lyle, Incredible Hulk by Adam Kubert, Shang-Chi by Mike Zeck.
Heritage European Auction part 2 of 2
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Art
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Art
The second half of the catalogue was less interesting than the first, just a quick update.
A Corto Maltese page by Hugo Pratt, a painted Borgia page by Milo Manara, several Jimmy Corrigan pages by Chris Ware. A couple of (still very cheap) X-Men pages by Terry Dodson, a very nice Moon Knight half splash by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Late Flash Gordon page by Alex Raymond, a Peanuts daily and a Popeye daily by Segar.
Blog post: Top Ten on eBay in May 2019
Another month ended and I made a new top ten list of the highest prices paid for original art on eBay in May. 10 auctions and 10 buy it now… Go see who won, and let me know what you think!
See you next week!!
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