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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #85

This week's Newsletter is late and in a shorter version due to the arrival of our first baby last Tue
May 19 · Issue #85 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
This week’s Newsletter is late and in a shorter version due to the arrival of our first baby last Tuesday… 👶 I hope to be back on time soon! Let’s see.
Original Comic Art Auction results:
eBay: A Sal Buscema Avengers page went for $2,300, Teen Titans art by Adams/Cardy for $2,200, the Marvel Fanfare page by Mike Golden ended for $2,000. Black Panther by Joe Jusko went for $1,500 and the New Yorker cover by Ivan Brunetti for $1,200.
The John Byrne Spider-Man page went for $1,000, with prices for classic Byrne pages growing every day this was a very good compromise.
Somebody took home a Kirby for $700, a Paul Ryan F4 splash for $500, Jim Cheung art for $500 and a Spider-Man by Romita Jr. for $350. The DC splash by Terry Dodson went for $650, a good deal for the buyer.
Heritage Sunday: the winner of the week is this Avengers page by John Buscema, sold for $3,300, followed closely by the winner of the last few weeks, Ross Andru with Superman/Spider-Man Original Art.
Mike Zeck’s Captain America page went for $2,900, The Spider-Man/Doc Ock splash by John Byrne for $1,300 and the Doc Ock splash for $1,100.
Happy collectors took home a Colan/Williamson Iron-Man for $500, a Batman by Jim Aparo for a little less, Superman by Dan Jurgens for $300 and a Teen Titans page by Adam Hughes for $400.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola Original Cover Art
Mike Mignola Original Cover Art
Marvel art: nice X-Men page by Andy Kubert, Magneto by Kelley Jones, a Wolverine page by Val Semeiks, X-Men art by Greg Land.
Nice+cheap Ultimate Spider-Man page by Mark Bagley, Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan, a set of Geof Isherwood Dr. Strange pages.
DC: nice Batman page by Scott McDaniel, Batman/Deathstroke half splash by Carlo Pagulayan, JLA and Starman by Tony Harris, a Red Son Superman by Dave Johnson and a Steve Ditko Legion page.
A Shade splash by Chris Bachalo, a Promethea DPS, two non-Hellboy pieces by Mike Mignola, a cover and a pinup, a Walking Dead page, a Slave Leia quick sketch by Adam Hughes, a beautiful illustration by Jack Davis.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Gil Kane - Marvel Team Up Original Comic Art
Gil Kane - Marvel Team Up Original Comic Art
Lately there’s a lot more Marvel art on the Sunday Auction, look at this Spider-Man/Captain America page by Gil Kane, a black costume Spider-Man page by Al Milgrom, Green Goblin by Ross Andru, a Captain America page by Colan/Williamson and a Buscema Conan page.
Then Man-Thing by Kerry Gammill, Hulk Vs. Iron-Man by Jeff Purves, A George Perez Avengers page and a Chris Bachalo X-Men page. I’m curious to see the end price for this Sal Buscema page from ROM #1 and compare it to the recent prices.
DC: nice Wally Wood page with Superman and many heroes, Batman by Jim Aparo, Batman splash by Pat Broderick, Azrael by Joe Quesada and a nice Blue Beetle page by Adam Hughes.
Valkyrie cover by Gulacy, Flash Gordon by Pat Boyette, Buddy by Peter Bagge. 1969 B.C. daily, a Noel Sickles illustration and a nice Apartment 3-G daily.
See you next week with the Heritage Signature Auction Results and more!!
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