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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #87

May 31 · Issue #87 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #87 of Original Comic Art Tips! Very long update with 5 sections, so I’m keeping the results section a bit light. I need a slow week to get back on time..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Pitt page by Dale Keown went for almost $4,000, the Spirit page by Will Eisner for $2,100, the Zatanna painting by Bruce Timm for $2,000, the Superman splash by Curt Swan for $1,500, the Mike Mignola pinup for is still live at $750, the Thanos DPS by Ron Lim for $550 and the nice Nick Bradshaw X-Men page for only $350.
Heritage Sunday: Alan Davis wins again with an Excalibur page sold for $2,300, Ross Andru made a little less with his Doc Ock splash, a tie between Gil Kane and Eddie Campbell at $2,000.
$1,900 for the F4 page by Rick Buckler, $1,400 for JLI by Kevin Maguire and $1,100 for Spider-Man/Man-Thing by Kerry Gammill. Not the greatest JLA page but somebody bought Superman and Martian Manhunter by John Byrne for $200 (there’s another one this week).

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Black Widow Splash
Gene Colan - Black Widow Splash
Another big eBay update, I had to edit out a lot of pieces..!
Marvel: a Black Widow title splash by Gene Colan from Daredevil #90, 70’s Prowler pinup by Keith Pollard, an Howard the Duck page by Marshall Rogers, an Avengers half splash by Butch Guice, a Conan page and an Avengers page by John Buscema.
A Fantastic Four title splash by Paul Ryan ending today, a Thor pinup by Alan Davis, an Avengers DPS and a Captain America page by Romita Jr., a quick Spider-Man sketch by Romita Sr.
A Jim Lee Fantastic Four splash, a finished Thor sketch by Walt Simonson, a Thanos fight page by Jim Starlin, very nice Avengers DPS by Ryan/Ordway.
An AVX page and a Spider-Man sketch by Jim Cheung, Spider-Man page by Ryan Stegman, Avengers by Olivier Coipel, nice X-Men page by Stuart Immonen, a Spidey/White Queen page by Chris Bachalo.
Commissions: Thing by Dave Johnson, nice Cap by George Perez, Wolverine by Ed McGuinness and Brett Booth.
DC: George Perez has an incredibly detailed JLA cover ending today, a JLA page with his layouts and a Wonder Woman sketch. A Wonder Woman DPS by Gene Colan, Joker and Black Canary commissions by Dick Giordano, Black Canary by Chris Samnee and Barry Kitson.
Nice Batman by Chris Bachalo, rare Batman page by Graham Nolan, Robin cover by Scott McDaniel, Superman by Gary Frank, Superman by Byrne, Flash by Don Heck and a JLA splash by Ed Benes.
Sandman title splash by P. Craig Russell, a Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola, a Xenozoic Tales illustration by Mark Schultz, a Walking Dead commission by Charlie Adlard. Strips: Hagar daily, Wizard of ID daily, Tumbleweeds daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Gene Colan - Daredevil Original Comic Art
Gene Colan - Daredevil Original Comic Art
A weak Sunday auction helps to keep this week’s newsletter shorter…
Marvel: Conan by Buscema and Kane, Kull by Vess. John Buscema again with Fantastic Four and Thor comic art, Sal Buscema with a nice Thing page, Daredevil and Wolverine by Gene Colan.
Shang-Chi title splash by Gene Day, Thor by Glenn Fabry, Excalibur by Alan Davis and a Deadpool splash by Shawn Crystal.
DC: Superman by Wayne Boring and Curt Swan, Superboy title page by Bob Brown, Action Comics cover recreation by Al Plastino. A Batman page by Bernie Wrightson and one by Jim Aparo, JLA by John Byrne, Kevin Maguire and Adam Hughes.
A Walking Dead page by Adlard with Zombies and a B.C. Sunday strip.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Todd McFarlane - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Todd McFarlane - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
The auction ends next Tuesday (go figure…). The second half is even better than the first, with the cover to Spider-Man #4 by Todd McFarlane. There’s also a great Spawn/Angela page by Capullo & McF, then a classic Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola, two pages from the original Crow miniseries by James O'Barr and the cover to Conan #5 by Barry Smith.
Breath a little and we can go on with the cover to Black Panther #1 by Joe Quesada, the cover to Detective Comics #1.000 by Frank Miller, the cover to Prophet #6 and a Moon Knight title splash by Stephen Platt.
More covers: Cap #300 by Mike Zeck, X-Men Classic #87 by Paul Smith, and many covers by Howard Porter, here’s a Flash.
An X-Men page and an Infinity Gauntlet by George Perez, a Joker DPS by John Romita Jr. and a Batman page by Paul Pope, a Joker splash by Tim Sale.
2 pages recently sold on eBay resurfaced here: the Batman title splash by Don Newton and the Fantastic Four cover by Paul Ryan, always curious to see how a quick flip ends.
ComiConnect Auction
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Cover Art
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Cover Art
The auction ends on Monday 10, mostly Kirby pages.
Thor #157 cover, JIM #105 interior, Thor #154 interior and Thor #140 half splash. Captain America and Falcon action pages, Fantastic Four Annual #2 page. All by Jack Kirby. Cover #1 and cover #2 by Joe Kubert, Black Cat cover by Lee Elias.
Classic X-Men #41 and #51 covers by Steve Lightle.
Tarzan page by Russ Manning, Rip Kirby daily by Raymond, 1925 Gasoline Alley daily by King.
Heritage European Auction part 1 of 2
Vittorio Giardino - Jonas Fink Original Illustration
Vittorio Giardino - Jonas Fink Original Illustration
Here we are with a new European Comic Art Auction. The main difference is that lots are in Europe, so collectors (like me) who often avoid buying from HA for the high import taxes could save big money. The problem is that the selection is the same as any other French auction (like Artcurial): hundreds of pieces from franco/belgian artists, a few from Italian masters and the usual suspects from the USA (Miller‘s Sin City, Will Eisner, John Buscema, high end comic strips).
So let’s start with some pages that travelled from the USA: two nice Conan pages by John Buscema (one, two), Jack Kirby original art from F4 #100, Wonder Woman by Gene Colan, very nice Namor page by Bill Everett, The NAM by Mike Golden, Superman by Jim Lee and Batman by Enrico Marini.
A Sin City DPS by Frank Miller, a beautiful Fafhrd page by Mignola, a Spirit cover by Will Eisner, an ink wash Creepy piece by Ditko.
A Tarzan Sunday by Hogarth, great Mickey Mouse daily by Gottfredson, a Steve Canyon Sunday and a Terry daily by Caniff.
An Incal page by Moebius and Blueberry by Gir, a Bilal cover, a page by Yves Chaland and the most important piece of the auction the first Tintin cover from 1930.
Beautiful Jonas Fink illustration by Giardino, a Valentina illustration by Crepax, nice illustration by Manara and a great Petra pinup by Micheluzzi.
See you next week!!!
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