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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #86

Welcome to #86 of Original Comic Art Tips! Almost back on schedule, I wanted to do a blog post for th
May 24 · Issue #86 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #86 of Original Comic Art Tips! Almost back on schedule, I wanted to do a blog post for the Heritage Signature results, but I just discovered a baby takes a lot of time..! I’ll try to do it next week.
Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: good news, I saved the links to a few fake pieces (some horrible Mignola and Romita tracings that were getting a lot of bids) and they were taken down. One of the Romita Jr. Avengers splashes put for sale a couple weeks ago (the best one) was sold for $3,500. a Capullo & McFarlane Spawn splash was sold for a best offer of $10k (thanks to Rich who suggested me a tool to see actual best offers). The Geof Darrow Big Guy page went for $1,800, the Mike Mignola cover is ending today and for now it’s at $3k, the Steve Ditko Legion page went for $1,000, the Shade splash by Chris Bachalo went for only $400, the Batman page by Scott McDaniel for $180, the Daredevil for $200, the Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan for $330.
Heritage Sunday: many high prices last week, a Wally Wood DC page made $5,200, a Spectacular Spider-Man page by Al Milgrom made $5,000, a Marvel Team-Up page by Gil Kane went for $3,300, the ROM #1 page by Sal Buscema went for $2,400, the Ross Andru Spider-Man original art for $2,100, the Batman splash by Pat Broderick and an unpublished Spider-Man page by Tom Lyle both went for $2,000. The JLA page by Adam Hughes went for $1,700.
Happy collectors are enjoying a $400 X-Men page by Chris Bachalo, a Cap/Iron-Man page by Gene Colan for $650, a Spidey, Cap and George Bush page by Rich Buckler for $300, Hulk Vs. Iron-Man by Jeff Purves for $300.

This week on eBay
Dale Keown - The Pitt Original Comic Art
Dale Keown - The Pitt Original Comic Art
For once I’m starting from non Marvel/DC art, just because I want to show you this page from The Pitt #1 by Dale Keown
Then a Will Eisner Spirit page, a Hellboy page and an Abe Sapien pinup by Mike Mignola, cheap Vampirella commission by Tim Sale, not cheap Invincible page by Ryan Ottley, a Chrononauts splash by Sean Murphy and an Adrian Tomine pinup.
DC: a Published Zatanna painting and a Poison Ivy pinup by Bruce Timm. AFlash full page (flashsplash sounded weird) by Brett Booth, nice Legionnaires title splash by Chris Sprouse, another Batman page by Scott McDaniel, Flash original art by Carmine Infantino, Superman Splash, Batman splash, Superman splash 2 and a Superman page by Curt Swan.
Look at this beautiful Veitch/Alcala Swamp Thing page.
10 Batman sketches by different artists, a very nice piece by Jason Pearson alone is probably worth more than the buy it now price. Not my cup of tea but there’s a Green Lantern sketch by Jim Lee.
Marvel: beautiful Spider-Man page by John Byrne, the price is too high but he’s accepting offers… Spidey half splash by Alex Saviuk, Spidey pages by Scott McDaniel and Win Mortimer.
Thanos DPS by Ron Lim, very nice Thing pinup by Joe Sinnott, nostalgic (for me) New Mutants page by Buscema/Austin, an Avengers splash by Mike Deodato, an X-Men splash by Romita Jr. (again, the price is high but you can make an offer), very nice and cheap X-Men page by Nick Bradshaw, you should buy it…
Strips: a Wizard of ID Sunday and a (very funny!) B.C. daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Rich Buckler - Fantiastic Four Original Art
Rich Buckler - Fantiastic Four Original Art
DC: an Adam Hughes Teen Titans page, a JLI page by Kevin Maguire, JLA original art by John Byrne, Azrael by Joe Quesada, Batman by Lee Weeks and Jim Aparo.
Marvel: I like this Buckler/Sinnott Fantastic Four page, this Kerry Gammill Spider-Man Vs. Man-Thing page and this Don Perlin Werewolf page.
Man-Wolf Vs. Morbius action page by Gil Kane, the return of Doc Ock by Ross Andru, Excalibur original art by Alan Davis, Spidey by Ron Frenz and Salvador Larroca.
A From Hell page by Eddie Campbell, a Peter Bagge cover, a Scalped page by Guera. Strips: a Captain and the Kids Sunday, a Robin Malone Sunday and a Popeye daily by Bela Zaboly.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Gene Colan - Daredevil Original Art
Gene Colan - Daredevil Original Art
We’re now used to fluctuating quality in ComicLink‘s comic art selection, this time we have a great auction with many great pieces I had to edit out, you should go and see for yourself…
Jack Kirby has a full team page from F.F. Annual #2, a Steve Ditko Incredible Hulk action page, the splash from Daredevil #20 (the first drawn by Gene Colan), original art from Fantastic Four #112 by John Buscema and an Avengers page by Neal Adams.
A Defenders cover by Gil Kane, classic Fantastic Four art by John Byrne, Great Ghost Rider cover by Bob Budiansky, a Watchmen page, a beautiful painted illustration by Simon Bisley, an Uncanny X-Men DPS by Jim Lee, an X-Men half splash by Andy Kubert, an Excalibur cover by Alan Davis, a Cable/Hulk splash by Ian Churchill and a Lady Death cover by Steven Hughes.
Many Modern covers: X-Men by Chris Bachalo, Superman/Batman by Jim Lee, Joker by Andy Kubert, Avengers by Simone Bianchi, Guardians by Nick Bradshaw, Avengers by Olivier Coipel, Justice League by Jason Fabok, Wonder Woman by Terry Dodson, Danger Girl by J. Scott Campbell.
Coutau Begarie
Nice selection of international talent, a Jean Graton illustration, a Juillard Blake and Mortimer page, a XIII page by Vance, a nice Tarzan strip by Burne Hogarth, a Chris Ware Building Stories page and much more.
See you next week!!
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