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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #84

May 9 · Issue #84 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #84, for some coincidence several nice Marvel pages are ending today, if you opened this newsletter early run to the eBay section… If you’re late there’s a new blog post on the website. Link at the end.
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
ebay: The Batman page by John Byrne went for $1,300. George Perez: The Fantastic Four page went for $800, the Marvel 2 in1 for $1,900 and the DC Universe for $500.
A Master of Kung-Fu page by Gene Day went for $560, the nice Invaders fight page by Frank Robbins was sold for $780.
The big lot of Superman original art made some fans happy: Dan Jurgens art for $150, Tom Mandrake and Pasqual Ferry for less than $80, Leonard Kirk for $120.
Heritage Sunday: the Captain America page by Mike Zeck went for $2,600, the Spider-Man for $1,800. The Alan Davis Excalibur for $2,900, Byrne original art: Spider-Man $1,900, Fantastic Four $1,800. The Giffen/Maguire JLI page went for $1,800, the Mignola Superman for $1,400 and the Shoe Sunday strip for $1,100.
The Romita Sr. Daredevil page was sold for $2,100, a very good price for a Romita fan, considering that a same level page from the Silver/Bronze age would cost 8/10 times more.
ComicLink: the Batwoman page by JH Williams went for $4,000, Avengers by George Tuska for $1,900, Incredible Hulk by Dale Keown for $1,100, Fantastic Four by John Buscema $1,500.
Bargains: as usual, auction starting at $0 go for very different prices than fixed prices sales, especially for commissions. A nice Batman DPS by Tony Daniel was sold for $650, a Wonder Woman cover for $550 and a Superman splash for $300. An U X-Men page by Chris Bachalo went for $170, an Iron Fist commission by John Byrne for $475, a color Spider-Man bust by Ryan Ottley for $170 and somebody bought this nice Spider-Man pinup by Bill Sienkiewicz for $280. I’m happy for him.
The Jim Lee Batman pinup was sold for more than $20,000, with the money going to charity.

This week on eBay
Not the best page of the week, but I like J.P. Leon
Not the best page of the week, but I like J.P. Leon
There are some nice Marvel pages ending TODAY, so I’m starting from them: very nice (and cheap, for now) Spider-Man: Chapter One page by John Byrne… think quick.
Then a Fantastic Four splash by Paul Ryan, a great Terry Dodson Harley/Poison Ivy 2/3 splash still at LESS THAN $200 (I hope somebody here will thank me tomorrow for this one). Another Terry Dodson page with Emma Frost, a nice and very cheap Andy Kuhn Spider-Man Adventures page, an Ultron preliminary illustration by Simone Bianchi.
There’s also a cheap, new John Romita Jr. page with a low BIN. Hulk Vs. Thor with Avengers and F.F. cameos….
If you need more time to think there are many other pages: Captain America and the Young Avengers by Jim Cheung, Frankenstein Vs. Dracula by Sal Buscema and Frankenstein Vs. a gun by Bob Brown. Ultimate F.F. original art by Adam Kubert, Black Panther Vs. Kraven in a rare sequential page by Joe Jusko, Wolverine by Steve McNiven and Logan by Humberto Ramos, a nice Peter Parker page by Romita Jr and a DPS from Spider-Man 2099 by Rick Leonardi. I don’t know who’s fighting who though.
Avengers by Sal Buscema, a classic Namor by Johnny Craig, Marvel Fanfare art by Michael Golden, Deadpool Vs. Hulk commission by Dale Keown, a Stuart Immonen AVX splash with lowered BIN.
DC: a Teen Titans page by Neal Adams and Nick Cardy and one by Steve Rude, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Metal Men splash by Sekowsky, Batman by Keith Giffen.
Two cheap pages by Jim Starlin: a Superman half splash and various DC heroes here. Nice Wonder Woman splash by Mike Deodato, cheap Batman page by JP Leon.
Vintage Sandman and Death sketch by Kelley Jones, Black Cat page by Jack Kirby, a painted Spirit cover by Eric Powell, Astro City DPS by Brent Anderson. Not that great, but still a Walking Dead splashJudge Dredd cover by Carlos Ezquerra, “cheap” Travis Charest sketch, very nice Jaime Hernandez page, a New Yorker cover by Ivan Brunetti and a sketch for another one, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy. Whew! 😅

Heritage Sunday Auction
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Comic Art
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Comic Art
DC: classic JLI page by Kevin Maguire, Teen Titans page by Adam Hughes, Superman original art by Dan Jurgens, Azrael by Joe Quesada and Batman by Rich Buckler, Jim Aparo and Gene Colan.
Marvel: a Spider-Man/Superman page by Ross Andru, a Doc Ock splash and a Doc Ock/Spider-Man splash by John Byrne, great Leonardi/Austin 1983 Spider-Man page.
Very nice Captain America page by Mike Zeck, Excalibur original art by Alan Davis, two sexy Conan pages and an Avengers page by John Buscema, an Iron-Man page by Colan/Williamson.
Mad illustration by Jack Davis and some strips: Green Berets by Kubert, a Blondie daily from 1931 and a 1940 Sunday, beautiful Brenda Starr 1942 Sunday and a Robin Malone Sunday.
Heritage Signature Auction 4 of 4
John Byrne - Uncanny X-Men Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Uncanny X-Men Original Comic Art
We’ve arrived to part 4 of 4 and I’m still to the J of Jim Lee… with a Punisher/Wolverine Overstreet cover and a Superman DPS.
J is also for Jim Starlin (yes, Heritage‘s alphabetical order works like this…) and a great selection of classic (like the cover to Avengers #135) and modern (like the cover to Thanos #1) pieces.
Thor original art by John Buscema, with a cover, a double Asgard pinup, and a page with Joe Sinnott.
Career spanning selection for John Byrne: an incredible X-Men DPS, a Phoenix page and many others.
Beautiful painted Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola, a complete Captain America issue by Mike Zeck and somebody consigned a big collection of Murphy Anderson art, here’s an Hawkman cover.
A DC calendar cover by Neal Adams from 1977, a Ross Andru Spider-Man cover, a Preacher page with a similar design to the one sold a few weeks ago, a Creepy page by Wally Wood and a Spirit page by Will Eisner.
Strips, not much to see: a Terry and the Pirates Sunday, an Alley Oop daily and a Pogo Sunday.
The auction will start 7 days from now, don’t forget to bid if there’s something you like!
🔍 New Blog Post: Top 10 eBay Auctions - April 2019
A post like the one I did for February (March wasn’t interesting enough), this time there’s a double Top Ten: one for the auctions and one for the Buy it Now art. Read Here. (at the end of the post there’s also a surprise: one of the links I use to see recently sold items). Share the article if you like it!!
See you Next Week!!
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